Halo 4: The Secret Files

VGB has summarized Bungie developer interview notes to unveil everything Halo 4 the company talked about or hinted at. Most telling is a quote from Bungie studio manager, Harold Ryan: "Obviously Microsoft wanted us to make more Halo games. Both I and some of the more senior guys from the original Halo game have deep piles of game designs for the Halo universe that we are excited to build at some point..."

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sak5003617d ago

I will take the next couple of days news with grain of salt. 1st april approaching fast

Hatchetforce3617d ago

April 1st is approaching but it is confirmed public knowledge Jackson's Wingnut studios is working on 2 games for the 360 and confirmed one is a game in the HALO universe. But it isn't HALO4. Jackson had stated it isn't a movie and it isn't a game. It is something in between.

If you are in the industry then you know that MS has contracted Gearbox to build HALO4 rather than Bungie. It is the worst kept behind the scenes secret no one talks about.

bakasora3617d ago

I thought it was a trilogy.

TheMART3617d ago

If things sell that mad like Halo does, I think businesswise they'll continue.

Thus, Halo 4 in one form or maybe different in gameplay/structure, will be here at the end of 2009, two years after Halo 3. Like Gears 2 comes 2 years after Gears 1.

heyheyhey3617d ago

"Finished the fight eh? well start a goddamn new one then"

i wouldn't be surprised if they are working on Halo 4 for the Xbox 720 already

they need to give consumers a good reason to upgrade again to the next box and Halo seems like just the trick

MiniMii3617d ago

And Bungie split with MS to make other IPs cos they want to make more money. But they make millions with Halo, you say?

Not exactly. Since Halo is a MS owned IP, MS is the one getting all the cash from Halo. Bungie only gets paid for their services, aka developing the game which is nice but nothing compared to what these guys could have made if Halo were owned by themselves.

And thats one of the reason why they split in search of better times.
Since Halo is still a MS owned IP, there wont ever be a Halo 4 project unless its made by some other studio.

TheMART3617d ago


You're looking with PS3 fantard glasses on.

Halo 4 will be released on the 360. This gen it'll take to 2011 at least before a next XBOX is about to hit the market.

Which isn't strange. The PS2 released in 2000, the PS3 released at the end of 2006. Six years, certainly this time/generation.

Thus: Halo 4 in 2009 on the 360.

At least there is no reason at all to upgrade to the PS3, which 1.5 years after its release is pretty sad.

@ minimii

Wrong in all things you wrote.

"And Bungie split with MS to make other IPs cos they want to make more money."

Nope. Bungie got more freedom to do more then Halo. They still like Halo a lot and will make more.

"But they make millions with Halo, you say?

Not exactly. Since Halo is a MS owned IP, MS is the one getting all the cash from Halo."

Uhm dude... Did I say Bungie made those millions? No I didn't. Still businesswise Bungie will make another one and for Microsoft its also wise to do so.

"Bungie only gets paid for their services, aka developing the game which is nice but nothing compared to what these guys could have made if Halo were owned by themselves."

yes and so???

"Since Halo is still a MS owned IP, there wont ever be a Halo 4 project unless its made by some other studio."

Wrong again and Bungie even has stated so. They still are very close with MS and have an agreement also that gives MS possibility to get stuff exclusive on the 360. Plus: Bungie also makes new map packs for Halo 3, they didn't leave the 360/Halo 3 after they went independent dude.

Your posts is made up from your wishes, not reality.

jiinn3617d ago

It is one of the biggest game trilogies in history.

From Metacritic:
Halo 1 97/100
Halo 2 95/100
Halo 3 94/100

More importantly, it is a new Game Universe with a deep story line and rich backstory. Think Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Super Mario, Zelda or other Fictional "Universe". The Halo Universe will probably be the setting for many new entertainment experiences.

Books, machinima, Whatever-the-heck-Peter-Jackso n-is-working-on, and new games.

It *was supposed to be a Trilogy* until it exploded into a massive cultural phenomenon.

