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Submitted by GoldenElf 957d ago | opinion piece

PlayStation 4, Xbox One Unlikely to Sell Better than Wii U

Tynan Muddle at writes: "While it would make a sensational tabloid story, the next generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are unlikely to sell better than Nintendo’s Wii U console.

Since the day Nintendo announced a release date for the Wii U, the American media has done its part to stir the pot by declaring the console “dead in the water”. The justification here is usually chalked up to “poor sales” and a “lack of games”.

It’s surprising, then, that the other new consoles aren’t being treated with the same level of intense scrutiny (Xbox One DRM issues aside). In fact, media are already declaring the PlayStation 4 as the winner of all things.

The reality is far less entertaining: neither of the consoles from Sony or Microsoft will do any better than Wii U. And here’s why." (PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   957d ago | Intelligent
Between the PS3, 360, and Wii, over 250 million consoles have sold. Taking into account RRoD and people who own multiple consoles, it would be safe to say there were at least 200 million console owners last gen.

And now they're just going to...vanish? I don't think so. The Wii-U is selling poorly for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are economic. Other reasons are because of the Wii-U's design.
xHeavYx  +   957d ago | Well said
What a joke. I'm sure both the PS4 and the new Xbox will sell more in preorders than what the WiiU will sell by that time
vishmarx  +   957d ago
I wonder why Nintendo hasnt hired this genius yet. only guy who knows wii u is exponentially more successful than ps360
people were worried over nothin
well now you know. Thanks author.
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PigPen  +   957d ago
Amazon still have PS4 consoles in stock. It looks like most people went with the cheaper version with no game being that's the only sku that's sold out.
PigPen  +   957d ago
Amazon still have PS4 consoles in stock. It seems that most went for the cheaper sku with no game cause that's the only one that's sold out. Every other sku is available for preorder.
badz149  +   957d ago | Well said
there are some MAJOR problems with the Wii U
which reflect on its sales performance.

1. old multiplat ports which are not significantly better than 360/PS3 version means not worthy of a purchase

2. Nintendo's own lack of software and we all know people buy the Wii and Wii U expecting for Nintendo's own games but with the slow rate of Nintendo releasing them - not really their fault because there has never been a console manufacturer having to rely on their own software to sell hardware before, and with 3rd parties skipping the Wii U altogether left and right most notably GTA V??...the Wii U is not looking too attractive to gamers

3. lack emphasize on online portion. Nintendo should just stick out their heads out of their own asses and start acknowledging that online is pretty important to A LOT of gamers out there! the Wii U is more than capable for online MP but even Nintendo's own games are not online-enable thus making Nintendo as a game company look outdated and more importantly out of touch as far as gaming is concerned!

3. bad 3rd parties relation. this is just sad! never have you seen since Sega DC that huge publisher blatantly announcing their lack of interest in a game console and Wii U is not attracting as much interest from big publishers! EA and Activision have both being vocal about their disappointment over the Wii U and even Ubisoft is feeling cranky now! that's 3 BIGGEST publisher in the world right now and Nintendo need to act fast to gain their trust! Rayman Legends is already a lost cause for the Wii U and it's not even out yet but things are currently not looking good!

4. Marketing...they need more of this ASAP! Sony and Microsoft is increasing their marketing assault as of late and it's like the Wii U doesn't even exist! the Wii/Wii U is already stamped as the "complimentary" console as oppose to the "go to" console unlike it's handheld brother the 3DS which is clearly the "go to" handheld at the moment and Nintendo must act aggressively NOW to show that the Wii U can compete with the other 2 upcoming next gen competitor because as of right now, the Wii U is not even taking away sales from PS3/360!

my point is, the Wii U is not showcasing the lack of interest in gaming as a whole, but more of an individual problem of the Wii U itself! I don't know about the Xbone but the PS4 is ticking all the right boxes now and it's hard to think that PS4 will be anything like the Wii U sales-wise!
stuna1  +   957d ago

Keep at it, you'll get it right one of these days! Trolling that is! Because at this point everything else is wrong.

But on a different note, just on what the PS4 & Xbox1 have to offer, that in itself will insure that they will outsell the WII U in preorders as well as actual sell through, then again maybe not so much the Xbox 1, unless of course they are able to right the wrongs they tried to perpetrate on the gaming public.
ShwankyShpanky  +   957d ago

1) Nobody has any PS4s or Xbones "in stock."

2) PS4 is currently sold out of its launch day allotment. They are still taking orders for future stock/allotments after release.

3) Xbone launch day allotment (the only available model to preorder) is still currently available for pre-order.
Ritsujun  +   957d ago
BP has big pens up his own A.
RyuCloudStrife  +   957d ago
The person who wrote this article doesn't believe what he/she was typing out of their a$$.
solidjun5  +   957d ago

you're still trolling by saying the same crap.

Read ShwankyShpanky's post and maybe you'll stop. Highly doubt it though.
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MWong  +   957d ago
I thought the main reason the Wii-U was selling so poorly was because of lack of 3rd party support and lack of marketing. People have the Wii, why buy an upgraded version of that.

Maybe I'm wrong.
AsimLeonheart  +   957d ago
Since the Wii U flopped, the Wii U supporters have their fingers crossed that the Xbone and PS4 will sell just as badly so that they can justify their console's poor sales. Just like they were hoping that the Xbone and PS4 will be underpowered too just like the Wii U. They were so wrong that time (both consoles are much more powerful than Wii U especially PS4 which is a beast) and they will be wrong this time as well.
kneon  +   957d ago

I guess you missed where Sony told retailers they could now take orders for whatever they can sell. the initial allotments sold out in a few days at most retailers, and by all accounts the initial allotment was substantially higher than those for the Xbox One.

Since they have removed the caps it looks like PS4 production must be getting good yields and pre-orders have been high enough that Sony is confident enough in demand to commit to increased output.
gedden7  +   957d ago
thechosenone  +   957d ago
Holy cow he's not joking. jejejeje The PS4 sold out in a matter of min on Amazon the first day and the demand was so great Sony needed to increased the first round of pre-orders to meet the unexpected demand.

While the Xbone took days to sell off their Day One version and it only took off once MS did their infamous 180 policy change.

