PSLegion: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

The Gran Turismo franchise has set the boundary for racing franchises. Many racing games have come and yet all have failed in reaching the quality of the Gran Turismo games. Gran Turismo has finally reached this generation and although it technically isn't a full game, it still has a lot to fight for and proves what the PlayStation 3 console really is capable of, and what is in store in a years time when the full game arrives.


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Tryst3676d ago

Actually, if you click through to the review, it gets 9/10 not 87/100.

Voozi3676d ago

The Graphics are amazing but still room for improvement:

Its Gran Turismo! Awesome as always.

There are a few good tracks in there but there could be more.

Lasting Appeal:
Although its only a demo and there isn't a lot to play with, the implementation of online racing extends the game further.

There isn't much to online racing as features go but it copes well which is a bonus. The addition of GT-TV and the News section look promising.

Overall: 9/10

whoelse3676d ago

It says:

Overall: 87%(Not an average)
This game has got a high rating yet it's not even full price which makes it excellent value and a must buy.

radzy3676d ago

cant compare to forza 2 or pgr4 .
i think forza 3 is gonna make kazanouri cry out blood.

heyheyhey3676d ago

whatever you say buddy

have fun with the bubble

whoelse3676d ago

If you say that then i think you should log onto the website: yesiam

Utalkin2me3676d ago

I would give it 70 at best considering price and what you get.

LJWooly3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

£25, 60+ cars and 8 tracks?

Mate, that's an excellent deal.

tweaker3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

60+ cars, online, tracks with alternate and reversible routes, 2 player split screen, and top of the line graphics @ 1080p/60fps for 40 bucks? Seems like one killer deal to me. My personal review of the Japan version is already at high 8's. The EU/US version being more superior already deserves a 9 in my book.

LJWooly3676d ago

I didn't know the EU/US version is superior. What's the difference between the two versions?

tweaker3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Japan GT5P has less cars and no 2 player split screen option. Although I may be wrong now because I don't have my Japanese copy anymore.

whoelse3676d ago

They're both now identical because the jap version has received an update.

LJWooly3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

They're both the same now? Good for them. Just means that our Japanese friends can enjoy an awesome racer just as much as we can :D

Why has some sadact decided to pointlessly disagree with us? Get a life, mate.

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2 cents3676d ago

The online needs work, gfx needs more work and overall a felling of unfinished game and yet is still the best racer out there!! That sais alot about F2 and PGR4 and any racer for that matter. For me GT has been, is and will forever remain King of racing.

yanikins1113675d ago

I wonder if they are dissagreeing because you are saying something bad about GT5P or if your saying something bad about forza etc. We can only wonder. I however congratulate you on making a good point.

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