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Analog Addiction writes: "This past week saw Spartacus Legends get released to the world on PSN and XBLA, a game following the Free to Play (F2P) model. Obviously any game that’s completely free is going to gather a fair amount of attention, especially when it promises to provide plenty of blood and gore. Does the game live up to the hype or does it get a “thumbs down?”

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RGDubz1994d ago

Did I just read a fighting game review where the reviewer did not talk about the fighting gameplay itself?

But at least the reviewer got to whine about it being free-to-play several times in the review & hey, isn't that the REAL important part of the any review? <sarcasm>

TheSaint1994d ago

This game is better than this review would have you believe.

Jamiex661994d ago

Each to their own opinion :)

Mikefizzled1994d ago

The game its self is about a 7 but the online issues and the fact that every other game I have freezes on the final screen pulls it down to a 5 for me

Adolph Fitler1994d ago

I can't even get on with PS3... Says online is currently unavailable & come back later, type thing.....anybody else having this same problem....I have tried on different days, different times, & a fair few times, so I know not, what is going on....but it's pathetic that I waste my d/l on a non functional game, that requires online connection to be played, & as the online doesn't work, it renders this lump of MB's on my HDD, useless. I mean, why in hell would they make a fighting game require me to be online all the time.

This is the whole thing with Xbone, & why many (inscluding myself), are concerned that MS wants to enforce this kind of dysfunction onto our industry. They are single handedly trying to ruin everything that I grew up loving & still love, about console gaming. They want all this "ALWAYS ONLINE" crap, & games that have to be signed in & linked to a console, robbing the consumer (meaning us, ME, YOU) of our ownership rights.

I have seen quite high reviews for this game, & I loved the series, & would love to be able to play the game. But, I can't test the game, thus making a purchasing decision, as the game simply doesn't work for, therefore, I can only score it a 0 unfortunately. Fix the damn thing developers.....