If you look at their best sellers list for 2013 you'll see that the Xbone never managed to reach the #1 spot and the PS4 is still ahead of the Xbone by a huge margin.

In the UK it's even more dramatic, the Xbone isn't even in the top's currently #48. lol
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N4g_null  +   956d ago
Gamers play games. So far drive club and killzone are the big titles on the ps4. A lot of the third party games will continue to be on the ps3,xbox360.

Bops ghost
Will both be on last gen. Unfortunately that hurts the ps4 and of course the the poor poor Xbox.

This effect happens every gen it seems.

The wiiu out performed the launch of the ps3 and 360 off the strength of Nintendo land and Mario. No wii sports or wii fit? Guess what those games are coming. I can understand that the ps4 seems to be your flavor. Yet that may not change the fact that 3rd parties are staying last gen simply because none of the console makers have a FF7 type game coming out. It is expected for the ps4 starts slow due to release dates. HD games take a while to make even if you can only play them once and then trade them in.

I will get a ps4. When god of war comes out for it. Yet how many years is that? I'll be fine not buying an he console to play cod. I'll be waiting for rival fps controls to the pc designs.

We are 6 years into the hd twins trying to make a game to rival the underpowered wii game sales. From Sonys camp we get another movie game with no replay value. From ms we get drm and drm online milking.

Yet who knows it could be a ps2 effect but if you didn't witness that time then you don't understand the real reason why Sony sells. Every wanted a DVD player, then blu ray player but now what is Sony offering extra to make up for the lack of game play? This gen will be a pr benchmark for them or the gen they marry game play to this story gaming focus.

Ms has a Zune or ms surface on their hands. Their only hope is to dig deep and make a very addictive game that doesn't use online as a crutch.

This gen will be a wiiu/ ps4 gen it seems. Since they are both trying offer some thing different. Nintendo's flaw is not praticing hd production values 3 years into the wii sales. If you have ever tried to do hd level graphics knows it takes time to learn all the tricks and then it takes goobs of ram lol.

The beginning may be a strong burst in the beginning but many gamers may wait it out simply because we are being ignored or over looked due to certain agendas. But in the end we know Nintendo has the ip to finish strong now and hd content being mastered is only going to add to the collection. We know Sony will end up strong also because they can pump out great HD stories and if they stay devoted they will get the game play right. Mean while ms will just throw money into a huge fire like they always do. Or just start selling cable boxes. If you've ever work with ms you know how hard they can suck.

In summary Nintendo is learning HD. Sony is learning gameplay. Ms is learning pr. This gen will be fine after about two years in.
Mounce  +   956d ago
This article sounds like it's coming from a desperate Nintendo fanboy to be honest.

"Unlikely to Sell Better than Wii U" - make a title like this at a time when Wii U is on its deathbed to everyones' eyes?!

striped94  +   956d ago

what the hell are you even saying? that rant made no sense
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pixelsword  +   956d ago
"In other news, rain is dry. Back to you, Kent!"
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Gran Touring  +   957d ago
"Xbox 360 only managed to sell 940,000 units in its first four weeks, with PlayStation 3 performing much worse at 540,000. Wii, for the sake of having all the figures here, broke records at 2.02 million sold in its first four weeks on sale."

They make it sound like these consoles weren't in demand at the time. I was only able to pick up my 60gb PS3 by mid-December because I was lucky enough to show up at a gamestop that had received maybe 6 consoles in a small shipment. Even my buddy couldn't get a 360 for a few weeks after it released. These consoles had pretty big shortages especially in comparison to the Wii.
kryteris  +   957d ago
i believe the ps3 also had supply issues, it was sold out. But, the Wii was a sensation, Xbox did not have the hype of the wii when it was released.
GribbleGrunger  +   957d ago
Yes it did, because of diode shortages, but we have to be honest and and recognise that price must have been a factor. Neither of those problems exist with the PS4. There's a very simple thing that this article overlooks: People didn't buy a Wiiu because they were waiting to see what a next gen machine 'should' look like.
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azshorty2003  +   957d ago
I remember working at Gamestop when those all came out. The PS3 had its initial shipment, and Maybe 10 more systems came in before the end of the year. They had Major shortages.
DigitallyAfflicted  +   956d ago
Wii U don't sell well only because we all waiting for X1 and PS4 and as always more expensive things sell slower. Don't think PS4 will have a problem this gen as it will be preferred by all the parents this Christmas because its cheeper.

Cheeper price was a way to success for x360 last gen and looks like sony learn the lesson.
UNGR  +   957d ago
A. RROD replacements were free, don't spew bull crap.
B. Poor Wii-U sales are from the lack of software, and I'd imagine 3rd party support in the coming future, not it's design.
C. You can tell by console sales over time that clearly not everyone jumps on the bandwagon for new consoles right away. Software sales on the PS3/360 will overshadow the PS4/X1 for a few years.

All that being said I don't think the Wii-U will outsell them, people want value and the Wii-U hasn't shown that yet. The X1/PS4 have with the software they've shown, and the future proofing they've established.
SilentNegotiator  +   957d ago
"RROD replacements were free, don't spew bull crap"

Uhh, while under warranty. Xbox 360s aren't under warranty for eternity.

They don't send you an Xbox360 S when your out of warranty 360 dies. At LEAST 20 million 360s were the old, defective models.
ZeroX9876  +   957d ago
yes RROD was free, but most of my friends got tired of sending it the second or third time it broke. so they bought a new one.
me, sent it to microsoft twice, broke 3 times, third time brang it to a dude in my city who repaired it and it never ever again failed after this.
ShwankyShpanky  +   957d ago
This. Not every 360 that RRoD'd was replaced under warranty, regardless of whether it was covered (many ultimately were not).
Ritsujun  +   957d ago
Incoming RROD2.0 on Xbone180.
Blackhawk3  +   956d ago
Under warranty? Tell that to Microsoft for my Elite they wouldn't replace.
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MysticStrummer  +   956d ago
"RROD replacements were free, don't spew bull crap."

Whether they were free or not, gamers with plenty of disposable income didn't necessarily wait for a replacement. All my real life gaming friends bought 360s and most of them bought multiple replacements before they got sick of them breaking down and switched to PS3s.
MEsoJD  +   957d ago
I do expect a pricedrop near the holidays for Wii U and an increase in sales, but I it will pale in comparison to the PS4/Xbox One.

