The Top 5 Quirks Of Retro Gaming We Secretly Miss

CGUK invites you to venture into ancient territory to see and explore the too 5 quirks of retro gaming we partially want back. It'll be somewhat embarrassing, but we all know the inner-gamer within misses these additions.

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banjadude1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

The load-up screen that I'll always remember:

Predictable??? Oh well.

Edit: I wonder why they removed the PS3 one.

fattyuk1995d ago

Predictable?..... I was expecting it to be " Seeegggaa"

CRAIG6671995d ago

I cant remember the PS3 one?

banjadude1995d ago

Yeah, it definitely wasn't remarkable at all, and I didn't notice until after I posted, it was replaced by those health warning signs at boot-up.

EPiCDiNGO1995d ago

I miss loading up video games from cassette tapes. Waiting 10 minutes for a game to load on the Commodore 64 was crazy to think how far technology has come now.

TechnicianTed1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Yeah I remember those days well, although it was a Spectrum I had. Worse thing was when you waited ages for it to load and then it didn't because it was a bad copy.

EDIT:For the ones out there not old enough to have seen, this was the kind of thing we had to endure before we could play a game -

bigmac1995d ago

No doubt it was a Speccy you had back in the day with a username like that, Technician Ted! ;-)

Still remember when I got that game on the covertape of Crash magazine!

TechnicianTed1995d ago

Lol, yeah Technician Ted was one of my favourite games when it came out. And Crash was my favourite Speccy mag, well along with Your Sinclair I suppose.

I still had a pile of Crash, Your Sinclair and Sinclair User magazines that were piled a few feet high until a few years ago when my missus insisted I needed to get rid of them.

I miss those days when they had cover tape wars lol, they were giving away tons of games in the end.

Good times :)

Grindlefly1995d ago

The loading sound was terrible :) I remember having a speccy 48k, then we upgraded to one with a built in tape deck and a whopping 128k!

bigmac1995d ago

So many games on the front of magazines back then. I got all I could get my hands on, Crash, Your Sinclair, Sinclair User etc. Really good times! :-) The same goes for the Amiga era!

Technician Ted was a good one, I remember it being quite a difficult platformer though! Fond memories of Dynamite Dan, and Odd Job Eddie which I got bundled with my speccy.

bigmac1995d ago

That sound is like music to my ears, Grindlefly ;-) Except in the game Turbo Outrun, where frequent loading errors would result in a loud alarm sound and flashing screen which scared the hell out of me as a kid. ;-)

Oh_Yeah1995d ago

Now I understand why gaming wasn't popular and the market crashed...until the NES came to the rescue, glad that's when I started.

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Magnus1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I remember the blowing into the cartridge to make it work. For both the NES and the Master System I also remember the Game Genie. One thing I will miss is the cool video game commercials of the past Sega tv commercials were awsome. I will also miss Sega making hardware the most. Squaresoft titles were great and fun to play was always excited when they released a new title. Games had originality back then and a person had to wait a bit for a sequel. Not pumped out like they are today year after year. Videogame companies actually cared and not raped your wallet over the fire like they do today. I think I will haul out my old TG16 and my old Master System and do some gaming after that I think I will play some NEO GEO.

fattyuk1995d ago

The cheesy music! Oh I do miss the cheesy electro music that was around.

Racing games that your car simply moved from the left to the right of the "racetrack"

Finding an emerald in sonic.

Split screen multiplayer.


CRAIG6671995d ago

crikey C64 had its own library of quirks... ah! the good old days!

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