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How the Xbox One Could Win Next-Gen

Dealspwn writes: A few weeks ago, Microsoft were fighting a losing battle against the PS4. Every time they said anything via statement or twitter, gamers would become enraged and bewildered at why the company seemed determined to alienate consumers around the world. But then they sobered up ditched the two features of the Xbox One that may have handed an early victory to the PS4 – pre-owned blocking and daily online requirement.

However, is the damage already done? We’re far from writing off the big company yet, just look at how many times they’ve screwed up Windows and survived. So here’s our Sunday Seven on How the Xbox One Could Win Next-Gen. (Culture, Xbox One)

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monkey48  +   694d ago
They could win if they didn't make any bad decisions. PlayStation 4 has it this gen, consumers look at price first and then make a purchase.
PigPen  +   694d ago
Speaking for myself, I look at the games the console has. If I like the games, I will buy the console. Microsoft only has the Halo game that I like. Gears Of War was ok with GOW and GOW2, but I could never muster the energy to play GOW3. I waiting to see what Microsoft comes up with. A billion dollars can buy a lot of exclusives. It's way to soon to be calling PS4 a winner.
GreenRanger  +   694d ago
Get rid of the spy cam.
No_Limit  +   694d ago
How could it be a spy cam when you don't need to be connected to the net. ;)
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GreenRanger  +   694d ago | Funny
@ No_Limit
There's a Microsoft employee inside every Xbox One and he's connected to the internet on a PC.

Why else would the Xbox One is so big?
MysticStrummer  +   694d ago
You'll have to be connected to use the magic cloud. Want to take a bet on how many One exclusives claim to use it?

I bet most of them will.
karl  +   694d ago
xbox one is very sneaky
sAVAge_bEaST  +   694d ago
'cause you need it connected to the xbone,..
and you know everyoned has internet,.. right? i mean, that's the O.G. platform- a.k.a Original xbox style.
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tubers  +   694d ago
And never play online games?

I wouldn't want to go out of my way covering the camera and making sound isolation boxes (to make sure the mic isn't picking crap up) the size of Kinect.

That's just me though.
Lockhart  +   694d ago
Disable it in your settings if you're afraid buddy.
Qrphe  +   694d ago
That or simply don't buy it, no spycam that way 100% guaranteed
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Lockhart  +   694d ago
Or we could stop using technology altogether. 100% no spy guaranteed.

Even though I'm getting a PS4, I reckon this spying assumption is just ridiculous, especially considering you can literally disable it.
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GreenRanger  +   694d ago
@ Lockhart
You should be able to disconnect it and put it in your junk cupboard with your Wii and PS Move.
Lockhart  +   694d ago
What's with all the negativity? We're moving onto some amazing consoles, and a lot of fun comes with that, yet all you guys want is a petty argument over a camera.

Microsoft is forcing you to make the purchase, fair enough, but originally Sony was too. I could fully understand if every Tuesday a team of well-built men from Microsoft came knocking at your door demanding you to do a session on Kinect, but that isn't the case.

Well I guess new innovation can't please everyone...

Come on people, get excited for your console rather than bashing other consoles.
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Persistantthug  +   694d ago
@Lockhart.........Sony's not the company that was named/indicted as Spying on people.
Just sayin.

Sony opted to cut the mandatory camera and instead has given us 8GB of GDDR5 Ram.

8GB GDDR5 Ram > Camera
Prime_28  +   694d ago
You seriously think it's a spy cam? You need to lay off the hollywood films buddy lol
Lockhart  +   694d ago
I heard a lot of terrorists are getting their paws on the new Xbox One in November. A great asset to the FBI and CIA in my opinion.
Urusernamesucks  +   694d ago
@lockchart your just low
ShwankyShpanky  +   694d ago
Hollywood films... right... and every news source for the past month, and slightly more obscure but also legitimate sources going back a decade or two.

Kinect: Israeli spy technology at its finest, coming to a living room near you.
GenericNameHere  +   694d ago
I got a question. Is the Kinect still required for the Xbone to work?
MasterofMagnetism  +   694d ago
You can turn it off but I think it still has to be connected to the console.
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Xboxonefan27  +   694d ago
You could just cover it or just un-plug it.
project_pat36  +   694d ago
cover a heat sensing camera? lol, turn it around sure, but then what about the 4-array microphones?
Gekko36  +   694d ago
Seriously!. I've heard some shit in my life but this really does take the piss.

