Vita Weekly Deals: Gravity Rush $17.50, 4GB Memory Card $6.99 and more

PS Vita weekly deals and sales from Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, Newegg, and Cowboom.

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timothyckeegan1913d ago

I wish there were more deals on larger memory cards.

Apollo11913d ago

4GB memory card ($6.99) is $1.75/GB while the 32GB ($81.57) is $2.3/GB. Not much difference but buying 32GB worth of 4GB cards saves you $25.

CaulkSlap1913d ago

Just sucks how Sony went for proprietary memory cards instead of standard micro SD. 32GB micro SD cost around $20. I've been trying to hold out for a price cut and 64GB version. Need so much space to download even a fraction of my PSN library.

buynit1913d ago

I got g rush free last month thanks to ps+ :)