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Best Thing About Next-Gen: Stunning List of Open World Games

Next-gen consoles have allow developers to create massive open world games and we have the best 10 so far. (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Bigpappy  +   545d ago
Let's see how opened they really are first. What you can do with-in that world is even bigger of a concern. A big opened world with nothing to do is not worth the effort.
Need4Game  +   545d ago
Metal Gear Solid V wants to proof to People that it is not just an Interactive Movie, but also can make Gameplay as Good or Better than Battlefield 3.

I hope Battlefield 4 get better with their Story.
Bad Company 1 & 2 have Enjoyable Story.

Player-Generated-Content is what makes Open-World game better. Skyrim proves that. It fills and expand Player experience.
RobAlmighty  +   545d ago
Skyrim is not the first to prove that. Elder Scrolls games have had generated content forever. I still have mods for Morrowind. Also, look at all of the mods for GTA 4.
cpayne93  +   545d ago
Whats with the mgs v to bf3 comparison? Strange to compare those two games, plus mgs always had exceptional gameplay even if it was heavy on cutscenes.
truthteller  +   545d ago
Did you seriously compare MGS to Battlefield. They are nothing alike. I have nothing against BF but you're such an annoying fanboy. MGS does not need proving it's not an interactive movie! Dafaq? Have you even played it? Anyway I'm looking forward to open world games. I want the return of open world platformers like Sly, Ratchet and Jak.
zeee  +   545d ago
The best open world game I have so far has to be Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I am not into GTA so I have no idea how open they are but I loved FALLOUT 3 for its massive scale!

It's about time we get a new Fallout game!
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MizTv  +   544d ago
I wonder if mgs5 will have some lvl system for snake
irepbtown  +   544d ago
A list for the lazy folks:

Metal Gear Solid V
Tom Clancy's Division
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Mirror's Edge 2
Watchdogs (my favourite)
Dead Rising 3
Infamous: Second Son
The Crewe
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Origins was magnificent (the 2nd not so much). Hopefully this one will be as good if not better than the first.
ThanatosDMC  +   544d ago
Comparing MGS to BF3? BF3 is better compared with COD.

I wish BF4 would be more tactical as BF2 instead of the twitch gameplay they copied from COD.
famoussasjohn  +   544d ago
Metal Gear Solid V should not even be considered to relate to BF3 in terms of gameplay.
Mr Tretton  +   545d ago
I really question how 'open world' MGSV will really be. I think the term 'open world' gets used at times when the term 'sandbox' should be used instead.

Open world is when I can go anywhere on a single map through the entire game. Sandbox is still stage based.
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anticlimax  +   545d ago
Just free roam isn't always better than linear. Open world isn't always better than linear. I'll take a compelling storyline over 'just open world' anyday.
braydox21  +   544d ago
yeah i belive that the missons in MGS 5 will be sandbox, and hopefully we'll get similer gameplay like in peace walker. some people are saying that you will be able to customise snake. im hoping that you can design your own personal msf/diamond dog/ outer heaven soldier.
MysticStrummer  +   545d ago

I want to know what can be done within the world and what kind of AI populates it.

An open world that's simply bigger and prettier than Red Dead Redemption, without any other sort of advancement, won't be very "next gen" to me.

A true open world gives a wide variety of gameplay and every one of those options needs to be well done, instead of what usually happens... the jack of all trades/master of none syndrome.

Rockstar and Bethesda are the best at it so far, but even they don't deliver every detail perfectly.
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kydrice  +   545d ago
So true, the first Assassin's Creed game was victim to this, open world but absolutely nothing to do in it.
zeee  +   545d ago
Assassin's Creed games were sandbox games. I have no idea who and how someone started calling them OPEN WORLD games.
linkenski  +   544d ago
By "build bigger worlds" i think most devs are referring to the fact that you could make a game like The Last of Us and have several maps be part of one big map, so it doesn't have to load in between areas. Same goes for MGS.
fattyuk  +   545d ago
Massive open worlds to explore really do get my balls tingling :0)
Fireseed  +   545d ago
While massively scaled worlds are important, it's those intimate and dynamic details that make them come alive. To paint on the canvas of an open world is to utilize the contrast between populated areas and emptiness to get a good thematic feel for the world. And to this date I feel only Red Dead Redemption has achieved this. But with Hideo Kojima giving his hand at it, I'm very excited to see how the japenese game design philosophy of "the power in ones self" effects how they design an open world.
telekeneticmantis  +   545d ago
I've played Alot of Bad
open world games, so I'll wait to see how they handle open world before I get excited.
bjmartynhak  +   545d ago
I think open world can break the pace of the game. You are like saving the world, rescuing someone that has been kidnapped and then go around getting collectables, hunting dragons or getting drunk in the night club. It is just weird.
torchic  +   545d ago
that's true, but a lot of open-world games give the player the ability to play the game as if it were through a corridor, like you're able to complete missions sequentially with no break in between.

imho Final Fantasy always excelled in this area. apart from when you have to grind, you could complete the story without veering off.
wishingW3L  +   544d ago
Final Fantasy has never been open-world, it always been linear. The difference is that its linearity wasn't as obvious as the stupidly tight corridors on FFX or FF13.
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urwifeminder  +   545d ago
Next gen fetch quests are going to be painful travel simulators great you found what I am looking for now travel 40 min to find me another one zzzz.
fattyuk  +   545d ago

MysticStrummer  +   545d ago
Clearly one of the many time travelers that frequent N4G.
BitbyDeath  +   545d ago
Any genre can be broken down like that.