Your phone, laptop, tablet all have cameras and are run on an operating system and connect to the internet, how the fuck is kinect any different? It's all down to security. Same with PS Eye.

I bet you put tin foil on your head because you believe that the US government can read your thoughts. There is paranoid and plain fucking stupid!
Xboxonefan27  +   693d ago
No one said it was a heat sensing camera. You could just un-plug it.
PositiveEmotions  +   694d ago
By showing respect to consumers and right now the xb1 has http://walyou.com/wp-conten...
fattyuk  +   694d ago
Couldn't care less about the Xbox one... Microsoft will never see a single penny of my money this generation unless they get fallout 4 as an exclusive, which they won't.
True_Samurai  +   694d ago
That's alright I feel the same about Sony but Microsoft will be seeing my Benjamins come this fall.
No_Limit  +   694d ago
SpideySpeakz  +   694d ago
Yes, only $499 with NSA software built-in.
I'm definitely getting that /s
True_Samurai  +   694d ago
^^^ Meh tinfoil hat for you indeed. But wait! How can they watch us if we're not connected to the Internet!? *MIND BLOWN* Your 2 bubbles speaks alot about you carry along troll
ShwankyShpanky  +   694d ago
So now the Xbone doesn't connect to the internet? Man, hard to keep up with these changes.
True_Samurai  +   694d ago
^^^ don't know why you're acting like you didn't know what I was saying. You knew exactly what I meant. You only have to connect to the internet once to activate the console after that most will not be online that's what I meant. but hey it's Ok I see how you got it mixed up /s
sic_chops  +   694d ago
You are doing an injustice to yourself. You don't have to give them your money because they will nickel and dime you anyway. You get what you get. Too bad you will miss the best exclusiveness from the best developers. Oh well.
PigPen  +   694d ago
Ha Ha Ha Ha, that's funny. I am waiting to see more games that I like from Microsoft then just Halo to consider a purchase.
ShwankyShpanky  +   693d ago
It is only *required* that it be connected once to activate. The fact of the matter is that most Xbones *will* be perpetually connected to the net. Of course, *you* know that, but want to pretend that "most will not be online."
Prime_28  +   694d ago
You couldn't care less about the Xbox one yet you still came to this article to comment lol
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fattyuk  +   694d ago
Yup that's my opinion, I only support 1 football team but that doesn't mean I don't watch any other teams does it..

I couldn't care less abut how the Xbox one could win next gen... is that ok for you sweetheart?

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d_dogg2007  +   694d ago
Wanna hear a good joke? Microsoft selling the most consoles in a gen! LOL!! Hasn't happened and will never happen!
fattyuk  +   694d ago
They'll definitely sell the most console webcams!

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d_dogg2007  +   694d ago
Not really bro! You should do some research, it usually helps!
famoussasjohn  +   694d ago
Don't quit your day job.
horndog  +   694d ago
No hasn't happend but MS has already taken NA away and considering sony is broke I wouldn't be surprised if this gen was their last. Thats no joke.
CGI-Quality  +   694d ago
Seems you need to do some research as well.
sic_chops  +   694d ago
They are far from broke.
n4rc  +   694d ago
arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/06 /analysis-xbox-360-poised-to-pa ss-wii-in-us-sales-by-years-end /

Its always fun to find sales data on a site without PlayStation in the URL huh?