Why? Preorder numbers, features, online functionality and network/account policy, guaranteed third party support, expected media options, power that in turn will lead to longevity/support, a focus on triple A and indie(more so on Sony), advertising, etc... In my eyes an associate would have no problem in a store making the case to curious consumers this holiday season about Xbox One and PS4 vs the WiiU. WiiU to me just seems like a hard sell to the general consumer unlike the wii with the motion gimmick.

I really think Nintendo drop the ball on their year lead. I love their software, but I think pride and old thinking is really holding them back in certain areas in regards to home consoles.
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jimmywolf  +   957d ago
i love nentendo growing up wii was crap cept for few game you could count on your hands been good

ill get the wii U maybe 2 years from now when it cheaper an they have Zelda an few other exclusive hits

i mit even wait longer an see what they plan long term too stand against X box an ps4
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project_pat36  +   957d ago
jimmy... you should have paid attention in school and not to "nentendo"... maybe your half-assed ebonics would be more clear to read...

oh... "AN" one more thing.. no.. nevermind
Triforce079  +   957d ago
How many times WiiU is not underpowered,what tech is ps4 ect using thats state of the art the only expensive state of the art tech is the tons of edram cache and edram on the MCM for wiiu,please tell me whats so expensive and cutting edge in ps4 or xbox1 ???? because a gpgpu with tons of edram is more powerful than one without around the same power or abit more.
JP1369  +   957d ago
The embedded RAM in Wii U is there to make up for the pitifully slow cell phone RAM that Nintendo stuffed in. The GPU isn't anything special and the CPU has ties to the GameCube. So yeah, that's why people are willing to spend an extra fifty dollars on the PS4, which destroys the Wii U as far as specs are concerned.
socks  +   957d ago
You cant seem to be able to formulate a coherent thought. Off the internet with you.
N4g_null  +   956d ago
Isn't nvidia reaching 1 terabyte bandwidth with edram in their future video cards? Gddr will not even be used from what I'm hearing. I wonder what AMD is going to do about that? Suddenly the ps4 future proofing is a moot point.
striped94  +   956d ago
Why are there so many people on here who can't actually form a fucking sentence?
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dolores12ebron   957d ago | Spam
bubblebobble  +   957d ago
i asked my sister the other day if see would get her kids a wii u for christmas this year she had never heard of the wii u nor had she ever seen one this is the tipy of person that made the wii explode in popularty more than anything this time wii u has failed to pull in a focus market
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N4g_null  +   956d ago
So as soon as wii fit hits and this person knows about the wiiu we are looking at wii numbers say you lol. Hmmmm the force is strong in your troll ability. How is this not registering? Nintendo is holding back. 2014 may be a slaughter. Once the news media sees this they are going to pounce. Wii fit is coming be scared fanboys lol. Please don't play the sales game. We know Nintendo has the guns to deliver.
Baylex  +   957d ago
LOL at the title....
Prime_28  +   956d ago
LOL at your silly comment....
Baylex  +   956d ago
Even though the wii u could sell very well, we all know that it will NEVER sell more that xbox one or EVEN PS4...
I'm not putting the wii u down.. the tittle is just ridiculous... it's absurd..
lilbrat23  +   957d ago
I think the PS4 & Xbox One will do way better than Wii u. I think the Wii-u needs a price drop and Im sorry but the graphics are getting old you get nothing innovated that you didn't already get on the Wii. Most people are getting tired of the same old stuff. Nintendo needs to reinvent themselves with the whole family gaming and really bring to the table what gamers REALLY want.
plaZeHD  +   957d ago
Oh shut up.
b777conehead  +   957d ago
pig pen im going to down load all my games. so no bundle for me
sladewilson2k   957d ago | Spam
Syntax-Error  +   957d ago
Funny how these fanboys like to mention the RRoD but always forget the YLoD. I for one never had a RRoD but suffered 2 YLoD and had to deal with Sony's horrific customer service trying to charge me $150 to fix it. At least MS fixed your RRoD for free, so stop with the nonsense. Every company has their good and bad. You look like children with your biased comments
kayoss  +   957d ago
Whats the rate of the RRoD vs the YLoD?? The number of getting the RRoD was really really high the point of failure is so high that Microsoft came out and admitted the problem and were forced to establish the replacement warranty. YLoD rate of failure was very low and considered within range for hardware faiure. But i agree, the $150 to fix is very steep. But hey its cheaper then buyiing a brand new system right?
Syntax-Error  +   956d ago
Kayoss, it doesn't matter what the rate was it still happened. That's just as ignorant as associating black people with welfare when there's more white people on welfare because of the W/B ratio. The fact is PS3 also had a high failure rate and there's going to be one higher than the other.
Eyeco  +   956d ago
That analogy is flawed African Americans make up 13% of the USA whereas European Americans make up 72% of the general population.

The 360 never had 7 times the install base of the PS3 for the most part the two consoles have been neck to neck yet the 360 still had a higher overall failure rate.

RROD was a travesty on biblical proportions and the 360 will always be remembered for it, so stop trying to sugar coat it, sit down and accept it.
FightFans  +   957d ago
that's bullshit, I'm pretty sure ps4 will sell better than both xbone and wii u.
avengers1978  +   956d ago
Said no one
Doctor_Freeman  +   956d ago
Unless all these new games that have been announced will be released on the WIIU then I don't see it standing much of a chance of keeping up, not to mention outselling the PS4 or Xbox.

