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Submitted by TheArabGamer 884d ago | news

Saudi Arabia wants the Xbox One the most (according to Gamespot)

You go practically anywhere on the internet and all hear is PS4 > Xbox One. With all this heat you'd think Microsoft wouldn't be able to catch a break, eh? Well, looks like one country actually wants it. According to Gamespot's nex-gen Twitter challenge, our close neighbors, Saudi Arabia, wants the Xbox One the most. In the entire planet. Bwah?! (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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snipab8t   884d ago | Immature | show | Replies(16)
Gladiator7  +   884d ago | Well said
Saudis are very nice people.. anyway..

For the people who have no idea, Most of Saudi gamers support the PlayStation brand since the days of the ps1 and Nintendo is the 2nd popular there with big gap between the two.

The Minority are Microsoft fans, What did happen is with the release of the X360, MS didn't fightback hard against Piracy like Sony.. This impacted the whole market in Saudi Arabia, the X360 become the cheap/famous option.

Saudi still wants the PS4 more than the Xbox One.
MoDyDo  +   884d ago
Exactly ^^
NewMonday  +   884d ago
"What did happen is with the release of the X360, MS didn't fightback hard against Piracy like Sony"

that's pretty much it, also the national color is green so maybe some voted out of instinct.

the PS3 and Xbox360 are viewed as machines that play games, very few are exposed to the fanboy wars and just go for the best thing.
SecondSon  +   883d ago
Still the country that want the Xbox One the most still wants the PS4 even more.

The thumbnail is wrong PS4 is leading by 10%

This is an accurate representation of what console countries want the most:
Blue is PS4
Green is Xbox One
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dendenmooshi  +   883d ago
what's not being talked about is that Saudi Arabia has 11k votes while U.S. has 5k votes.

Possible that votes are being funneled to Saudi Arabia?
ape007  +   884d ago
definately true, most people here do love playstation, the playstation brand is coded in their DNA

overpriced, under priced, superior, inferior,doesn't matter, the playstation nation is so strong here

playstation, Fifa, GTA and CoD spread here like FIRE
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torchic  +   884d ago
I noticed how popular PlayStation was in Saudi Arabia by seeing all the [KSA] clan tags CoD. I dunno how widespread it is on 360 but there are tons of Saudis on PS3
pinzir  +   883d ago
And pokemon...Pokemon is a burning flame..
waljaber  +   883d ago
he means here in SAUDI, most of the gamers in saudi like sony PS1,PS2,PS3 and for sure PS4, and who ever came with that fault vote are serving their own propose.
TheArabGamer  +   884d ago
That's true. Also Saudi has a dedicated Xbox Live store. Early COD (big game in the region btw) DLC maps and Forza really push sales.

But if you look at the article it shows that PS4 is still wanted more than the Xbox One. It's just currently Saudi seems to be the only country that wants the Xbox One the most.
waljaber  +   883d ago
someone playing with the numbers here Humm could it be M$hit??
kreate  +   884d ago
The entire world outside of usa/uk are sony region.

Even in the uk the popularity is quite neck to neck.

Usa is where xbox truly rule.
DJMarty  +   883d ago
US is not a forgone conclusion.

Xbox One is pretty much screwed worldwide.

4>1 always will be:)
clearelite  +   883d ago
I wouldn't say it rules here in the USA anymore though. You might be surprised to hear that the Playstation brand is extremely popular here but hasn't been marketed as much this gen.
RROD rebuys and shooter fans helped MS numbers a lot here also.
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SilentNegotiator  +   884d ago
But wait a minute...Ps4 STILL leads with 55%?
The story is about the smallest LOSS for Xbone in the poll?!

Welp, time to write an article with a title that makes it sound like the opposite at first glance. Gotta get those hits.
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stone_cold  +   884d ago
all the Arabs prefer playstation than xBox
PFFT  +   883d ago
NOT according to this article. Saudi wants the XBO the most.
kane_1371  +   883d ago
read the article, they want the XBO more than other countries but still the majority voted PS4 (%55)
Shad0wRunner  +   883d ago
"MS didn't fightback hard against Piracy like Sony"

Although Sony DID fight piracy with multiple firmware patches and SKU' wasnt enough to completely prevent piracy on the PS3, altogether. There are dozens of jailbroken PS3's in circulation all across the US alone; each one equipped with homebrew apps and media managers that not only play pirated games, but can rip them as well.

I should know....I used to have one. LOL
kane_1371  +   883d ago
indeed, but the piracy is nothing close to the one on XBOX and PSP and Wii.
iceman06  +   883d ago
Yeah, but it's a bit more of a hassle, more financially than technologically, to pirate on PS3. I have seen some of the said "dozens" of PS3. I actually know many, many people who pirate Xbox 360 regularly.
Shad0wRunner  +   883d ago
How is it more of a financial hassle? o_O

All you do is install the custom firmware, on the right model long as it's 3.55 or 3.41 firmware. Download your .pkg homebrew apps. Install your media managers. Go to any torrent site and look up PS3 games. Download the game you want. Copy it to an external HDD. OR...go to any rental store and rent the game you want. Put the disc in your jailbroken PS3, and rip it to your HDD. Then play it from your flavor of media manager.