sic_chops  +   694d ago
Thats funny because ps3 is already leading the 360 in sales and is ahead every week.
cyberninja  +   694d ago
Won't happen, it's that easy.
no_more_trolling  +   694d ago
they are still doing good
AlexanderNevermind  +   694d ago
Unless MS can convince folk to change their minds between now and Nov. then it's a lost cause IMO. As stated earlier MS needs the US/UK. They have no chance in Asia. Other areas have supported Sony as well. They're getting beat by a decent margin in the US/UK at this point.
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DEEBO  +   694d ago
they have a chance to beat nintendo but sony looks like they were prepared for the next generation.i mean both nintendo and MS are doing the t.v thing but games are what's important when it comes to buying a gaming console.the apps are cool but trying to turn a console into a smartphone is not what the core wants.
gano  +   694d ago
No they can't beat nintendo.
punisher99  +   694d ago
I dont know if anyone has noticed but the 360 sold more in the U.K. vs. the PS3. But now the PS4 is dominating the xbox1 in pre orders over there. And is still ahead here in the U.S. The xbox is losing its market share that it gained during that 1 year the PS3 was not available. The xbox1 has no chance in outselling the PS4 this next gen.
AlexanderNevermind  +   694d ago
Very good point on the one year head start for ms this gen. I agree with your point on UK. Like I said in y post they need the states and the UK. If not then Sony wins.
punisher99  +   694d ago
I just dont see the xbox1 winning the U.K. market again. And right now they are losing in both the U.K. and the U.S. and even Canada. They will probably get the U.S. back mainly because of the american football features and the TV features the console have. But honestly, thats the only country I see them possibly winning.
jrbeerman11  +   694d ago
if they get a new version of the red ring of death then they will sell 1 to 3 consoles per user that will certainly help with total sales.

US is price sensitive, 360 had year head start and was much cheaper for first couple years of ps3 launch as well.

Now 360 sales are still piggybacking off of "my freinds all have xbox" as well as replacement 360s (i purchased 2 xbox's and two ps3s, which means i have 1 working xbox and two working ps3s)
No_Limit  +   694d ago
Of course the PS4 will sell more worldwide due to its price and better brand recognition, especially in Japan, but the Xbox 1 will do extremely well as well. They have the games, the excellent online service and MS just have money to buy more exclusives, advertise the heck out of it, and can lower the price and take a bit loss without much worry if need be.

It is all about the games and the Xbox1 sure have those at launch; thus, I am grabbing it at launch and will enjoy the heck out of it. I don't need to be an armchair game sale analysis to understand that.
#11 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
sic_chops  +   694d ago
How long will it be before they drop the hardcore gamers again? Suck you in for the first year or so then leave you hanging. Good luck
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GT67  +   694d ago
I feel this time around US gamers will more likely support PS4 this generation.

can't see supporting a console with ONLY!!! Halo,Gears,Forza,repeats for 7 years nothing else but Banjo Kazooie.
while ps3 library GROWS!!! as will PS4 library.
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Hercules189  +   694d ago
Dont worry, maybe sony will start showing their other new ips later on, You dont have to be jealous that microsoft has the most new ips for their new console. So far sony has only showed about 3 new ips while microsoft has showed at least 5 new ips

Punisher, microsoft still has more to show at gamescom and they bought a whole lot of studios so that tells you that theyll have more that the xbox 360. If sony really has a whole lot to show, then why didnt they show it at e3, seems like theyre trying to rely on their old ips
#12.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
punisher99  +   694d ago
For the record Sony has already stated that they have around 30 unannounced 1st party exclusives currently in development for the PS4, with 20 of them being released in the 1st year of the PS4. You have to remember, Sony always release exclusives throughout the console's lifespan. Microsoft always put a lot of money into exclusives at the beginning of their console's lifespan, and then slack off on exclusives after. They did it with the xbox1, the 360 had a lot of launch exclusives, and now they are doing it again with the xbox1. Will microsoft care about exclusives after the launch year? History says they don't.
#12.1.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
GT67  +   694d ago

R U kidding???? or high off some crack?. ps2 has butt load library of games along with ps1,ps3 that'll keep any ps gamer occupied til ps4 released.... me jealous of xboner??? haaaaa not even the lease i would die before buying that crapola. from you hercules "if sony really has a whole lot to show. then why did'nt they show it @ E3 seems like they're relying on their old ips" answer: probably sony wanted to wooooooe us at gamecon and at tokyo game conference. also RELYING ON OLD IP'S?? sh't i wish MS had old ips to go back on to rely on. halo,gears,forza,ryse dont qualify thats like going to your local library only to find out they only carry 4 books "Adventure of halo","the epic strore of ryse", "the land of Gears","the road to victory of Forza" thats like reading HARRY POTTER to many times you can only go so far before becoming dried out ,distasteful, bored.,,.......far as i know sony have 30 incoming FRESHLY NEW!! first party exclusives in development for ps4....now combine all ps1,ps2,ps3 library along with 30 new ips with ps4 what do MS have compare to that???? .............. i did not think so.
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swerve121  +   694d ago
Hey GT67 if you hate M$ that much just move 2 Japan problem solved
punisher99  +   694d ago
" then why didnt they show it at e3, seems like theyre trying to rely on their old ips"

You say that as if microsoft isnt gonna be releasing anymore Halos, Forzas, and Gears.