Plus most people want next gen hardware, not hardware that is somewhere in between. I will say that Nintendo was smart when they released the WIIU early, probably because they figured they would be overshadowed. But for me its all about the games and whoever has those games that's where I'll be.
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galgatronth  +   956d ago
I know, it's like when the ps2 had over 100 million sales and ALL of those people bought the ps3 DAY ONE and it got 100 million sales at launch right? It's not like they "vanished"? right? /s
FSAB   957d ago | Spam
TripC50  +   957d ago
I own a Wii U. Im using it now to type this comment. It is the best cosole I have ever owned (I have a PS3 and 360). I still play games on all these consoles. Do I think the Wii U will sell more than Xbox1 or PS4? In my opinion no. But I dont really care. I just like video games.
SolidDuck  +   957d ago
I agree. Now I have a ps4 pre ordered and can't wait. But I picked up a wii u just recently, and it's severely underrated. It does need some more standout games, but it has some really great titles, and just the system itself is really fun to use.
quantae06  +   957d ago
It'll outsell Xbox 1 most definitely. But I don't know about PS4 though. Personally I have a Wii U and I'm loving it. I will be pre-ordering a PS4 soon with my personal favorite series in Infamous Second Son.
#3.2 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
SonyPS4  +   957d ago
I pre ordered my PS4 and picking up a Wii U along with my PS4 on the same day. Never tried buying multiple systems at once, it might be double the fun.
MNGamer-N  +   957d ago
I think WiiU and PS4 will be the ones doing battle, with Microsoft picking up the scraps. WiiU is a great system, and people will eventually start buying it after the Wii gets phased out
WeAreLegion  +   957d ago
Best console you've ever owned? I don't believe that. I have a Wii U, too, but it one of the worst consoles I've ever owned. Why do you say it's the best? It's lacking major features that the other two last generation consoles have. AND it's lacking games. That statement is complete BS.
TripC50  +   957d ago
Hey man or woman its just my opinion. For me the gamepad, with off tv screen play, is why its my favorite console. I mean I have a tiny apartment (dont judge l'm a recent college grad with not much money)and the signal reaches to my bed and my bathroom. I use miiverse to nerd out with other Nintendo fans and post my drawings on miiverse. Its my opion. Its the best console I have ever had. No Bull. chill man or woman

also if you have a Wii U check out my drawings on Miiverse.
My name on miiverse is The Dude
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TripC50  +   957d ago
I have one last thing to say. If you have not gotten a Wii U yet, don't buy it! Wait untill more games come out or maybe a price drop. But do buy a Wii U if you love Nintendo, if you are an artist, or like playing a console game in your hands... in bed... or on a toilet.
#3.5.2 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   957d ago
I'll add you. I'm JacobIsHollywood on there.

I don't get it though. If you want to do all that stuff, why don't you just get a laptop? More games. Portable gaming. The Vita does the social drawing thing, too. And the 3DS. You don't need to buy a Wii U for that.
TripC50  +   957d ago
alright man i sent you a friend request so wipe off that dust ha. And hey I like the consle. Its my favorite console. You can say that is bull or doesn't make sense but thats just my opinion man. Lets all just be friends and game together.
#3.5.4 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   957d ago
Agreed. :D
Subzero200  +   957d ago
"Do I think the Wii U will sell more than Xbox1 or PS4? In my opinion no. But I dont really care. I just like video games."

lol yeah thats what these idiots fail to see, and Complaining about specs = no life at all.
TripC50  +   957d ago
Well I think it's okay to like one console over another and be excited about specs and exclusives and stuff because they are fans. It's like storts fans. A Indianapolis Colts fan can say "My team is the best!" And they can cheer and yell all they want because they love the Colts so much. Loyalty to a team is like loyalty to a console in today's gaming community. Its unusual to me because I like all platforms and I love gaming. And that's strange for a gamer to say nowadays. To translate that to sports, that's like a guy saying "I don't have a favorite team I just love football!" And not many people say that. Everybody has a favorite team...and that's okay.
#3.6.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
Benjaminkno  +   956d ago
When did video games become political?
"When Nintendo consoles start on the downward trend, they need only unleash games like Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda which stay in the top ten charts for years, something no other game publisher has ever managed to achieve."

Well they aren't as arrogant as they used to be. But they do try to monopolize the market, which is why those who don't have the luxury to have more than 1 or two shy away from the "family oriented" console.

That's why there's such a rebellion against Nintendo.
Parapraxis  +   956d ago
But wait, Nintendo considers WiiU to be for hardcore gamers, not family oriented.
marchinggamer  +   957d ago
The Xbox one and ps4 will out sell what the Wii u sells in the end just in pre orders
mii-gamer  +   957d ago
you must be disillusioned to think that the ps4 or one will out sell the wii u on preorders alone
Parapraxis  +   956d ago
Man...Nov/Dec is going to be hilarious, I cannot wait to see how people like you react when the PS4 does better sales in a month than WiiU has done in total.

I'm a WiiU owner, and I'm keeping it for Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart8 etc (if they EVER get released), but I know damn well that the WiiU is going to get crushed in terms of sales by Sony.
Benjaminkno  +   956d ago
Microsoft has no video game market in Japan.

Sony is in financial trouble.

The economy sucks.

This is where the shit hits the fan.

Maybe there was enough room for all three companies when the economy was good.

Nintendo is the only one that everyone knows isn't going to bow out of hardware.
Parapraxis  +   956d ago
Microsoft has no video game market in Japan.
- The 360 did just fine WITHOUT Japan, unfortunately they couldn't break into that market.

Sony is in financial trouble.
- Well, lucky for them they made the PS4 so appealing that they had to up production numbers.

The economy sucks.
- Yup, and what do you think is more likely, consumers buying a more current-gen WiiU @ $350 or a next gen console such as PS4 at $50 more.
A smart consumer would most likely go with the better value/$.

This is where the shit hits the fan.
- for who? The only company nearing the shit flinging fan is Nintendo.

Maybe there was enough room for all three companies when the economy was good.
- Agreed, so you (and I) better hope Nintendo doesn't drop out too soon.

Nintendo is the only one that everyone knows isn't going to bow out of hardware.
- Sony/Microsoft have never bowed out either, so they are all in the same boat in that regards.
#4.2.1 (Edited 956d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Subzero200  +   956d ago
probably, but who really cares? and u losers who gave me thumbs down for posting facts get a life, because at the end of the day this stuff isn't as important as it use to be.
#4.3 (Edited 956d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
greenpowerz  +   957d ago
Only because of supply is true. Demand for the other two destroys what Wii U had. Nintendo marketshare and mindshare was being taken long before new cosnoles from all three companies. 3rd party developer support is radically different on the Home Theater gaming PC's vs Wii U

I'm Sorry but XB1 has the games and mass appeal hardware that is more advanced than the xbox hardware responsible for the Wii's decline(project Natal).