DJ3616d ago

The way that I see it since I've played all three:

Halo 1: B+ for campaign, B for multi
Halo 2: B- for campaign, A+++ for multi
Halo 3: D for campaign, A+ for the multi & forge (though the faulty melee system needs to be patched).

But maybe that's because I actually liked playing as the Arbiter, though the battles did get a little confusing in Part 2. Honestly, they should just forget the campaign mode (since part 3's was so atrocious, and really didn't put the hardware in a good light) and just release fully multiplayer games, a la Warhawk. Forge alone is probably worth $40, and getting multiplayer with that is a steal.

Actually, the only reason Halo has been rated so highly in reviews is because of its multiplayer. Everyone seems to agree that the campaign modes have been slipping with each iteration.

Shortstop3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

@ 1.4

The ratings may be good, but both Halo 2 and 3 were preceded by hype. Those ratings were all influenced by that hype at the time. The Halo series really hasn't brought anything new to gaming, nor FPS's in general. It truly is a mass-marketed phenomenon. It's basically the Madden of FPS. Really, what makes the gameplay of Halo standout from the rest? It's just marketing, nothing more.

power of Green 3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Media spin and haters wan't to call games made in the Halo universe *Halo 4* despite the fact the next game could be hundreds of years before or after the arc of the tril or the fact the next one could be in 3rd person etc.
Think of it like FF but with each story arc not falling under the same numeric Column(each has its own name depsite being in the same universe).

Hell there could be a Halo game about a colony of farmers or a story driven family of farmers fighting off rival colonies due to food being short because of attacks from the covenant and this doesn't mean you even have to see one single covenant troop the intire game. lol Hahahahaha.

Richdad3616d ago

Is that instead of concentrating on Halo4 the bungie is concentrating on another game which they are saying to be "will blow your minds" but still Frank O' Connor metioned that there were people who been working on Halo for 10 years and they were bored but there were few people who had some new ideas and had been new to on Halo so we are giving them chance to go on it was said in 360 Gamerzine Halo 3 edition or one after that in Frank O' Connor interview.
It might take a long time for Halo4 to come up but it will redesigned and re engineered so that it doesnt feels a little old like Halo 3 instead it will be something new.
Also I wonder what Bungie has in there hands for us before Halo I mean they were not just a FPS devs before Halo they can definitely do something great that might not be a FPS.

IntelligentAj3616d ago

Sounds like a future great and moneymaker to me. I wonder how they're gonna twist the story since it was gonna be a trilogy. Maybe a new Master Chief perhaps or follow the storyline from the book and make it a prequel.

Amanosenpai3616d ago

The only way this can actually work is getting rid of :

*Master chief
*Flood (lol)
*And "Halo" planets that can destroy the universe...

And conserving:

*The gameplay ^_^

period... we need fresh air? dont we?

The Lazy One3616d ago

I have no qualms with the fact that you used your opinion to rate halo, but how in the hell did Halo 2 get a better campaign grade than 3? the original had a great campaign, the second one had a craptastic half campaign, and the last one had a good campaign for having to tie up all the holes left by the crappy second one.

MADGameR3616d ago

Especially if its their 3rd or 4th 360. Then suddenly Microsoft announces X Box 720. People would be very angry.

le killer3616d ago

i think that microsoft mite be lining bungie up for a launch game for the next xbox! i would think that microsoft will launch new hardware sometime in late 2010, and we're nearly half way through 08 already. considering how slow bungie are at making games, they would need the the

but more importantly, bungie games have shifted hardware and have made a container load of cash. and having a halo title to help launch microsofts next xbox would definately be a good thing. perhaps they mite even get gears of war3 in time for a late 2010 launch aswell?!

ricanelite3615d ago

this has to be a April Fools

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MiniMii3617d ago

Bungie split with MS. They want to make other IPs that gets them rich. Making Halo wont get them rich as it still belongs to MS.

PopEmUp3617d ago

Expecting Halo 5 next year that is a plus:XD

gaffyh3617d ago

Seems like this is a joke, they havent even released anything on Halo wars, i doubt you will see anything on Halo 4, especially seen as Bungie said they wont be making another Halo game for their next project.