The New Console Wars: Google & Apple Entering The Game Console Market From The Bottom Up

Everyday Digitals - If the rumors are true, Google and Apple will be making a serious play for gaming in the living this fall. Both Google and Apple have had enormous success in mobile gaming and the natural progression would be to take those experiences and put them on the biggest screen in the home. From all accounts neither company will be looking to compete with Sony or Microsoft on their own turf. Instead they will use their mobile operating systems and probably equivalent hardware to power their gaming machines. So we probably won't see the next Call of Duty coming to the systems anytime soon, there are however plenty of other great experiences that can be created using the power of mobile processors.

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Sharius1932d ago

psssh.... unless they show me some 1st party title to back themselve up, or else i don't even bother to buy some box just to play android game

TripC501932d ago

Old rich white guys who control these companies think like this. Our phones cost 300 bucks. People buy a ton of games on our phones. Lets make a gaming console that's 100 bucks and sell our phone games on that too! Because phone games are the future of gaming!

jeffgoldwin1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

"Old rich white guys"

Ah good ol ignorant racism. So cute. Because we know a women or minority could never be in charge according to this guy...

Ares84HU1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Dude, it's never racism if it's against white people. Don't you know this by now?? /s


That black asshole. - Racist
That asian asshole. - Racist
That white asshole. - Not Racist

TripC501932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

The majority of the "higher ups" in many business corporations today and in the past have been older, caucasian, wealthy men. Thats a fact. Now you can call me racist from one comment, this is the internet and I don't care what you think. I'm just voicing my opinion on this article. I'm saying organizations outside of gaming looking in have the wrong ideas for new consoles. They look for the easiest money answer and thats moving moble games to a cheap console.

The fact that I used "old rich white guys" is me pointing out that minorities and women do not get as many oportunities at higher positions because of racist and sexist people. Calling me racist is like calling a tree hugger a lumber jack you morons.

Ares84HU1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Wow, you're not only racist but you call people names and you try to back up your bullshit with more stupid bullshit.

I guess all those huge companies in Asia and South America are controlled by "old white man" as well right??? You just look at Europe and North America and state something that doesn't represent the rest of the world. Look at all those huge Japanese and Chinese companies, they are all controlled by Asian people not "old white man".

Not sure, but I have a feeling that you are the moron here not only that but a racist moron at that.

TripC501932d ago

I did not say all companies, nor did I refrence other countries. I said the majority of companies, and since I live in America I was thinking of American companies when I wrote the comment (guess what, the majority of the higher ups working in those companies are...White...Old...Men).

I'm no racist. But all of you guys can say what you want. I litteraly don't give two turds what you say or think about me as a person. I came to comment on this article, and to say that the route companies are taking in regards to entering the gaming console business is messed up. I came to talk about that and instead I have people calling me racist and telling me how I'm a moron for calling a moron a moron. Call me anything you want I just came to talk about the subject in this article. But it seems I have come to a comment section full of people who would rather sling turds than talk games. My bad.

MrsJazzy1932d ago

Ares84HU is trolling....don't feed him!

jeffgoldwin1931d ago

"higher ups" in many business corporations today and in the past have been older"

Saying any racial stereotype is still racist, regardless of how true you think it is. Get over yourself.

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Hicken1932d ago

Neither has their own stable of first-party developers, so if they want to get a foot in the door, they're gonna need the support of the third parties that... won't be there.

EverydayDigitals1932d ago

Are you kidding? Do you realize how many developers support iOS now? Literally tend of thousands, including most the major game publishers. Not to mention Apple has more money than God.

Hicken1932d ago

Do you think those games have the same type of pull that the big franchises have? Can they command the numbers of a Madden or Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed?

More importantly, can those games translate to the big screen(a TV screen, I mean) with the same level of popularity?

The most popular of all those mobile games is Angry Birds. As soon as it it made the transition to consoles, it also gained a console-worthy price. Do you think all these games that do well because of their ease and cheap price will stay at those prices if Apple and Google try bringing their own "console-like" experiences to people's homes?

EverydayDigitals1932d ago

I think the advantage the cheaper more mid-level console would have is scale. They can justify lower price points because the scope isn't 10's of millions like traditional consoles but hundreds of millions due to mobile.

Granted if more sophisticated games do start to come they may not playable on mobile devices any longer, but I'd assume devs wouldn't invest in something like that until either the Apple TV or Google (console) has sold tens of millions.

Initially we may see the same mobile games ported to the TV because it's the easiest thing to do but I'd bet we would start seeing more RPG's and platformers coming as well as a lot of indie games from Steam.

MikeMyers1932d ago

Good point EverydayDigitals. Apple doesn't even make games yet they make millions and millions of dollars off of those games on ios devices. They take 30% of the revenue. Steam also doesn't make too many games and they make tons of money too.

Consumers have various needs and wants. Some want good service, some want good value, some want exclusives, and some want to just have fun.

mydyingparadiselost1932d ago

So what's the point of these consoles again? Who is clamouring for google or apple to release dedicated gaming systems? How many times can the gaming market be split before it becomes near impossible to make a profit? These companies need to find something better to do.

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