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Push Square: "With the number of games slated for the PS4 launch Knack may have slipped under the radar somewhat. However, PS4 System Architect Mark Cerny saw fit to take on the role of game designer and we think for good reason."

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Chaostar1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Knack gets a hard wrap for not being a 'shooty shooty kill kill hardcoarz gaem' but it actually looks pretty fun. Sometimes simplicity can be much more engaging than complex gameplay, the popularity of the Lego games and Skylanders can attest to that.

remanutd551997d ago

It will be the first game i will play on my ps4 then Killzone Shadow Fall.

morganfell1997d ago

Agreed. Knack is one of my day one purchases and really look forward to this title.

dragunrising1997d ago

Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall are my two most anticipated launch games.

Does anyone know if Killzone SF supports PS Move. Also, is it 60fps or 30. I've heard some conflicting information on both.

Destrania1997d ago

I don't think we'll know for sure until a couple months or so from now. Driveclub for instance is 30fps right now, but they're aiming for 60fps for the final version. Developers will be getting the final PS4 dev kits very soon.

levian1997d ago

I've been looking forward to this game since I first saw it, but I heard recently that its going to be a very short linear game, which is kind of disappointing.

I really hope its priced accordingly, $39.99 would be perfect. I'll be grabbing it regardless of price though I think.

Godchild10201997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

The game is going to be 10 hours long, with replay value.

gokuss1220021996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Was thinking the same thing (about the price). I hope that it is $40. If so, I will definitely pick it. Although I still pick up at $60; it'll just be a little harder to justify. P.S. I am so impressed with Mark Cerny...

Aceman181997d ago

This game balances out all the violent games I usually play Lol. Is this is easily a purchase for me.

SweetIvy1997d ago

What I like is that for the kind of game it is, it's challenging. I asked the guys at E3 to play it hard and it's said "at hard, it's HARD" and yep, it can be quite challenging, so that's more fun for me :)!

shivvy241997d ago

I played spyro 2 yesterday and man games like these are still amazing to this day

Funky Town_TX1997d ago

This looks like a first gen Wii game.

r211997d ago

What wii game would that be? I'd like to see a first gen wii game that can produce Pixar-like graphics.

morganfell1997d ago

Not to mention the physics calculations going on in this thing are impressive as hell.

XabiDaChosenOne1997d ago

Id like to see a WiiU game produce these kind of graphics.

Realplaya1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I love the fact this game is not a first person shooter I think we have enough of those. I'm curious if we can get enough people to show support.

@ Kobe357 Pikmen 3, Mario Kart 8, and and Wonderful 101 produced these sort of graphics. Also Nano assault Neo looks better than A lot of games out right now.

HammadTheBeast1997d ago

Except with about 10 000 particles around the main character alone.

mayberry1997d ago

Heads up! If someone posts a disparaging comment and doesn't respond to it,... he's a troll....just sayin!
Day one! On topic

MysticStrummer1997d ago

"This looks like a first gen Wii game"

This looks like a troll comment.

OT - Knack isn't my usual type of game, though I immensely enjoyed Rachet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, but it's tough to dismiss a Cerny game with his resume even though I'd never heard of him before the PS4 reveal. I do wonder if Knack will be free through PS+ before too long though.

DigitalRaptor1997d ago

Good point, but we shouldn't stop supporting developers first hand because their games might come to PS+ at some point. That would mean holding off from buying many great PS4 games.

MysticStrummer1997d ago

"we shouldn't stop supporting developers first hand because their games might come to PS+ at some point."

I agree, but it is a potential side effect of PS+. You can always trade the disc in toward something else and have the downloaded copy in reserve though.


Not trying to troll but why do I feel like if this was an xbox one exclusive, most people on this sight would not be giving this game so much love?? But since it is a ps4 exclusive, its interesting and a "definite day one"

Majin-vegeta1997d ago

Have you been to the eye doc lately?

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Smoovekid1997d ago

People do not like it because it is not an FPS.

I will be getting it.

nnotdead1997d ago

i don't dislike the game because i haven't played it, but i am not currently interested in Knack. i just haven't seen anything about the game to catch my interest. i doubt i will be getting a PS4 before a year after launch anyways, so i guess my interest in the game matters even less. though if i do pick in late 2014-2015 i might pick up Knack on the cheap and let my daughter play it with me.

gokuss1220021996d ago

So you clicked on a Knack article, just to say that you're not interested? hmmm...

nnotdead1996d ago

^no dummy, i clicked on a first impressions article so i could see/hear more about the game. i said, "... i am not currently interested in Knack. i just haven't seen anything about the game to catch my interest." i have yet to see anything to catch my interest. came to this article to see if there was something i was missing about the game.

not to mention that i didn't just post me not having interest in the game for no reason. i was replying to Smoovekid's overly generalized comment.

or you know, you could just stick with your dumb logic.

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