XB1 software and hardware will be the new Wii craz, making Project Natal theft of Wii appeal look like warm-ups. MSFT will release a payment plan for $300.
Micheal Pachter made this same prediction at E3 when he predicted MSFT would reverse DRM as I have predicted the payment plan for months(over a year) for the new Xbox One(360 payment plan testing the water for Xbox 720)

Nintendo was forced to come out with the Wii U tablet to combat Kinect 1.0 but Kinect 2.0 will destroy what ever is left of Nintendo. They should have done like Sony and copied Kinect. Even Sony knows the waggle stick was a bad idea to copy after Kinect, although the touch pad on dualshock is a half A55 attempt of the tablet as is PSeye4 is to Kinect(basically, simply look like you can offer what the other guys have)
#5 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(40) | Report | Reply
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   957d ago
Seriously the Xbox one hardware is garbage. Ms are horrible at building consoles. Anybody that buys an ms made piece of hardware deserves to fall in a well along with the other casuals. The thing hasn't even been released yet and it's overheating, un removable HDD it's the size of a VCR with a power brick, double A battery packs proprietary headset chords, gpu has half the power as the ps4 gpu. CPU cooler exhaust through the top of the console which happens to be the dustiest area on a console. That heat sink is going to get plugged faster then you can say rrod.

Using the Xbox one hardware to insult the wii u is asinine to say the least, cause they are in the same boat basing success off gimmicks and unrealistic promises cough cloud gaming ***cough. If cloud gaming was so bennificial Sony would have their gaiki cloud service up and running at launch but they realized better hardware is better way to spend money. Ps4 is a Aston martin compared to the Xbox one. It's almost half the size over double the power removable HDD, Bluetooth ( most compatible and versatile connection device) , built in PSU, faster blu ray, lithium ion rechargeable batteries for the game pad , faster ram, more ram available for games, non bloated os, easier to develop for, cheaper, CPU heatsink exhausts out the rear not the top. 21 exclusives real ps4 verse Xbox ones 2 real exclusives, having games on pc Aswell don't make them exclusive lol.

You heard it from me I'm strongly warning you gamers that are interested in the Xbox one, the the signs strongly point to ms creating another rrod situation the christmas. For gods sake the console is that big and under powered with an external PSU and they still had to down clock it. Ms clearly can't build hardware why support a company that clearly is in over their head when it comes to the hardware business.

I tried to post pics of the Xbox one internals and the size comparison chart that clearly shows the Xbox one is bigger then it's predecessors with still no internal PSU and heating issues, but it won't let me on my iPhone.

On topic I really think the ps4 will def outsell the wii u, I kind of hope the Xbox one doesn't though, not that I think it won't outsell the wii u I just really hope it doesn't because I don't think ms should get rewarded for their shoddy business ethics and enabilty to improve and innovate their console , adding kinect doesn't count. I'm talking about the console it self.building a console that big with no internal PSU is completely amateur, and I know some of you will say but it's better if the heat of the PSU is on the outside, well considering they're having to down clock from overheat problems, seems like it's not the PSU that's the problem.

If you still think 3 launch Xbox one games are worth more then all the obvious negatives I stated then I really don't care, and I'll be glad to not see you're stupidity on PSN.
#5.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
greenpowerz  +   957d ago
Take your meds.

EDIT Below

What does Eyetoy from the PS2 have to do with Multi Array Mics, Binocular Vision, Infrared 3D skeletal motion tracking with a onboard processor with advanced console system software and hardware built from the ground up multi user in the dark motion tracking and voice command software/hardware?

The differences between Project Natal and Kinect 2 as of around 5 months ago. http://www.develop-online.n...

Won't look for eyetoy specs or PSeye because that would be just wrong.
#5.1.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(28) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   957d ago
Multi-array mics? The PS Eye had four mics in it...and so will the PS4 camera.

"advanced console system software and hardware built from the ground up multi-user in the dark motion tracking and voice command software/hardware?"

Um... Multi-user? In the dark? Voice command?

You realize the Move w/Eye did this too, correct? I thought you were one of the researchers, greenpowerz. I thought there was some journalistic integrity there. :/ You're better than that, aren't you?
insomnium2  +   957d ago
It's fun to look at when you compare the motherboards of X360 and PS3. Truly a sight to behold and it speaks volumes about the hardware and MS.
TheFallenAngel  +   957d ago
You do know that Sony came out with the Eye Toy with the PS2? Although is not as advance as kinect, it worked in a similar fashion as kinect.
joeorc  +   957d ago
as a matter of fact Sony was looking into kinect before microsoft even started licencing kinect...

Oh and another thing:


"They should have done like Sony and copied Kinect. Even Sony knows the waggle stick was a bad idea to copy after Kinect, although the touch pad on dualshock is a half A55 attempt of the tablet as is PSeye4 is to Kinect(basically, simply look like you can offer what the other guys have)"

you really are a broken toy, for one Sony's motion control system is not a copy of Nintendo's or Microsoft's as a matter of fact in R&D Sony was working on their method of invention of their motion control system while both Nintendo and Microsoft licenced theirs.

Nintendo's did not start until 2001 and their motion control method was pitched to them by a 3rd party, while in 2000 Dr. Marks showed off a motion control wand controller method with real running software on the PS2 AT A LIVE EVENT @ SIGGRAPH 2000, and again Nintendo saw the even there. where do you think they got the idea?

Again, Microsoft was at the siggraph 2004 event where once again Sony showed off the concept of a 3d depth sense camera working on again the PS2. MICROSOFT WAS AT SIGGRAPH 2004, and again Microsoft licenced the technology from prime sense on a 3d depth sensing camera.

You do know Sony was already showing off Kinect before Microsoft licenced the technology. Sony atleast invents, while microsoft just Licences their hardware. lol getting out the copy machine is not the same thing as inventing, and licencing something is not the same thing as innovation.

another thing

hey "time of flight" where oh' where did we just here that phrase..again in 2013, what console info release event in may 2013 did we hear that phrase again...LMAO

that was in 2004

lets see

Microsoft in 2013:

hey there is that Time of Flight special technology microsoft talked about for the xboxone..

Yea we see who copy's who.
#5.2.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Trago1337  +   957d ago
Being the cheapest of the three could certainly make it possible as all of the cheapest consoles of EVERY PAST GEN sold the most.

