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Pitchford On Aliens E3 Demo: 'The Alternative Is To Never Discuss Any Upcoming Game'

NowGamer: The Gearbox president has spoken up about the infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines demo at E3. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dev, Industry, Randy Pitchford)

TechnoSphere  +   876d ago
He is still being dishonest.
Sure the final product can turn out different (worse in this case).

The problem is pretending afterwards that it's still the same as the first showing.THAT'S the issue.
hay  +   876d ago
Wow, what a twist of producing bollocks to an admirable thing to do. The mentality of his last sentence is atrocious, alternative is not to show anything indicative of the product at all until bought reviews are in? We know those practices well.

How about f*cking DELIVERY Mr Pitchford? Stop measuring others with own measures, it'll backfire.
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wastedcells  +   876d ago
This guy has become a joke. Some would argue they are a one hit wonder with borderlands. Brother in arms was good but I never considered that series to be great.
yeahokchief  +   876d ago
pitchford is a good guy. you cant convince me otherwise.

i dont see a lot you complaining this much about how xb1 game demos were done on PCs instead of XB1s potentially misrepresenting that product. its the exact same issue. the demo is what they were shooting for.

why exactly werent they able to pull off all that stuff anyways? did they run low on funds or time? if they ran out of funds then id say karma bit back here in regards to pc piracy. pc players being the ones who were most vocal about this stuff.

still preorderin mah games. still buying games from gearbox. dont see how you can hate on this guy. such a nice guy and a gamer comapred to other ceos of gaming companies.

that said battlefield 3 was a complete disaster on consoles so i can understand the disappointment. im definitely not preordering bf4, but if it turns out to be a decent game on ps4 then ill still buy it later. ive actually got a bigger issue with EAs yearly practice of adding $30 worth of dlc which is thrown in for free if you buy the game CHEAPER than if you bought it at launch. one more reason to just wait and get it later. REPEAT OFFENSES like that are what shouldn't be tolerated.

TLDR: gonna get a lot of disagrees from kids who only read the first line.
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aLucidMind  +   876d ago
The only thing you can misrepresent with a PC demo for an XBox game is the graphics. Pitchford misrepresented EVERYTHING about the final Aliens game in the demo; from the graphics, to the AI, to the gameplay and writing itself. It isn't pirates that caused the game to sell poorly, it is the false advertising that caused it.

Corporate apologist.
yeahokchief  +   876d ago
GOOD GOOD. let the butthurt FLOW through you boy.

man i never realized emperor was a pretty big troll. imagine if palpatine was on N4G. NOVELTY ACCOUNT INC!!

We also need an akbar novelty account. but you're only allowed to post IT'S A TRAP on flamebait articles and articles with misleading titles.
yeahokchief  +   876d ago
ok good point. no i hate corporations too. cant blame someone for trying tho.

if it happens repeatedly then theres reason to keep on bringing this up. but one time? seriously you're out like 40 bucks if you preordered it. not going to kill you. youll prob spend more time complaining than the time it takes to make the money to buy the game twice over.

im not saying you shouldnt complain. you should. for 40-60 bucks you should get your moneys worth, but this is beating a dead horse is what im saying.

when bf3 sucked. i just threw it away and that was the end of it. when world of warcraft went casual i stopped playing it. when activisions ceo was a fucking dick i stopped giving them my money.

i mean this isn't even a stable long running franchise. its one game. if something like this was common practice in the industry then i could see continuign to make a stink about it.

acutally i like that you guys complain about this so that it doesn't become common practice. right on. carry on. dont wanna give ea/activision/capcom any ideas here. aw crap too late. what have i done.
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Azfargh  +   876d ago
This guy has close to ZERO credibility... even with Bordelands 1 and 2 on his curriculum. DKF and A:CM represents great franchises that himself stated being a fan and he let this go to sale.

Too much mud on his name right now.
segamon  +   876d ago
NexGen  +   876d ago
But I love Duke Kukem!
TH3KARMACHARGER  +   876d ago
DNF should not count because no matter how good it was it could never live up to the hype. It was a Lose/Lose situation and gearbox took the hit.
Azfargh  +   875d ago
Oh boy... how embarassing.

Duken Kukem... that was a good one.
Az1mov  +   876d ago
The alternative is to never lie about the actual look of the game. no more bullshots no more Pre-rendered or CGI trailers and pretending they're taken from actual gameplay. cause sooner or later thousands of gamers would swarm towards their favourite forum and denounce the scam
MizTv  +   876d ago
They fucked up
kingxtreme81  +   876d ago
Defiant to the end, isn't he?

I've never seen a grown man so opposed to eating a little **** for his mistakes.

He lied, he's still lying, he willingly and knowingly robbed and deceived consumers and he doesn't even bat an eye. Shows you who this guy really is.

