Harmonix: Nothing to see here - (DLC announcement on Monday)

A moderator of the message boards (hmxsean) had recently posted the following:

Due to circumstances beyond my control we won't be announcing next week's DLC until Monday afternoon. Probably around 2... maybe earlier, maybe later... but I am aiming for 2. That's eastern time, post meridiem [sic].

See you then,

PS Go, go gadget conspiracy theories!

The DLC pack is right now expected to arrive on its usual scheduled dates (Tuesday for XBox Live, Thursday for the PSN Store).

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butterfinger3732d ago

this will be the first album or albums?

sa_nick3732d ago

Either that or a crazy Aprils fools pack.

We could see the release of Still Alive, maybe?

I'm hoping for a Homestar pack with some Limozeen, Taranchula and Strong Bad.

The Who's 'Who's Next' would be freakin awesome though.

smokeymicpot3732d ago

It's probably something big. I saw some were i forgot were though that smells like teen spirt was going to be in rock band. Might be a Nirvana pack.-

Snukadaman3732d ago

this issue seems too have been swept under the rug.

smokeymicpot3732d ago

They can't do anything for it cause Red octane won't allow it or something like that.-

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