This is factual people.

But like I say with everything, the market is too unpredictable, so let's wait and see.
SoapShoes  +   957d ago
Nope... Dreamcast was $100 cheaper and so was the Gamecube but they didn't sell the most....
#6.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Trago1337  +   957d ago
True, but did I not just say that the market is too unpredictable? Not to mention the PS2, If I remember correctly had a price drop not long after Launch, and the Dreamcast had a TERRIBLE Piracy problem, plus mismanagement On Sega of America's part.

What I said still holds true. After all, the Vita just about decimates the 3DS in every technical category, but it didn't outsell the 3DS, and Price has a lot to do with that.

If Nintendo Drop the Wii U price, that coupled with a steady momentum of releases, they could very well end up selling the most units.
#6.1.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report
insomnium2  +   957d ago
Vita vs 3ds:

Ummm.. you do know about the monopoly Nintendo has had in handheld market ever since the first gameboy in the 80s right?

Plus Vita is not for the 6-12 yo kids AT ALL! Every kid has a DS around here. My daughter was just camping with 10 or so other girls and she said that every single one of them had a DS. There you have it. Pokemon and Nintendogs and 6-12 yo kids. They outnumber the 20 or so demographic of knowledgable consumers who buy a Vita 4 to one. Kids' parents buy their kid the device they WANT and the reasons for a 6-12 yo kid wanting a device are quite different than it is for the 20 somethings who buy a Vita with their own money no less.
#6.1.2 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
Brasi1989  +   956d ago
I have a 3DS so apparently that makes me a child and/or an ignorant consumer? Grow up you troll. Its about price and appeal. 3DS has the price and appeal over the Vita. 3DS games > Vita games, that's simply a fact. Now shoo back to your bridge.

OT: I see the WiiU being the next gen console with the most sales by the end of this year. A strategically placed price drop around the holidays plus the games lineup is all it needs. I figure we'll see less and less sales throughout the years over all, mainly in off times like Spring-Summer. While the new consoles have appeal they don't offer much along the side of new and exciting ways of entertainment. Be it noticeably better graphics or new and unique features (for gamers).
insomnium2  +   956d ago

Ummmm.. it's about price and appeal? As I said the Nintendo handhelds appeal to little children. That's their target audience. I really shouldn't have to spell out that the target audiences do overlap eachother since it's not fobidden to own a DS after you become 13yo.

You are being a smartass and calling me a troll for such an obvious thing? Please...

My original comment stands. DS and 3DS are for kids. It doesn't matter if you, me or anyone enjoys the games on it. It doesn't change the target audience.

Hell I bought a Wii and a 3DS to my 7 and 9yo kids one each (Wii is shared). I bought myself a Vita though so from our household it would seem that Vita is lagging behind with 1/3 of the sales. Does it mean that on a GAMING WEBSITE with NEWS FOR GAMERS we should now say that 3DS is the handheld to go to? LOL!
#6.1.4 (Edited 956d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
mkotechno  +   957d ago
What a bunch of no senses.
PositiveEmotions  +   957d ago
I think ps4 and xb1 already outsold wii u?
Prime_28  +   956d ago
Haha you wish!
PositiveEmotions  +   956d ago
I wish? Is not that i wish bro is a fact. I mean xb1 and ps4 are getting more attention.

Ever since i came to this side theres more articles on xb1 and ps4

Same with all the other sites i go to which are

Now gamer
Playstation life style
Gaming everything
Game informer
Brasi1989  +   956d ago
Maybe combined they will have but over 4million in preorders each? I don't think so.
yesmynameissumo  +   957d ago
2pacalypsenow  +   957d ago
April 1 was almost 3 months ago why are these articles coming out?
MysticStrummer  +   957d ago
From what we've read, the author is way off when he says programming for the One and PS4 will be difficult to get a handle on. Watching Mark Cerny's recent presentation leads me to believe the exact opposite for PS4. One's memory architecture is a little trickier, but still not as arcane as PS3's Cell. PS2 and PS3 were both trickier systems than normal. PS2 managed to dominate despite that and PS3 came back from a late start and high launch price to take 2nd place over 360, which was inarguably easier to develop for.
TronEOL  +   957d ago
Given how crazy pre-orders are with those two consoles, and the confusing Wii-U marketing, I think the PS4 and XboxOne won't have any issue outselling the Wii-U, and fast. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they both outsold it within the first year of their release.

The hype behind the PS4 and X1 is way too crazy. I don't remember it being any where near this loud when the Wii-U was coming out.

:EDIT: It's worth noting that I'm not bashing the Wii-U or anything, as I'm stoked for Super Mario 3D World (cats are amazing), Mario Kart 8, Windwaker HD and a new Zelda game whenever that comes out. I'm stating how it seems. The hype and pre-order chaos is way too high to think otherwise.
#12 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
310dodo  +   957d ago
Im pretty sure ps4 and xbox one have nothing to worry about.

both will have over 2 million sold by the end of Christmas easily.
this Gen went on too long, people are really hyped.
oxcar1  +   957d ago
This guy is drunk. Wii U is doomed even with its exclusives, almost every 3rd party developer abandoned Nintendo.
#14 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
GoldenElf  +   957d ago
All of them, except Activision, Warner Bros. Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Fox, Hasbro, Konami and hundreds of other smaller companies.
Brasi1989  +   956d ago
I like how you received disagrees while using a factual statement. N4G logic! Sony fanboys are 1337!
Prime_28  +   956d ago
You sound mad fanboy.
LOL_WUT  +   956d ago
Are you sure it's not you who's mad? The guy actually has a point ;)
FlyingFoxy  +   957d ago
The Wii U will actually be a nice alternative to many, especially if you don't want to pay to play online.

As soon as it starts getting the great games in it will pick up sales a lot no doubt. You could buy many more Wii U or PC games (on Steam) over 2 years for the cost of online from MS or Sony. Or even use the saved cash to upgrade your gaming PC.
#15 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MEsoJD  +   957d ago
Though downloable games on WiiU are tied to the system rather than accounts. That could be deal breaker for average consumers. Nintendo really needs to revise their network policy.
Prime_28  +   956d ago
Nintendo can easily change that with a firmware update so that is not really an issue.
MEsoJD  +   956d ago

Yeah they can, but will they?
jairusmonillas  +   957d ago
Wii U has last gen graphics and doesn't have any new games.

