Ubuntu Beats OSX and Vista in Pwn 2 Own Hackathon

Pwn 2 Own is a competition where if you can hack it, you win it along with a nice pile of cash. All vulnerabilities must be original, and they cannot be publicized until after the creator of the software has had a chance to fix it. The competition was between a MacBook Air, a Vista SP1 laptop, and an Ubuntu laptop. Each day, different things are allowed.

* Day 1
o $20,000
o OS, drivers, network stack
o All left standing
* Day 2
o $10,000
o Default-installed userspace software
o MacBook taken down in 2 minutes by Safari, Ubuntu & Vista left standing
* Day 3
o $5,000
o Popular 3rd party apps are game
o Vista taken down with a Flash vulnerability

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gamesR4fun3672d ago

Just wish my new laptop was ubuntu friendly. Gonna have to pay extra to get xp cause the vista it came with sucks.

Rikitatsu3672d ago

but it FAILS in all other aspects compared to Windows XP

barneysdancin23672d ago

in what aspects does ubuntu fail compared to xp.

Rikitatsu3672d ago

Almost everything runs via command line , Plus its soo slow , compared to XP ... not to mention compatibility issues

XP > Ubuntu hands down

gamesR4fun3672d ago

common some details here m8 I find it way better on our desktop than even xp... Looks better responds better not to mention easier to install updates are a breeze and all the free software you can shake a stick at...
Not that I dont have xp on it too for all those non linux apps we paid for. But given the choice its my favorite os just wish it had more third party support...

verb3k3672d ago

gamesR4fun I totally agree with you.

LostCypher113672d ago

Have fun with you XP rikit. Maybe someday you'll be able to wrap your little mind around the fact that Linux is Faster, Safer and offers way more freedom then any windows OS will ever give you.

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rbanke3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

people get way too worked up over things that dont even matter. They are all OS's, they all have good and bad things to them, and they ALL can can have security holes. Pick the one that YOU LIKE and go with it.

v1c1ous3672d ago

OSX got hacked with its own software within minutes

Vista got hacked using 3rd party, non-microsoft code software (using the latest Flash)

so in terms of security


now poor Adobe has to work their butts off to rework their software

buddyro3672d ago

currently using Ubuntu 8.04 Beta on my laptop my only compliant is that it can not output to my 32" TV using the svga out put and I don't know how I could use it. But vista witch came with the laptop is more user friendly then Ubuntu but I enjoy using Ubuntu. Does anyone know how to use the svga (Super Video Graphics Aray) on Ubuntu?

I would love to know reason being I need to use it for presentation at school if not I will have no choice but to use Vista which came with the laptop.

Karebear3672d ago

That's a function of your video card driver. If your running ATI or Nvidia make sure you grab the latest drivers from them.

Also a few years back when I was getting svideo working from a linux laptop you had to shut the screen lid to make the svideo port work. I'm sure thing shave improved since then though.

Right now the best video card for nongaming and Linux is still Intel. I'm sure ATI will be coming along quickly now that they are open sourcing their drivers as well though. Nvidia with their proprietary closed source drivers is my last choice.