Fighters - Just punch/kick your way to the top.
Shooters - Just walk around and shoot
Motion - Just wagglin'
Adventure - Point and Click nuff said
fsfsxii  +   544d ago
Far cry 2 did that this gen lol
A_Gamer  +   545d ago
I welcome the "open-worldness", but it's far from being the best thing about "next gen".
truthteller  +   545d ago
I LOVE open world games but also think linear games like Uncharted also deserve their spot next-gen. Really looking forward to TES:6, next Fallout, Cyberpunk 2077(CD Project RED) and such.
Monkeysmarts  +   545d ago
Honestly, I feel what would be "next gen" with open world games is not MOAR BIGGURER worlds but worlds that fully conform to the decisions and activities of the player. You take a game like Skyrim for example, which is a wonderful achievement on PS3/360 hardware... as big and beautiful and full of things to do as the game is, the world actually changes very little based on what you do. Socially within the game nothing really changes.

I think that is the next step. Make the games more immersive and believable.
Bigpappy  +   545d ago
Nice comment. But what the heck are you doing with that chicken?!
Monkeysmarts  +   544d ago
Screwing a light bulb into its butt. Isn't that what chickens are for???
A_Gamer  +   544d ago
Bigpappy  +   544d ago
Cool. As long as it's only a light bulb.
Hassassin  +   545d ago
The list:
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Tom Clancy’s The Division
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Mirror’s Edge 2
Dead Rising 3
Infamous: Second Son
The Crew
Dragon Age: Inquisition
torchic  +   545d ago
thanks ! I refuse to click through 10 pages that could've been fitted on 2-3.
Dirtnapstor  +   545d ago
Am I correct in thinking the MGS V demo was current gen-tech? Thought I read Kojima said so... If so, that was incredible!
The Division looks awesome, but I'm leery. What if the game winds up with a small following? Will that inhibit the gameplay itself, or does it have scripted AI also?
Don't remember all the facts....
MysticStrummer  +   545d ago
The demo had some scripted AI outside the police station.
ThaBlackBaron  +   545d ago
LOL This list is a automatic fail with Monolith's X not on the list
Rhezin  +   545d ago
I miss Monolith's Condemned series. I WISH to God they would bring it back. Game was so much fun.
Grimhammer00  +   545d ago
I think the only way to truly move forward in the Open World game design is to incorporate many many players.....60? 100?

Because AI just simply won't be as good as real players. And what's needed is motivators to keep players from behaving out of context. Though not so much that they are penalized for doing insane fun things.

Very difficult to realize this. And the issues aren't really next gen problems. This stuff could've been done this gen but mostly wasn't.

It's precisely why I'll be getting gta5.....but knowing its just another fetch quest marathon.
Hassassin  +   545d ago
so... you want an MMO?

Also, look forward to Star Citizen (not exactly an mmo... but more like a interconnected Open Universe)
kalkano  +   545d ago
Hell no. I would much rather have a CPU controlled NPC, than an actual player running and jumping around, yelling "LEROY JENKINS!". <- That would completely kill immersion.

Leave some games offline.
hduce  +   545d ago
I think open world games will be to the upcoming generation of gaming what fps games were to the last.
ado908  +   545d ago
oh man I can just imagine Red Dead redemption 2 with these graphics omg I would die.
MonChiChi  +   545d ago
Open world will be a must like multi-player on every single game.
Treian  +   545d ago
I am happy that franchises seem to be returning to their roots. Like Final Fantasy XV seems be a lot more like the older ones than 13, 13-2, and 13-3. Survival horror games seem to be poping up everywhere on the PS4. We are also seeing a lot of new unique new games. It just seems developers are done going away from the roots of their games (PS3) and making much more true games on the PS4.
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kalkano  +   545d ago
I wish what you said was true...but it's far from it. Final Fantasy has never been FURTHER from it's roots...
Gardenia  +   545d ago
Open world isn't always a good thing
Smoey  +   545d ago
What PS4/XB1 needs to do is allow MODS.
mastemikegee  +   544d ago

Even if graphics will look as good as the most upgraded PC; PCs always have mods to make it even better. So as long as consoles don't support mods, then PCs always have that extra cool option.

(I guess that was obvious but whatever, I felt like explaining ^_^ )
d4sholil1  +   545d ago
I have never played Skyrim nor Elder Scrolls, but I imagine the open worlds in MGS V, Watch Dogs, and in the Division will all have their respective limits. I am excited for the greater freedom and the sure to be enjoyable content these new titles will bring through their respective open worlds. I would never go without MGS V, but I am more excited for the Division. I love the, I call it pre apocalyptic theme, and that you have to stop what could become an apocalypse based on the outbreak of a man made virus. I think it is also the setting for me; that seemingly last days feel, ala Walking Dead, The Last of Us etc. Can't wait...I need to stop watching the trailer everyday hahahahaa
wastedcells  +   544d ago
We must be nearing a point in gaming where it is just easier to create an open world then to create 15-25 "levels". For AAA games anyway.
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nosferatuzodd  +   544d ago
I don't like open world that much
wishingW3L  +   544d ago
never been much of a fan of open-world so this doesn't mean much to me.
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francknara6  +   544d ago
Wtf, open world isn't a quality in itself.

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