PS4 would destroy Wii U just like when PS2 demolished Gamecube out of the console race.
SonyPS4  +   957d ago
Gamecube has better graphics than the PS2. I doubt last-gen graphics really has anything to do with the desperate situation the Wii U is currently in.

"doesn't have any new games."

You're much more right about that, and post-launch lineup is lackluster at best.
PopRocks359  +   957d ago
Worse yet is their holiday lineup has almost nothing substantial. Don't get me wrong, I'm especially excited for Pikmin and Wonderful 101 personally, but I can't help but wonder who else out there is outright EXCITED for these games.
mastershredder  +   957d ago
What ass was this information pulled from?

My mind is blown by the ridiculousness of this article. I'm not fan of any specific console, but this is utter blind-to-the-facts nonsense.
Shnazzyone  +   957d ago
Actually the article's justifications are pretty sound and based on gaming history mostly. Basically it's tough to imagine the even ps4 breaking the 3 million hurdle on release. Wii had the biggest release and it was only 2.2 million. It's not impossible, the author seems to just say it's a longshot from hell based on what we learned during previous console cycle.

Not at all an unreasonable statement. Maybe a statement you don't like, but based on much more than rhetoric.
#17.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
jimmywolf  +   957d ago
the nice thing about been a market analyst is you can pull any number out your ass an long it not 100% you be fine since thing are unpredictable

their a 40% chance what i said was a lie but their a 60% chance that it could be a fact
mastershredder  +   957d ago
"Maybe a statement you don't like"

No, it's because it totally fabticated BS that's desperatly looking for something of relevance to make it seam plausable. This is the problem with game "journalism" these days.

I work in this indusrty for a living. I have to keep up with tools, kits, trends and history. I don't know what planet of unicorns and fluffy kittens some people are living on, but this is absolute day dreaming analytics. What? no one payed attention to the news about who was supporting WiiU and who was not? The big buzz at E3 (and well prior) was WiiU being a profit killer, thus many folks decided not to take the gamble. More Indies (smaller) would gladly hop on board IF Nintendo ever gets off their high-horse and relaxes thier over the top reqs and does something to deliver more console sales. More market share = more potential sales for us. Less= less, real simple. And right now on Earth, the PS4 and XboxOne preorders, sales forecasts, investors, third-party support, indie studio support etc. are looking real good. If history serves me right, it was not this promising before WiiU's launch (excluding fan-nut gamer perspectives).

I don't want to see any system fail, I appreciate each company and the tech they are delivering, but right now WiiU is not a safe bet due to sales, third-party support and install base. WiiU came out weak and Sony and MS are coming out strong. Thems the facts.
Benjaminkno  +   956d ago
He didn't read the article.

Nintendo is always in better shape than the Nintendon't crowd likes to admit.

They can't help themselves getting caught in Wii Uselessness. They want their "shoot em up, blood n' guts" games that look better on PC but ironically can't be afforded.

It's video game politics that bring a perfect game like Skyrim to a Playstation console that rapes it.
Shnazzyone  +   956d ago

You work for the industry and you don't know nintendo already got off "their high-horse" and relaxing "thier over the top reqs".

They pushed hard at GDC and it's payed off if the list below is any indication. All those games are announced for wii U.

If you honestly think that ps4's day 1 sales will exceed 3 million units then you honestly don't know shit about manufacturing either. The author is very reasonable unlike your arguments which references no facts whatsoever and comes off as desperate denial. It doesn't at all say it's impossible just based on new console first year sales in history, unlikely. First year sales are historically pretty low since it's when those new consoles typically have few games and only early adopters are getting on board.

What's the launch lineup for either ps4 or xbone? What will they have the other consoles won't have already? That's what's going to decide if those consoles exceed wii U's preexisting numbers from its decent head start. Despite the doom and gloom articles. Wii U doesn't have it that bad. 3 million already exceeds the first year sales of either 360 or ps3. Sorry, that's the truth and it means ps4 and xbone have a hurdle to clear weather you find it to be, a "planet of unicorns and fluffy kittens some people are living on" or not.
mastershredder  +   956d ago
Those are weak comebacks.

Oh noes...people taking it personally. This is why I don't post on here very often. Not really a place for adults to hang for gaming talk and gaming industry news (even thought it is a good collective). More like a haven for personality disorders, social misfits, wannabes and drama.

"he didn't read the article". Uh, yeah I did. Think about what I said and try to get past the brand fandom you hold so dear.

@Shnazzyone your vernacular exposes you. I'm not desperate or in denial. Seriously dude? WTF? Why would I be? That's freaking ridiculous. What are your reaching for there? You just want to be right or something? Fine be right in your little world there.

"If you honestly think that ps4's day 1 sales will exceed 3 million units then you honestly don't know shit about manufacturing either."

Where the hell did you get that? I never said that or mentioned it.

And no, Nintendo has NOT gotten of their high horse. If you worked in this realm, you'd know better. It's been an ongoing issue. But thanks for speaking on behalf of the industry, it's adorable. Posting links to videos is irrelevant. Thanks for playing though.

Shnazzyone  +   956d ago
Still don't hear you debating with any facts. Just bad Grammar and strawmen. Maybe you just don't know what we're even talking about. It happens. Maybe next time you'll actually read the article before calling it bull. Especially since you basically just ended this thing by admitting i'm right about how manufacturing limitations alone will actually make it hard for the other systems to catch up to the wii U install base... which is part of the article too.

