Nintendo – The Quiet Contender

With the Xbox One’s DRM debacle followed quickly by a reversal and Sony loudly laughing and pointing as their competitor stumbles out of the gate… no one has really been talking about Nintendo.

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RGDubz1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Nobody's talking about Nintendo because they made a current-gen console & everyone is looking into buying an actual next-gen console.. Give Nintendo 7 or 8 years, they're still playing "catch up".

dedicatedtogamers1992d ago

Nintendo and Microsoft are in the same boat: they're in trouble because they're ignoring what gamers want. Microsoft...well, that should be obvious, though they have taken some steps to turn it around.

Nintendo has failed to create a compelling Wii-U library that most people want to buy. Plus, they insist on keeping that dang tablet in the box. Drop the price to $200 (which would put it in a better place than the PS3/360) and then make an optional "Tablet Edition" bundle for $300. Let the fans choose whether or not they want the tablet to be the future of the Wii-U.

dark-hollow1991d ago

How MS and Nintendo are ignoring gamers?
MS for once announced a very interesting exclusives lineup while Nintendo have a very promising lineup for 2014.

Every new gaming platform is bound to have some drought in games early on. Its an unusual phenomenon with the Wii u.

Prime_281991d ago

"actual next-gen console" lmao

RGDubz1991d ago

If you think the WiiU which is inferior to the PS3 but more powerful then the 360 is an actual next-gen console I feel sorry for you.

LOL_WUT1992d ago

Nobodys talking about them because prior to E3 they didn't have much to offer then they decided to opt out of having an E3 presentation and failed to have a big impact with their Nintendo Directs.

Now here we are some weeks later and still nothing, like I said it's going to be Sony vs Microsoft for rest of this year with little to no room for Nintendo. ;)

Prime_281991d ago

That's why the Wii U will probably outsell the PS4 and X1 this christmas. What's your excuse going to be then? ;)

RGDubz1991d ago Show
GreenRanger1992d ago

There's a big difference between being quite and just not having too much to say.

Prime_281991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Yeah you're right Nintendo have nothing to say because they're giving the gamers everything they want. Free online, backwards compatible, supports used games, no drm and a line up of great games for the rest of 2013 and well into 2014.

DA_SHREDDER1991d ago

I've come to the conclusion that haters don't own one.

RGDubz1991d ago

You call them "haters" we call them "core gamers" or "intelligent consumers".