"If sony really has a whole lot to show, then why didnt they show it at e3,"

Because they showed enough at E3. Sony knows they dont have to show off an obscene amount of exclusives before launch. Playstation gamers know they will be there just like they were on the PS1, PS2, and PS3. Its called "reputation"
sic_chops  +   694d ago
He's blind. Just let him go. He might learn one day.
gano  +   694d ago
hey swerve if you disapove his comment so much,
change your avatar to sponge bob.
horndog  +   694d ago
Bring out more exclusives or buy out some third parties. Want to see more than halo and forza as their main attraction this gen. I find that MS relies on third party sofware too much. Still getting it day one with forza and.maybe ryse.
Hicken  +   694d ago
You're absolutely right. The question is: will they pump out the exclusives over the life of the XBOne, or will it be a repeat of the 360? If I knew it would be the former, I'd be far more comfortable with buying a console from them.

But I don't know that. Granted, I don't KNOW that Sony will keep up the support, either. But Sony's current and recent actions instill more confidence in me that they WILL than Microsoft does.

I think a lot of people feel that way: that they're not sure they can trust Microsoft to stay the course. Convincing that group may make all the difference.
shadyiswin  +   694d ago
exclusives are great,but i dont mind multiplatforms,what makes the xbox one my choice is xbox live,deff not going to be paying to play online for ps4 cause i have my xbox live ( i have 3 years of cards all from ebay),xbox live just seems to be a much richer network,along with cross voice chatting we will now have cross video chatting and i happen to have a lot of cute girls on my xbox friends list -__- ( i pray they adopt the xb1)
sorry side tracked,they're are just intangibles with the xbox console

xbox live
the xbox controller
hdmi pass through
achievements (been collecting since 2005,trophies came late,maybe if they had it on ps2 instead of playing copy cat this would be a non factor)
cloud computing & dedicated servers

ps4 is just for gaming which is great,but i want more.

Also microsoft is working hard on my IP's sony threw out a number to me that seems to be more than microsoft just to down play the fact it is impressive,oh you guys are going to 8 new ip's? we are going to do 15,with the launch of ryse,forza and dead rising 3 being day 1 it shows microsoft is serious about exclusives mean while sony is banking on killzone and knack 2 games which i have zero interest in and i dont seem to be the only one. Sony fans should be rejoicing the DRM policy has been reversed cause developers would of flocked to the xbox one one of the major selling points to them is now missing,but overall they will see more income developing on the xbox in general just based off xbox live.
i could go with out 1 or 2 of those things but not all of them,xbox one,day one.
kewlkat007  +   694d ago
I doubt they get much support in Japan...they will do fine in Europe, and I predict they win the US.

The difference will be those areas the Xbox brand just never done so well in.
solidworm  +   694d ago
You can bet MS are losing at least $100 on every XBONE sold. If they drop the price in a desperate bid to compete with the PS4 then the losses will be astronomical. Microsoft didnt learn a thing from the expensive PS3 launch did they.
Prime_28  +   694d ago
You can bet that Sony are losing the most money on every console they sell compared to Microsoft or Nintendo just like the way they lost over $5 billion from the PS3.
GenericNameHere  +   694d ago
Ohh look at that, Microsoft also lost billions on the original Xbox. And they also lost money on each Xbox 360 sold (well at least for a few years, I don't know).

