Mark Cerny Explains The PS4's GPU - Can Perform Asynchronous Complex Processes

"He also spoke about how the PS4's GPU is not only limited to handling the graphics but also complex processes which is traditionally handled by the CPU."

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Prcko1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

again cerny...
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gameseveryday1515d ago

This man is the face of the PlayStation 4.

Prcko1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

true,every day 10 articles only about cerny and his master plan behind ps4
i don't say it's a bad thing

hakis861515d ago

:)Hehe a lot of funny pictures of him around the web!
He is cool though.

WooHooAlex1515d ago

Is it weird that I have a man-crush on Mark Cerny?

MikeMyers1515d ago

"This man is the face of the PlayStation 4."

As he should be. He is a game designer who had input in the design of the system. It looks as though Sony learned a lot from the PS3 and how they can improve things for game development.

Aery1515d ago

I think all real gamers "must" buy this console just as sign of appreciation for the effort of this guy.


PS4 is based on GCN 2: having 8 ACE's (AMD’s new Asynchronous Compute Engines), each capable of running 8 CL's each. Tahiti and 7970/7870 have two ACEs, 2 CL's per ACUs.

If I make that simple the ACUs are like the SPUs in the CELL which are efficient in heavy calculations operations and Cerny confirmed that they can mimic the behaviour of the SPUs with them which gives us 64 operations compared to 4 in a ATI 7970. That's the power of a GPGPU. It is a greta idea for Sony from shifting the CELL a processor doing graphical stuff to a GPU doing CPU stuff.

decrypt1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"PS4 Can Perform Asynchronous Complex Processes"

I am not surprised at Mark Cerny's enthusiasm. However to be honest its misplaced, i dont blame him after PS3 being restricted to a decade old tech for so long any upgrade is a relief, the mans constant articles show how desperate console developers had become in general, games can finally progress again.

Though really so many praising articles and yet PS4 is still limited to 30fps on most games, some supercharged PC that is lol.

Shad0wRunner1514d ago

Console games are never going to run at 60 FPS as standard. Even when developers start to be able to squeeze more out of the hardware, there is always going to be a trade-off. They can either put more pixels, shaders, lighting effects and other graphical elements on screen at once, or they can include less shiny graphics stuff and have it run at 60 FPS.

And shiny graphics stuff sells to a far larger audience than high framerates. "Look at this sweet explosion" and "Look at the detail of the facial animation" speaks to people. "Look at the framerate" doesn't. As long as it isn't choppy, people don't care whether it's running at 30 or 60. While there will always be exceptions, on the whole developers are always going to push for more graphical detail than a higher framerate.

TheLEGENDofTydo1514d ago


Your so wrong about the 30fps thing.
The PS3 wasn't even limited to 30fps, it was limited at 60.

The ps4 is limited to 120fps but nobody care about fps and if you do then you're just not a gamer. Battlefield at 60fps looks no better than Call of Duty at 30 fps. And even the games i have for my $3000 pc that play at 120fps look just as smooth as my ps3 does.

RedHawkX1514d ago

no hes the face of gaming! listen well you all.

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Koyes1515d ago

Cerny is awesome :D what a guy to represent the PlayStation brand. I like Andrew House too, mainly because he has the same beard style as mine :D

G20WLY1514d ago

Cerny is a cool nerd, affable too. He's done a great job, it seems, and deserves all this attention and credit.

I like House too - he's fluent in Japanese, I just find that so impressive! Nice to see one of us Westerners bothing to learn someone else's language for a change.

And I just want Jacky T to be my uncle, as he seems so nice! :D

imt5581515d ago

You forget :

Mark Cerny Explains Why The Cell Processor Was Not Included In The PS4

JackVagina1515d ago

this is all coming from a 50 minute speech he made (there is a vid)

all these articles is a bit silly tho

ZodTheRipper1515d ago

It's very worth watching from start to finish.

titletownrelo1515d ago

he's a great public speaker, very passionate and proud of the work he and his colleagues have accomplished.

Narutone661514d ago

"Make a console easy to develop for, but hard to master". That's really some motto to guide them on how PS4 was conceived.

1nsomniac1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I think what he's trying to say is that all of this was explained in his 30 min conference video.

You could either watch the 30 min video or spend 3 hours reading all the articles that have been posted here quoting from it!

...Morale of the story - Watch the video, stop repeat posting the same articles!!

papashango1514d ago

so theres a million n4g article on mark cerny based off one presentation....

at what point can we start reporting as duclicate articles?

t0mmyb0y1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Oh lol. Ya guess there have been a few.

GABRIEL10301515d ago

There are lot of articles based in the same presentation that Cerny did in Spain a few days ago. Cerny is a great person because is calm, centered, smart and he's a gamer and understands the needs of the players and developers. PS4 is an amazing device.

ZBlacktt1515d ago

SO this!!!!! Damn people go watch the video yourself of Marks event. It's like 50 mins long and a very good watch. All these stories of people taking very small parts just to make a story is sad. You are missing out on so much hearing it from the man himself. Go watch the video on youtube.

1OddWorld1514d ago

Wow watch the video. It shows what passion this man has for the gaming industry, and how he and his comrades are shaping the future of gaming by listening and learning.

BABY-JEDI1514d ago

You forgot to include,
Mark Cerny opens a can of whoop asss
Mark Cerny gives the smack down..

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Foxgod1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Every gpu can do that, as gpu's can do multiple streams of data, while cpu's can only do one per thread.

However, its just not a good idea, as cpu's handle a lot more data per thread then a gpu can.
The gpu's in the ps4 and the xb1 are no different from the ones inside a pc.

Valkyre1515d ago

clearly sony made a huge mistake, they should fire that dumbass Cerny and hire mr. Foxgod.


Foxgod1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Where did i say they made a mistake?
I said all gpu's can do it, not that its a mistake.

Its a feature that can be used when the cpu is bottlenecked, but that will never happen as its usually the gpu that gets bottlenecked.

SpecialK1515d ago


Its a bit different with consoles though, pc games have to work across many different specs which is why games never take full advantage of an individual PC.

Its different with consoles where they will do everything to max these things out. Its not uncommon for devs to use uncommon techniques and try out different things to really push a console.

Foxgod1515d ago

Understandable, but i cant see it happen, as you would have to sacrifice a significant amount of 3d processing, just to push the physics and AI a bit.

dantesparda1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

No, not all gpu's can do this, gpgpus can and even then there are limits, like most cant do general purpose computing while simultaneously doing graphics processing, whereas the the PS4's gpu can (its one of the mods done on it). And a feature that AMD is going to bring out to the PC soon