NGamer: Okami Preview - Worth the wait?

Released in late 2006, featuring dungeons, side quests, physical puzzles, upgradeable abilities, a wolf hero and a tiny talking sidekick, Okami was the PS2 equivalent of Twilight Princess.

The similarities are extensive, but what sets it apart from any other non-Zelda action RPG is that few people who've finished it would raise an eyebrow if you claimed that Okami was every bit Zelda's equal.

Set in ancient Nippon, the story concerns the demon serpent Orochi, unbound from his prison and smothering the once fertile land with a curse. The awakening of Orochi triggers the resurrection of the star of the show, Amaterasu, a goddess in the form of a wolf.

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Amp3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

have fun all who havent played it, And buy games like beyond good and evil, a gr8 game that was part of trilogy that will never see the light of day, do to lack of sales