What an ass Randy Pitchford turned out to be.
die_fiend  +   876d ago
Apparently this guy pushed for 8gb of DDR5 on PS4 and that was key in it being put in. So given this, I'm sure we can forgive him for one or two crappy incidents, especially given his studios make some good games
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admiralvic  +   876d ago
Assuming this is true, how in the world does asking / begging / making Sony add more ram make up for anything? Especially since there were a lot of wrongs...

List of things Gearbox has done wrong recently...

- Touted Duke Nukem Forever Collectors Edition as something that would actually be rare. This was accomplished by mentioning it would be numbered and having an image with the words "of 2,000". A lot of people read into this and bought because of it, though there ultimately ended up being 150,000 or so editions made.
- While I don't agree with it, a lot of people were upset with what Duke Nukem Forever turned out to be. I've seen a number of people saying they rather have nothing, than get what they got.
- Borderlands 2's Collectors Edition contents. One of the things people loath about preorder / CE DLC, is that we never know when or even if the content will ever be released for everyone else or how much it will cost. What makes the Borderlands 2 CE a little different, is that you can actively give anyone the heads, which are useable if you buy the DLC or not.
- Wildlife DLC cost way too much for what it was and really should have just been included with something else.
- The talk of golden keys and shift. These were some really cool aspects to Borderlands 2, but they ultimately turned out to be pretty stupid. The chest isn't exactly awesome, not practical for anyone looking to do most difficult things in the game and golden keys went on to be something people obtained 100's of.
- Bugs, glitches and lazyness. While Borderlands 2 is a moderately big game, we still saw a number of glitches / over sights that don't make a lot of sense. From Zer0 having a Gunzerker skill on a very high level / commonly used item (The Slayer of Terra class mod was the thing to use till people started working on amazing builds / learned of the legendary class mods), the bee working "differently than they wanted, Master Gee (DLC 1) freezing the game, Evil Smasher, and many others. Part of the problem is that they don't even fix these things very fast, like The Bee took months to get patched.
- DLC was outsourced (save 4) and in turn wasn't as good as the original DLC packs.
- Most DLC packs were said to be 10 hours long, though most of them were only like 5 with all the missions or maybe a little more if you're having an issue with the raid bosses.
- Leaving items largely useless, like Torgue tokens, Seraph crystals (esp if you have the Ultimate DLC), Eridum, etcs.
- The A:CM demo fiasco.
- The $100 dollar LE diamond plated loot chest was hardly worth the money, had largely useless items, the special heads were apparently tradable like the previous CE heads, and looks like quite a scam no matter how rare it is.

Now even if you write off some of these things, it makes no sense (especially for PC and 360 users) to overlook anything because ram was added to a console.
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Ashunderfire86  +   876d ago
He know damn well that the early E3 demo shown of the game could run on PC, PS3, and 360. The game could of been Game of the year for crying out loud! It had that intense moment where all the Aliens come out through the door, and the big queen Alien finally comes to finish off the marines! I wanted to play that part in coop Randy!
MadMen  +   876d ago
This guy says all the wrong stuff, the best part is I vote with my wallet, they screwed us on aliens.

I will not buy another product with their name on it again.
PrimeGrime  +   876d ago
Just give it a rest Randy. You are only digging your grave deeper just like Paula Deen is right now. All she had to do is say sorry, hell you could've and just left it at that. Instead you all drag it out and keep saying stupid things that aren't helping you out by a long shot.
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N2NOther  +   876d ago
Or you could just cancel/restart development and tell people it wasn't up to snuff. Like Bethesda does but somehow gets crap for it.
XXXL  +   876d ago
I'd tell you to eat a bag of dicks Randy but you'd just outsource it.
Der_Kommandant  +   876d ago
I will never buy a Gearbox game again ever...
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NoTheMama  +   876d ago
What a dickhead.
He's pretty much giving all gamers the middle finger and telling them to rotate on it.
Us gamers have alternatives too: To never part with any cash for your upcoming games.
dennett316  +   876d ago
No, the alternative is to actually stop lying and actually show the game that you're actually developing....instead of some idealised version that you know can never exist.
If your game is rubbish, well, that's on you...it's not our problem, you don't get to misrepresent the final quality of your game.
PSjesus  +   876d ago
Or never fucking lie....good luck building a hype or selling your upcoming title with out ads or gameplay
Inception  +   876d ago
FU Randy! :(

If SEGA doesn't gave their money to this...deceiver, i'll bet we will get the localize version of Yakuza 5 & VC 3, instead of shit from Randy ass called Alien: Collonial Marines :(
cleft5  +   876d ago
Such a lie. Look at Bioshock Infinite, what was shown early on didn't completely resemble the final product, but the end result was still good. What they showed early on of Aliens and how they handled the embargo of reviews clearly showed that they where actively trying to deceive people.

They should have just been honest and let the reviews come out early on and people would have been less upset over the crap game that they outsourced.
mydyingparadiselost  +   876d ago
I miss the days when people in the industry didn't have a voice in the media, it was better for the industry and the customer. Xbox, turn Randy off.

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