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The cheerfully ludicrous, over the top story outshines generic gameplay.

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LackTrue4K1625d ago

[email protected] the game
and the server to the link is down!!
lol....low income sit! haha

UNGR1625d ago

As much as this game is a joke, I'd say the review is too. You rate out of 4? 5 is low enough already, and you go one bar lower? Why? Makes zero sense.

Eiffel1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Snoop Dogg is so whack now.


yep...he's like the old drunk uncle that embarasses you in front of your friends.Poor guy...doesn't know when to pack it up and call it quits.SMH!

Mounce1624d ago

first a game with 50 Cent and now Snoop Dogg? Reaaaaallly?