10 Things No Gamer Wants to Hear About Anymore

Sick of hearing about memes? Xbox One? About? Well congratulations! Click on this article and read about how I kind of agree with you.

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TheSuperior 1967d ago

I think girl gamers is something everyone is sick of too. Totally sick if console wars and anything COD. I'm a cod fan, I know the series is overdone but I have no need to say its the best or worse game out there because its neither.

linkkjm1967d ago

eh, they have some legitimate complaints.

TheSuperior 1967d ago

True statement but... legit or not I still get sick of hearing it x)

Mainsqueeze1967d ago

Im sick of ppl selling themselves to pieces of plastic and wires and then trying to convince others that they are stupid for picking the opposite piece of plastic and wires...just play the games you like and shut the hell up. And yes ppl hating on CoD is getting old as hell too.

FamilyGuy1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I loved the ending of this article lol
Nice list.

A couple things I would add:
Small twitter post being made into gaming headlines just because a dev said something.

Long interviews being broken down and having each paragraph become a news headline in and of itself.

Anything that mentions Doritos and Mountain Dew.

admiralvic1967d ago

How in the world did feminist nonsense not make the list? Half the time it's the same argument, said the same way, with the same bias outlook, that leads to nothing but arguments. The other half of the time it's someone going out of their way to make a point no one cares about. A great example of this would be the bros before hoes trophy, which ultimately was nothing more than a silly name to go with the situation.

Seriously, it really needs to end or the people complaining need better cases. I can respect someone that comes up with a legitimate complaint, but I could die happy if I never saw another "Women are being objectified in games and it makes me sad" articles.

Akiba961966d ago

While I agree with you that the media is far too sensitive when it comes to anything involving the issues of sexism in any entertainment medium, you can't deny that women in our society today are constantly being objectified. That being said, I think it's rediculous to post the blame of this objectification on gaming or movies or any one form of entertainment, because it's a cultural issue, not any singular media issue. Furthermore I agree with you that our society today is too sensitive when it comes to much of anything, and this often spills over into gaming. Like the whole modern warfare 2 airport controvercy, or the fact that an announcer caused a media uproar for saying the word "gay" on national TV, almost gretting fired in the aftermath.

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lifesanrpg1967d ago

I'm sick of pop up gaming blogs that all use the same free wordpress theme.

linkkjm1967d ago

The jerk store called...

SilentNegotiator1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

There are no Jerk Stores...that comeback's a little confusing.

PositiveEmotions1967d ago

I hate it when people bash each other just becaus someone says oh this console is better and blah blah

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luoshuigui1967d ago

If there is a Square-free version of Kingdom Hearts i'd definitely play it. I love Disney, but those disgusting Square characters keep me from trying the KH game.

levian1966d ago

I love Final Fantasy (with the exception of X-2, XIII/XIII-2) so it made me happy when I saw them. I know FF isn't for everyone though. They are such a small part in the games that it almost doesn't matter.

They're literally in one world, and its not even about them. The world that they're in is a small fraction of gameplay, probably an hour and a half out of a 40+ hour game. I think you'd enjoy it!

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