Sony lost money on the PS3, up until 2010. With the PS4, they already said they're not expecting to lose money on it.
solidworm  +   694d ago
Sony are not bundling an expensive camera are they? Wake up its monday.
gano  +   694d ago
Sorry for the ignorance, but how do you lose money on cheaper parts?
If i can buy a soda a 50 cent, and sell it to you at a buck 20, who gained and lost?
SaveFerris  +   694d ago
There are still many people who will be buying the Xbox One in both the USA and UK. Without the head start and cheaper price the 360 had over the PS3, the Xbox One may find itself behind and MS is sure to advertise a lot to convince consumers to choose them instead of Sony.
GT67  +   694d ago
Hate to say it but SAVEFERRIS you are correct. But hopefully SONY catch that and compete with MS advertising.
ACEMANWISE  +   694d ago
The Xbox brand is founded heavily on it's ability to be popular. It mattered not the amount of high quality titles. It certainly helped, of course, but the popularity of Xbox Live (not the quality) of it's existance made the console a success.

With their recent backfire of business practices I'd expect they will suffer for years to come, regardless if they reversed their policies. It is now a trust issue...much the same as Sony and their PS3.
creepjack  +   694d ago
It's hilarious that all these people worried about someone spying on them in their living rooms through kinect also carry a mobile phone around EVERY WHERE THEY GO and dont seem to worry at all about that.

The government has better things to do than sky spy on some 20 year old kid playing call of duty in there mom's basement.
edonus  +   694d ago
This is the thing. MS has all the guns. Sony has lots of love.
MS has already got their network set up and it will only expand while Sony tries to build Azure is done Gaikai under construction.
MS has basically integrated smart tv in to their console, thats an entire different product you are getting that is 2 entirely different things. Only a clown can snub that and act like it adds no value.
Then you have kinect.... kinect one of the most advanced pieces of tech made in the last decade. Again you will have clowns out honkin their noses because they didnt play it or dont want it and try as hard as they can to not see value in it. Truth is kinect sold extremely well and sold tons of software. Devs have always raved about kinect and now that it is no longer a peripheral with a split base the potential is greater than ever. Some of the clown are insane and act like it spied on them and killed their children..... the most sane of the clown crew will at least say wait and see, which i say is even fair even though kinect has already proven itself.
The One already showed it can deliver beautiful cutting edge games and their commitment to great games with their E3 line up. In the real world the burden is on sony to prove they are 50% more capable because they didnt show it at E3.
The specs and software seem to constantly improve, from the devs that have worked with the cloud praising it, to the specs performance being revised, to the builder conference where they confirmed new techniques to increase graphic performance being part of the ONE. To the Hypervisor that makes the ram usage scalable. And they havent even confirmed their gpu specs yet.

You will have your clowns that try to cling to DRM... well look at it like this. If I never heard anything about the X1 before today, DRM never affected any games in the past and wont affect anything in the future, the only reason i would know it existed would be if someone told and it still doesnt change what the X1 would be or do for me right now. Thus making those still talking about DRM talking about nothing.

MS has all the guns Sony has the internet full of skewed opinions cover ups and lies and gddr5ram and a gpu that is in theory 50% more capable than the gpu analyst that dont have the console or full specs say could probably be in there. Honestly the corrupted and skewed internet is a bigger advantage than their specs.

I say once the system are out and in the hands of the people MS has to many weapons for sony to compete against. Staying in the dark and keeping people in the dark only gets you so far.

Sorry I write so much, but my lack of bubbles mean I must be thorough.
devwan  +   694d ago
Your tl;dr conspiracy theory fanboi junk makes people reach for the Disagrees. Srsly, wtf?
ASH_ufo  +   694d ago
I DON`T NEED KINECT!!! Why must i pay extra money? Because MS say it`s cool.
edonus  +   694d ago
I DONT NEED A TOUCHPAD AND A LIGHT BAR ON THE TOP OF MY CONTROLLER!!! Why must i pay extra money? Because SONY say it's cool.

