Dart from Legend of the Dragoon scrapped as DLC for Playstation All Stars; #ReleaseDart campaign!

Dart from Legend of the Dragoon scrapped as DLC for Playstation All Stars; #ReleaseDart campaign!

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sinncross1911d ago

... really Santa Monica? You had Dart but did not finish him off after Superbot were dropped from the project?

CryofSilence1911d ago

They had better put him in. I've been asking for him since the game was announced.

jsslifelike1910d ago

Well, in that case... get on it Santa Monica because, well.. this guy said so!

kparks1911d ago

Better yet how about they finally release a legend of dragoons 2 or just remake the old one...

NeXXXuS1911d ago

I say remake. and if not, i at least want to see him in another game for god sakes T_T

jsslifelike1910d ago

YES. Where is a Legend of Dragoon sequel and -for God's sake- where the Hell is Champions of Norrath!?

Delive1910d ago

Ahhh yes, Champions of Norrath. I thought I was alone.

jsslifelike1910d ago

Cliffy B says Twitter campaigns do nothing.

Reverent1910d ago

Cliffy B. also supported DRM and No-Used Game Policies.

The guy is just flat wrong a lot of the time.

RmanX10001911d ago

i never even played Legend of Dragoon and i want Dart. This game needs SOME RPG REP LOVE.

HammadTheBeast1911d ago

NO NO NO. This IS UNFAIR. I'm done.

Btw you gotta play Legend of Dragoon, its pretty amazing.

Sigh. We get Heihachi and 2 Coles, but no Dart.

CryofSilence1911d ago

The game is now $6 on PSN. I highly recommend it.

kparks1911d ago

If u dont get on psn and buy this game for 6 buck im gonna come over there slap u and give u 6 bucks to buy it lol

goniloc1911d ago

Guys, please help with tweets. It takes 20 seconds and has a big impact

Mr_Nuts1911d ago

See this is what I mean....they have crappy characters in PSAS like Fat Princess, Two Coles, New Dante, Zeus...but Dart, f***** Dart from Legend of the Dragoon "Ahhh f*** him lets not finish him off"

What the hell, he should of been in the game from the start thats what bugs me the most

RmanX10001911d ago

New Dante was confirmed to be by Capcom saying "New Dante or No Dante." but i do agree on the rest of what you said.

Mr_Nuts1911d ago

Then they should of said "No Dante" then and waste that character slot on Dart or someone else.

I wouldn't bend over for Capcom if I was a high up developer for a character I know people won't like or already don't like.

fattyuk1911d ago

"I wouldn't bend over for Capcom"

So you would bend over for someone? just not capcom?

Mr_Nuts1911d ago

Depends really...if I need to bend over to pick something up for someone or to bend over to grab a bit of fluff thats caught onto the end of that special someones jeans.

fattyuk1911d ago

abit of fluff on the end of that special someone's jeans?


mitchell11881911d ago

Lmao at yalls conversation. XD
Gotta love that jean

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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Cole and Zeus aren't crappy characters :/

They are both the biggest hero and/or villain in their respective games. Fat princess isn't an award winning written character, she's about as deep as Princess Peach. Agree on New Dante, but to be fair PASBR was to pay homage to all things Playstation. It's past (Jak, PaRappa, Sir Dan, Spike, etc.), It's present (Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Cole, etc.), and it's third-party future (MGR Raiden, DMC Dante, DS3 Isaac Clarke).

But I agree that Dart should've been there :/ Same goes for the cancelled Abe. The PASBR idea was great but it was poorly executed. Hope PASBR2 is better.

RmanX10001911d ago

The biggest problem with Zeus isnt that he's bad to play or that he doesnt belong, its that God Of War is already overly represented. Like a lot. Plus Kratos is still one of the most over powered characters. They should have balanced him before adding another God Of War character.

admiralvic1911d ago

See, you get the idea, but you miss the point. That is also sort of the problem with All-Stars too.

You see, the concept is great, but a lot of "not so PlayStation" things found their way into this game. BioShock was originally an Xbox exclusive with the PlayStation version releasing a year later, yet Big Daddy made it in. Dead Space isn't really a PlayStation associated series, so seeing Isaac is a little confusing too. A similar case can be made for Donte, since the old style (who appears in Project X Zone as such) is the one seen as the "PlayStation" version. At least with the case of Tekken, it was always a PS 3rd party that had some history to it, over popular people from games that just so happened to be on the PlayStation 3.

Because of choices like that, I doubt we will see another title and even if we do, it's impossible to say if they will get it "right".

admiralvic1911d ago

While it sucks he got cancelled, I am happy he at least made it past the planning stages. It's one thing to overlook him completely and another to at least attempt to put him in.

r211911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Lets make this happen. If you've got a twitter account, tweet at SSM and Seth Killian. Dart's model was already done anyways! If people show demand for him, he just might make it in! PS fans, unite!

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