If You Own A Toilet You Need A PS Vita, Here Are 5 Reasons Why

CGUK shares its honest reasons why the PS Vita is an essential piece of hardware for the gamer on the go. CGUK writes:

"With regard to the subject of this article, CGUK believes that this would be the perfect accomplice when sat comfortably on the civil cesspit for the gamer could jump up, connect their Vita and continue playing their favourite PS4 game on the bog for the next hour, marvellous!"

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tiffac0081991d ago

Cross game chat while your on the Frozen throne. Lol!

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Snookies121991d ago

Don't joke about the frozen throne! It sucks when the toilet seat is ice cold! D:

GamerGuy1531991d ago

you gotta get the padded toilet seats like at grandma's house. Never again will your fanny be cold

Snookies121991d ago

@GamerGuy153 - Those are the best! I need to get one...

despair1991d ago

This conversation happened :)

badz1491990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

but it's so cold in here lol!

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richierich1991d ago

I don't own a toilet but I do own a PS Vita unfortunately

GreenRanger1991d ago

@ fredrikpedersen
He poops on N4G, through his keyboard.

BuffMordecai1991d ago

I don't think I could play a handheld and crap at the same time, it would just feel weird.

CalamityCB1991d ago

What else are you going to play with, yourself?

Hicken1991d ago

Hey, when you're in the bathroom, sh_t happens, okay?

BuffMordecai1991d ago

Well I was thinking I would just concentrate on taking a shit.

buddymagoo1991d ago

You have to concentrate on taking a sh*t, lol. What's wrong with you, afraid you will miss the bowl?

Godlovesgamers1991d ago

You're not a man until you do!

pr0t0typeknuckles1991d ago

what happens when the day finally comes that you drop the vita in the toilet?

Cam9771991d ago

The wrist-strap, my friend!

Cupid_Viper_31991d ago


"what happens when the day finally comes that you drop the vita in the toilet?"

Then sh!t just got real my friend...

Axecution1991d ago

thats why i bought that 3 year warranty that covers water damage

tarbis1991d ago

How in the blue hell can you drop the PS Vita in the toilet when your ass is in it?

badz1491990d ago

gonna try dat touch pad with dat ass

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TwilightSparkle1991d ago

here's the only reason why i need a vita to flush it down the toilet :3

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