Canadians Urge Government to Fight Against ISPs' Illegal BT Throttling

"The National Union of Public and General Employees, which represents more than 340,000 workers across the country, on Friday wrote to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to investigate the practice of "traffic shaping" and its impact on internet users."

Canadians are finally starting to fight for their BT rights.

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gamesR4fun3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

'We cannot turn a blind eye while the telecommunication companies decide which lanes of digital traffic will be deliberately filled with potholes," he wrote on his website. "These actions have serious implications for Canada’s innovation agenda. Protecting net neutrality is a fundamental cornerstone in encouraging the development of a true knowledge economy.'

ar3680d ago

One of the cornerstones of the Internet is data neutrality. All data should be treated equally. If they start throttling certain protocol speeds I don't think they should be allowed to call that a full worthy Internet connection.

SaiyanFury3680d ago

The two largest are Rogers and Bell? Does no one have Shaw? I had Shaw at home for 4 years back when I was still living in Winnipeg, and they never capped me at all. I'd recommend Shaw to everyone. Easily the best service and the most reliable.

Agent VX3679d ago

I totally agree, Shaw for the most part, is hands and feet above the rest of the ISP's. I had Telus (ADSL) for a while and the download/upload speeds were bad, and got worse over the years. I then changed to Shaw (Cable) and my service is about 7 to 8 times faster on average, and I ain't kidding, for the same price. Don't know if folks in the East have Shaw, but they have above average service, and I highly recommend them.

I over the past year cut my service from Bell satellite to Starchoice satellite. And I have about 8 months left on my cell phone from Rogers, which I will never go with Rogers ever again for poor service. Bell and Rogers are two companies that have gotten to big for their bridges, and I will never support their service again.

Kakkoii3679d ago

Uhh.. I've had Telus 3MB connection for about 7 years. And the download speed has always been good. Never dropped down. So I don't know what your talking about.

Agent VX3679d ago

When I switched to Telus, I was getting only about 140 to 160 kbps from Microsoft. At the end, I was getting around 40 to 60 kbps, and they didn't come check my line. Overall, Telus did from my experience have fairly good tech support, never had to wait very long, but their internet speeds were brutal for me.

With Shaw, I get around 650 to 700 kbps from Microsoft, all for about $4.95 more a month. An absolute spanking. Though, I am in Edmonton, so I don't know what type of speeds you were getting?

Kakkoii3679d ago

I live in the Okanagan region of BC.

And I pay 35$ a month for a 3mbps connection. And can usually max out that connection depending on the server i'm downloading from or if I have enough seeds on the torrent. 3mbps = 384 KILOBYTES/ a second.

And when I was having issues a few years ago, a technician came and checked our line and laid down a new one cause the old one was very decayed. Support has always been good for me.. I guess service varies from area to area.

But yeah I'd like to move to Shaw since you get a lot more for the same price.

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ScottEFresh3680d ago

Cable is quickly becoming the better service in Canada. DSL was always more reliable but now Cable is not only just as reliable but it's faster in both uploading and downloading. I currently have DSL (had since it came out) and have heard about all the shenanigans Bell has been playing. IF this is indeed true I will be canceling my subscription very soon and moving to cable. Not only are the phone companies BEHIND in faster internet but now they are pulling BS tactics.

Sorry Bell but for all the money I've given you I'm going to download the whole Fn world TWICE you douche bags. 3 times now that they have gone and done this.

aaaaaaaaa3679d ago

Everyone should send a clear message to ISP's all over the world and don't renew there contracts!

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