I just hope if you are in the game industry it's not in subtitling for dialogue. You have the grammar of an 10th grader.
mastershredder  +   956d ago

Sorry brother, You see only what you want to see and I've moved on. I don't and will not get caught up in asinine discussions with know-it-all ass-clowns. There is good reason why you were a two bubble pretentious biatch. Putting words in my mouth and making weird-ass assumptions will never make you right. Good luck to you and your gaming rants and disinformation. May they never leave this venue. Ignoring now. Cheers!
GreenRanger  +   957d ago
Did Sony say how many PS4s will be available at launch?
#18 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Diesel888  +   957d ago
I believe the PS4 and X1 will compete with each other while the Wii U will be fine. They will definitely lower the price somewhere down the line and once the first party titles start kicking will attract many casual gamers like it did with the Wii. I have every system and I love my Wii U. PS3 I use for excellent exclusives and free games with PS+. X360, I play my shooters on like COD and BF3 with my boys. Wii U, I play with the family and when watching TV with my wife. I dont regret buying all three. Wii U just needs more software but its an excellent must own system. Each gives me a different experience of entertainment. However, I love the Miiverse because I can play a game and post about it with gamers who love the same game.
Hicken  +   957d ago
Wii U didn't sell for a multitude of reasons that won't be an issue for the new consoles.

The end.
Benjaminkno  +   956d ago
Like the economy?
Hicken  +   956d ago
Has the economy affected consoles? What's been the rate of sales for all the consoles since the economic downturn? Interest in these consoles far outstrips that of the Wii U before launch; I don't think the economy was as big a factor. Besides, people will recognize the consoles themselves as an investment; it'll be the games that are harder to justify, interestingly enough.

No, the poor marketing, lack of a defined identity, and dearth of compelling games- the staples, new IPs, and third party support- are all killing the Wii U.
otter26  +   957d ago
Best article I've read on this site.
WeAreLegion  +   957d ago
No. It's just the one that leans toward your views the most.
N2NOther  +   957d ago
Considering that Amazon said PS4 was selling pre-orders at a rate of 2500 per minute and the launch allocation sold in out 48 hours, that's over 7 million pre-orders. Even if only 50% actually follow through, that would be more PS4's sold on launch day that Wii U has sold in 6 months. And this is juts Amazon's numbers. Add in Gamestop, Best Buy and anywhere else and it's much higher.
#22 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
RetardedIceCream  +   957d ago
you really think sony made over 7 million consoles before release?
N2NOther  +   956d ago
I honestly don't, but the interest is there. The same cant be said about the Wii U. That's all I'm really saying.
RetardedIceCream  +   956d ago
though it would be interesting to see how diffulcult it would be to buy a ps4 it one didnt preorder already
danny818  +   957d ago
I highly doubt this... Alot of people are talking about the next gen consoles and no one talked about the wiiU. Till this day no one talks about it. We pretty much saw the nintendo faithful own the system by now, which is why the sales have dropped dramatically. Alot of friedns i know wanna get a ps4 as for the x1 as well. It will be interesting to see how both consoles sale 6 months into the market. It would be sad to see the wiiU sell less. Now i am also interestedto see how the WiiU fairs this holiday season being bombarded by the X1 and PS4 dust rising for the holiday season.
Welcome2Die  +   957d ago
PS4 > WiiU > Xboned

Nobody should buy the Xboned.
PopRocks359  +   957d ago
Where the hell have you been?

The DRM and always online features on the Xbox One have been removed... unless this comment is the result of you hating the Kinect?
Welcome2Die  +   957d ago
So what? MS tried to completely screw you in every way that you could be screwed as a gamer.
Then they find out nobody was gonna buy their stuff and they reverse everything because Sony was gonna demolish them even more.
Anyone that still wants to buy that thing has lost all respect as a consumer.
hatzwontfit  +   957d ago
Even with those policies gone, Xbox one is still a weaker box than ps4 and its $100 more. It's not a logical purchase
Npugz7  +   957d ago
I would get the PS4 or the xbox1 over a piece of junk wiiu any day!!!
PopRocks359  +   957d ago
And now they are no longer putting those restrictions into the console. Let's get something straight here about Microsoft; they are a corporation and NO corporation gives a damn about what you or anyone feels about them. They have one purpose; make money.

I'll bet Sony fans felt screwed over when the PS3 launched at $600 and I'm pretty sure Nintendo fans have felt jipped by Nintendo's recent claims on YouTube.

It's no reason to stop acknowledge that the content on ANY of their consoles looks damn cool. The Xbox One is no exception and now it's NOT a bass-ackwards machine hell bent on restricting gamers and how they share content. That's good enough for me.
Crillvirus81  +   957d ago
You guys are smoking something really good if you think Xbox 1 or ps4 is going to sell more then wii u this holiday lol...mostly every big 3rd party game is coming out on current gen or wii u this holiday .....ac4, batman, rayman, splinter cell, watch dogs, call of duty, etc so most people won't even be upgradeing like that yet when mostly all the same games will be out across all consoles ....Nintendo got all of them games then there games zelda, pikmin, wonderfull 101, Mario, etc and there ain't no game on ps4 or x1 that's going to sell more then Mario!!!!!! That's a fact ...and to top it off we know the wii u is going to get a official price cut right before x1 and ps4 launch ...and you guys still think they going to sell more lol the next holiday of 2014 that's the real question will nintendo still have some 3rd paty games and there games to hold off the next halo or god of war etc ????
hatzwontfit  +   957d ago
I have a wii u and its wonderful. I can't wait to play pikmin3, mario 3d world, sonic lost worlds, donkey kong, and the wonderful 101, all this fall. Not to mention games like, AC4, rayman legends, watchdogs, and splinter cell blacklist. I'm also getting a ps4. I don't really understand why someone would buy an xboxone. Weaker box higher price. It's just not a logically purchase.
ala_767  +   957d ago
Next gen gaming console people think of Sony and microsoft competing with each other... who the hell thinks about Nintendo! Nintendo days are getting over.... Many youngsters grew up with Playstation/Xbox....
Magnus  +   957d ago
The fact PS4 and XboxOne have superior graphics and games to back the systems yes they will sell. Nintendo needs to rethink the Wii-U seriously or they will end up like Sega and make games or stick to handhelds. I like Nintendo and I have a Wii-U but some days I really debate about trading the thing in because lack of games.
Brasi1989  +   956d ago
You do realize that by the time the PS4 and XboxOne launch the WiiU library will be... only one word for it... better right?
evenstar  +   957d ago
I don't think that the WiiU has a chance of outselling either the PS4 or the Xbox 1.. I am a Playstation girl.. have been for years, but the WiiU isn't even in competition with Sony or Microsoft.. It's huge.. and uncomfortable..
Npugz7  +   957d ago
Are you on drugs!!!! That title couldn't be any more wrong!!!
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