PS Vita Exclusive JRPG Chronos Materia Gets its First Screenshots and Artwork, Introduces Characters

Gust released today the first batch of screenshots and artwork of the PS Vita exclusive JRPG Chronos Materia, that will hit the Japanese shelves on September the 26th for 6090 yen.

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SynGamer1627d ago

I'm loving everything I see about this game. REALLY hope it comes to the west.

Abriael1627d ago

Yep, it looks quite good. I really hope it doesn't end like Ciel no Sourge, that was skipped for the west...

tiffac0081626d ago

When they re-released Ciel in Japan back at Feb of this year. I thought we might get a localization of it but alas nothing still. Hopefully Chrono Materia has a different outcome.

Snookies121624d ago

Ciel no Surge wasn't all that fantastic. I imported it, and it's pretty neat for a while, I will admit. Things start to get repetitive on there after a little bit though. Plus there's not a whole lot of "game" there. Mainly just standing in her room while she walks around doing things lol.

CLOUD19831626d ago

Graphics look teribad seriously I'm sure they can do much better than that.

kenshiro1001626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

...It's on a handheld. As long as it plays good, why should graphics matter?

CLOUD19831626d ago

PSV might be a handheld but it can reproduce PS3-like graphics so don't go & compare Vita with every shity handheld released by Ninty or any other company the last years, & Vita have a 5 inch oled screen graphics does matter on Vita.

kenshiro1001625d ago

But if the gameplay is good, why should it matter? I know about the Vita and its graphics. But graphics isn't everything.

addictedtochaos1626d ago

If Gust had not been bought by Tecmo Koei this likely would have been picked up by NIS America. With Gust being owned by Tecmo Koei the chances of this coming to the west are much less, though if it does it will likely be digital only.

sherimae24131626d ago

im pretty sure most gust's games on vita are localized
atelier meruru, totori are localized isnt it

RmanX10001624d ago

wasnt that one that was localized with literally, zero marketing? And was digital only?

fattyuk1626d ago

I wish I could understand the fascination with JRPGs, it's not a dig at anyone who does like them.... I'm sure I'm missing out!

zerocrossing1626d ago

To each there own I guess, I'm sure there's JRPG out there that you may very well like. If it's that you're put off by the anime style then you mite want to try Lost Odyssey.

zerocrossing1626d ago

What's with the disagrees? I never said I don't like the JRPG's, their one of my favorirte game genres actually.

Abriael1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

They tend to have a different storytelling flavor (not saying better or worse) compared to western RPGs.

It's pretty much the same difference that goes between Anime and western cartoons/TV shows.

Some like one flavor, some like the other, some (like me) love both.

Aceman181626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

the character design is so much better than WRPG imo, plus i love the overall feel of JRPGs to WRPGs even though there are some WRPGs i like.

AceofStaves1626d ago

I tend to break the RPG genre into these broad categories:

JRPGs tend to be 'coming of age or understanding' stories, where the (pre-made) main character discovers things about himself or herself as the party overcomes obstacles and defeats the major villain to (usually) save the world from some kind of threat. The player guides the party through the various plot points set down by the game's writer.

WRPGs, in contrast, tend to be more 'choose your own adventure' type experiences. Players have more control over the characters they create (think the customization in the 'Elder Scrolls' games, for example) and once the game starts, they can choose which quests to complete as they make their way in the game's world.

Each subset offers a different type of play experience. Neither is better than the other; it's more a matter of personal taste. I like both. I enjoy experiencing the story of JRPGs, and I enjoy the freedom of WRPGs.

tarbis1626d ago

The same can be said for the fascination of WRPGs which I really hate.

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illtornworld1626d ago

This is the game to buy, who cares about graphics, ill take a jrpg any day of the week, especially a vita exclusive The title even sounds kick ass, Soo go ahead disagree with my opinion ;)

Snookies121624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Looks like a lot of people agreed with your opinion, rather than disagreeing with it. :]

Pretty sure the one disagree was a passing troll. Gotta watch out for those.

illtornworld1623d ago

yeah! surprised me i think the trolls are all on the ps4 topics xD haha,

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