Works both ways.
Respect innovation with out it we are doomed.
ASH_ufo  +   690d ago
@edonus wtf! what are you talking about? you can't compare this things. much cheaper/classic way to play/
sAVAge_bEaST  +   694d ago
LOVE>GUN$ A..K..A.. four(LOVE) is greater than one(GUN$)
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greenlantern2814  +   694d ago
The answer is it can't. MS has been last in sales every gen. The 360 was cheaper and Had a year long head start and still ended up last.
More exclusives will be on ps4 over the whole life span of the console. The DS 4 is improved over the DS3. People will not pay 500 $ for the sports and tv features of the Xbox1
And a lot of people do know about the first policies they wanted to implement but have yet to hear about the reversals of the policies so they still have an uphill battle in front of them.
shadyiswin  +   694d ago
Seems very obvious to me,the xb1 will kill in the states,lag behind in europe,but win some months depending on the release of games like fifa,or titanfall. Will be a total non factor in japan. Despite all this xbox one hate online i get asked daily about when will we be accepting pre-orders for it,the casual gamers will always out weigh the hardcore as much as you all hate knowing it,that xbox zumba and fitness stuff will sell like crazy,not to mention the xbox one has a way better launch line up,just sayinggggg.
devwan  +   694d ago
Nah sorry. Casuals will not pay $500 to jump around the living room in front of yet another console. That time has passed and it was never a $500 ticket.
Xboxonefan27  +   694d ago
I have the first Kinect.Its fun playing those kind of games on it.Its not $500 anymore.It will give you good workouts.
corroios  +   694d ago
With the power of the Clouds
n4rc  +   694d ago
One thing that people keep griping about is kinect..

Its not simply for motion games for kids.. Its the voice and gesture control for everything else..

The gaming applications are huge and devs will utilize it since its in 100% of users homes.. Not the 4% of move owners that ps3 had..

And in their mission to beat ms on price.. They cut it and left it to die like this gen.. Devs won't make games for it again..

Which is a shame because the move was fun as hell when drinking with friends

And another thing.. People have no clue what "power of the cloud" means..

Its dedicated servers for all games.. And not only server hosting, but also computing resources for ai etc..

And people that think bandwidth makes it impossible are thinking of the listen server or p2p setups... Which is good since that's what you'll still have on ps4
#24 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   694d ago
The cloud is not "dedicated servers for all games." It is an *option* for dedicated servers. Devs/pubs still have to opt to take advantage of it and pay for it (it's not free).

I've seen a number of posters claim that the Xbone will have dedicated servers for "all games," and there is nothing to support that claim.
#24.1 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   694d ago
Fair enough.. Although someone did say all games at one point during e3.. But all games that should have them likely will.. Its supposedly pretty cheap compared to the traditional route..

But my point was all these people saying the cloud is marketing hype just don't understand it.. Having this kind of infrastructure will be a big benefit that the ps4 simply doesn't (yet..maybe..I guess..Lol)
Thomper  +   693d ago
MGS 5 and The Witcher 3 are both using Kinect.

If you like tech, how could you not be impressed. K2 will deliver what K1 hinted at.

Can't wait :0)
MEGAxPAIN  +   694d ago
This is what i think of this
HG_69   694d ago | Spam
BitbyDeath  +   694d ago
I don't think they have any chance, unlike with the 360 they have no price advantage, no launch time advantage and no RROD boosting their sales.

Not to mention all the bridges they burned with Kinect and DRM disasters.
#27 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LordHiggens  +   694d ago
The Xbox One, is NOW a good console.

The PS4, is a good console

Buy your respective console(s). And enjoy great games!

Pip Pip Cheerio.
Minute Man 721  +   694d ago
More expensive and less powerful no way it wins anything unless M$ sells it at $200
swerve121  +   694d ago
Drm and used games stuff is history just leave it there. Sonys pulled a bunch of crap that fanboys just looked over. Like now u have to pay 4 multiplayer and yall talked so much crap about the xbox on line but now Sony wants a piece its ok? Please
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JeepGamer  +   694d ago

If you honestly think that the minds that came up with the DRM/Used Game/Always Online stepped back and said 'We were wrong' then you're kidding yourself. I assure you all they did with this backlash is step back and look for a way to do it incrementally rather than all at once.

Why in the hell would you trust people who would come up with such an idea in the first place?
swerve121  +   694d ago
See how your online right now. And im sure you are. How would DRM effect you? None right. They wanted to take people to the future. But everyone is not ready 4 it. So they had to let it go. Its nonthing wrong with a company taking up arms against piraters.
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jessupj  +   694d ago
Sony's not perfect, but at least they support their consoles by releasing quality exclusives through out the whole generation.

Remind me again what MS does on this subject?
Thomper  +   693d ago
as a PS Vita owner, I beg to differ.

Sony has barely supported it at all.
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