Metal Gear - No Wonder They Call Him Solid Snake


The Metal Gear games have long been a favorite of many gamers. But what is it exactly about these games that made them so popular? Is it the intriguing storyline? The unforgettable characters? The heart stopping action? The suspense of trying not to be seen by your enemies, while you carry out super secret spy work? No I believe the popularity of these games can be attributed to one thing.

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Bonsai12143760d ago

snakes a complete lust possessed super hero.. like if you direct the microphone at snake in mgs2 during the sniping scene, you hear him going, oh yeah... thats thats the stuff.. and in brawl, if you do something in a certain way, you hear him wanting to bone zero suit samus...

power of Green 3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Fans don't care who's butt they're looking at(had to stop watching one of MGS4 gameplay video's based on gameplay and charactor design).

Even the Robo wolf that howls and the Super Chicken with strings GOT BACK!.

Big Boss3760d ago

What you're saying is that you're gay. There's no need to hide it Mart. Why don't you go fappin' off to the likes of Volgin and sh!t.

I know I got my freak on at end of the mission!

Dream Machine3760d ago

Wow. Whats the odds the insecure guy who wrote this murder-suicides his family at the age of 40 due to suppressing his need for the gay luvvin.

Plus, Crying Wolf's big metal behind? I'd hit it.

GavLam883760d ago

That article was brilliantly orchestrated and how made me realize how perverted the game is hahaha, i normally just enjoy the story :P

Timesplitter143760d ago

To me, what truly stands out is : Characters + Story + cool little stuff like easter eggs and secrets (which are everywhere in this franchise). And the gameplay too. EVERYTHING!

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The story is too old to be commented.