Games With Gold – No Assassin’s Creed II or Halo 3 for July

"Major Nelson has confirmed that the FREE Games with Gold game for July is in fact NOT Assassin’s Creed 2 or Halo 3, but some cheap nasty Xbox LIVE Arcade game instead. Defence Grid The Awakening will be free on the marketplace for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers today."

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SJPFTW1513d ago

Microsoft is certainly not making it easy for them to regain some good PR which is a shame really.

Godmars2901513d ago

More like a new PR low.

They used mention of the games to give themselves a high profile at E3, then pull a technical bait and switch for the actual deal. Those games likely will be the last ones they offer while all else with be XBLA titles.

How do they think that short term efforts will be good for them in the long run.

matrixman921513d ago

the sad thing is that Halo 3 and AC2 arent really worth anything anymore...u can easily find them in the discount bin at gamestop or even walmart.

Serg1513d ago

Halo 3 in particular is dirt cheap. I've seen in at my local brick and mortar for 2,50€. To put it in perspective: 1 month of XBox Live costs as much as 2 copies of Halo 3...

Wow... value.

ShinMaster1513d ago

PS Plus > XBL Gold > PSN basic > XBL Silver.

zeal0us1513d ago

PSN+>PSN basic> XBLG>XBL Silver

Fix it for ya

da_2pacalypse1513d ago

As crappy as their original promotion was, I was really looking forward to Halo 3 getting repopulated with some new players :(

I don't know how MS just went from having that cheap of a promotion to an even worse promotion...

kreate1513d ago

I thought they were asking gamers what they want for the free games?

And I thought they said they would be giving free games out for the rest of the year?

How could they change the games like that last minute?

Man I got all excited for nothing .... this is why I can't trust Microsoft.

Mainsqueeze1513d ago

Got super excited to jump back into a hopefully more populated Halo 3 (since i sold my copy a very long time ago) tomorrow but now i find the free game is some shitty ass old tower defense game...just disappointing to see the bad decisions keep on rolling.

BluEx6101513d ago

Quote from their website.

"As a gesture of thanks to the millions of Xbox fans around the world for their passion and loyalty, Xbox announced that every Xbox Live Gold subscriber will receive two free Xbox 360 games per month UNTIL THE RELEASE OF XBOX ONE, including the pair of popular titles: “Halo 3” and “Assassin’s Creed II.” And to celebrate E3 in the month of June, Xbox Live Gold members will receive a free download of “Fable III.”"

Looks like the free games will end when Xbox One launches. And it also looks like Halo 3, AC II, and Fable III will be the best games they give out. At least they're giving them out I guess. Hope I can continue to play them after Gold expires or month ends etc. I do hope MS continues this program, but compete a little better in the free games department. Competition is healthy, hopefully we see Gears 3 or Forza Horizon for free.


2pacalypsenow1513d ago

They could if at least done a retail game not done cheap ass Xbox live game

ravens521513d ago

Dang zealous u beat me to it lol. Its true tho seeing as how to do the things u can do on jus psn you need xblg. Such as use netflix, play free-2-play games, access the internet browser amongst other things lol.

Just to be fair;) psn+>psn=xblg>xbls

s8anicslayer1512d ago

just wait til they reverse the 180, I swear to all that it will come soon after launch

ThanatosDMC1512d ago

MS is the master of smokes and mirrors, bait and switch, and ignoring problems like it never happened (RROD).

Godmars2901512d ago

Would hardly call them the "master" of such things when its so obvious.

Do have to question the gamers who try to defend them.

loulou1512d ago

lol microsoft are just stumbling from one pr disaster to another

_QQ_1512d ago

Further Proving Gamefly>steam>redbox> gamestop's usedgames>PsPlus>Xboxgol d.

YNWA961512d ago

Sad>really sad>extremely sad>fanboys.... Jeez...

Mutant-Spud1512d ago

Defense Grid is one of the better tower defense games, I've spent hours and hours on it already but it's worth picking up if it's free.

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Name Last Name1513d ago

WTF Microsoft. I would really like to know what are they thinking because this isn't even funny anymore. It's sad.

ZodTheRipper1513d ago

They are trying desperately to regain peoples trust by doing the same things that Sony does. It seems like they can't get it right, however.

MidnytRain1512d ago

Really? Cuz your comment made me laugh.

fr0sty1512d ago

Microsoft, you're drunk. Go home.

Cueil1512d ago

they are having a huge ass sale... why would they throw out a AAA title out to distract you... also why are people bitching about free games... you keep the game and it's the best game in that genre...

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Shepherd 2141513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Its not a huge deal, to make defense grid a free game, but i must defend it.

Defense grid is one of the best tower defense games i have ever played. I bought it years ago and still play it now. there are more than 40 maps, and about 6 to 8 game modes per map. Also recently Valve bought Hidden Path, the devs who made it. So Hidden Path made a $5 dlc pack called You Monster, a Portal crossover where Glados tries to mess with you in test chambers by turning rules on their heads while you defend against aliens she has released from the other dimension. Theres some great and funny dialog and a nice little story to go with it.

Its a cheap game now, but its not "nasty". Its a great title that will suck away dozens of hours and many people will be surprised at its quality if they like strategy games.

Mainsqueeze1513d ago

yes its a decent tower defense game and yes its free but its not Halo 3 or AC 2 which people were led to believe it would be. And to be honest most ppl don't want a tower defense game even if it is free, thats why microsoft didnt advertise it along with H3 and AC 2.

McScroggz1513d ago

It is sad that a lot of people will completely blow off the game (I haven't played it, but I like all variety of games). But, it's the misleading and sometimes outright lies that are making people upset.

I mean, Microsoft more or less said Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 were the first two games available. Considering how old the games are (and Microsoft published Halo 3) I don't understand why they didn't just give those games away like they said they would.

It's all just very, weird.

Trekster_Gamer1513d ago

Defense grid rocks. Have enjoyed for years. Best tower defense game I have ever played...

CRAIG6671513d ago

I aint into tower defence games, feel pretty disappointed to be honest...

I will try this one though...

FamilyGuy1513d ago

Have you played Dungeon Defenders?
I really like it and it has RPG elements. It's the only tower defense game I've ever been able to get into and enjoy. How is Defense Grid in comparison to it?

It's pretty messed up that this game is getting downplayed simply because people were looking forward to the mentioned titles. It's interesting seeing the quote again though as it mentions the games but does not specifically mention when Halo 3 or Assassins Creed 2 will show up. People seem to just assume they were gonna show up in the first month or two.

kingPoS1513d ago

You deserve a pat on the back for defending a game you enjoy. I myself enjoy one the earlier ps+ titles Vetor TD ever other day.

PeaSFor1513d ago

MS is supposed to be ccompeting against the PsPlus service, well... look more like a faceplant to me.

right now MS is simply looking really silly.

Shepherd 2141512d ago

Well I mean I defended defense grid because I was led to believe people were complaining about H3 and AC2 because they were old, based on all the negative comments Ive seen. So I guess people are complaining that it's not those two now?