Game & Wario Shouldn't Be A Full Priced Retail Title Game & Wario is the most disappointing Nintendo title since Wii Play Motion.

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TruthbeTold1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I agree. Nor should they release it during drought times like this with the attitude that it's for core gamers. The last thing I want in my face when I'm looking for a game for my somewhat starved Wii U experience is this B.S. Full price no less? Kind of an insult...

zinger_AU1967d ago

Yeah it really is kind of an insult. They can't seriously be happy or proud of how this turned out.

bobacdigital1967d ago

That is why it is 39.99... full price retail games are 59.99 the game is a full 20 less than a normal retail game.. Let's not forget all wario games are like this also just senseless fun minigames.

Were you expecting the last of us? This game is just a stop gap along with Luigi DLC.

LOL_WUT1967d ago

$14.99 would've been more reasonable IMO and they should've just left it as a downloadable game. ;)

DA_SHREDDER1967d ago

agreed, and they call themselves gamers?

t0mmyb0y1967d ago

Wii Play Motion had some cool games lol.

TruthbeTold1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

A fun game is a fun game. But a cheap game should have a cheap price imo. Game and Wario isn't bad either, but it's hardly the time for it, when so many good games have been delayed on the console, and people are looking desperately for original, core experiences.

Concertoine1967d ago

To be fair, it's not... its 39.99 when 59.99 is full price.
but it's not even worth that really.

zinger_AU1967d ago

Actually, the story was about it being $79.95 in Australia, which IS full price.

from the beach1967d ago

If the game's bad then it's not worth buying at any price.

People complaining over £10 can clear off.

millzy1021967d ago

I would hate beeing a gamer in Australia it seems so damn expensive to buy games over there.

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