It's not really a financial hassle. Never costed ME much money. In saved me hundreds of dollars in retail...if I had just bought the games at $60 a pop. So...I dont really see the point youre making, here.

I dont do this anymore, btw. I sold my JB PS3 a long time ago. Im just may claim to have SEEN JB models...but I have actually OWNED one and did it all myself.

I know what Im talking about. LOL
KwietStorm  +   883d ago
Oh man dozens among 80 million! LOL
Bluemaster77  +   883d ago
All of those lame excuses when it isnt a pro-sony article.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   883d ago
so...most didn't say they wanted PS4? A man still sees PS4 winning.
yeahokchief  +   883d ago

The sand people are falling right into the nsa's trap.

ANDD And And And we offload of a lot of annoying call of duty kids onto the xbox.

PS4 masterrace.
lilbrat23  +   883d ago
What do you think MS will do this time around to fight Piracy?
sashimi  +   883d ago
Nothing, They've never been able to do much and their only hope was going all drm with always online/24hr checks and even than that wasn't 100% hackproof as they've shown all it took would be a simple patch to allow offline gaming -_-
ape007  +   884d ago
hehehehe ma country, im a proud ape from KSA
Septic  +   884d ago
Hehe Salaam. What console are you gonna get?
ape007  +   884d ago
ahlan, both inshallah, ps4 first though
n4g_someone  +   883d ago
PS4 only here.

Eventually the VITA too.
saimcheeda  +   883d ago
Salaam from Oman
Your neighbors :), getting PS4. Im surprised people are choosing X-One, but its personal preference!
NewMonday  +   883d ago

you guys are the nicest people in the Gulf
Sevir  +   883d ago
i absolutely love the people of the sand!
Salaam! ;) See you all when you take thedive in Next Gen this fall
n4g_someone  +   883d ago
Salam man,

It's true they wanna block Skype in the KSA along with Viber and whatnot ?

What will happen with SKYPE coming along with XBONE.

Strange man...
Chaostar  +   884d ago
I noticed this the other day and was very suprised.

According to the all knowing Google God, Saudi Arabia has a population of 28.08m

Compare that to the US, which is 313.9m

That's over 1000% more people in the US and yet they got outvoted by more than double the gamers in Saudi Arabia?

Smells fishy to me, if I was Gamespot I'd be checking IPs.
NewMonday  +   884d ago
we are serial twitterers, and all connected to very close circles, so word spreads out fast, and the total tweets in KSA are only 10k .. so not surprising.
Chaostar  +   884d ago
Oh, OK I wasn't aware of that, I rescind my suspicions :)
Gladiator7  +   883d ago
Saudi community is one of the most connected and vibrant in the world.
but this doesn't justify the result, I think Gamespot voting system is not trustable.
ala_767  +   884d ago
WTF srsly! Saudis are big fan of Playstation.... I barely seen a shop with Xbox games and I myself Played Ps2/3... this is really interesting
ltachiUchiha  +   883d ago
This is gamespot the same guys who gave the last of us an 8. They been a crappy site ever since their best reviewers left & created Giantbomb.
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segamon  +   884d ago
the Gulf and most Middle Eastern countries are Japanese fans to the bone. since the early days of Nintendo and SEGA and until the SONY era, they always favored the Japanese brands, anime and games alike.

Jazeerat Al-Kanz, Grandizer, Cabamaro and Sanshero.. etc. anyone? :-)
#6 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
NewMonday  +   884d ago
your over 30 aren't you?

I can sing all the openings, and I cried at the ending of Grandizer :p
segamon  +   884d ago
guilty as charged.. now you know where i belong :-)

I can do that too, exquisitely, I was breastfed these when I was a little 3absi.

i lived my childhood surrounded by nature, it nourished my imagination.. before moving to the city and become an Arcade-oholic, before consoles that was.

yours truly is from Lebanon.
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WolfOfDarkness  +   884d ago
True .
fardan85  +   884d ago
The good old days of Anime..
Marcus Fenix  +   883d ago
my all time fav old anime character is ra3d al3emla8, to this day he looks cool.
segamon  +   883d ago
one of my favorites was episode 34.
NewMonday  +   883d ago
his Japanese name is Tetsujin

their is a cool 2004 remake, check it out

also Mazenger has an even better remake, believe it or not Grandizer is not popular in Japan.
Marcus Fenix  +   883d ago

OMG man what did they do to him in that remake?!, looks very funny (in a horrible way), did they make it with the intention of failure?, coz it looks that way to me, damn.
n4g_someone  +   883d ago
That's true, you can say middle east is Sony's territory.
ironicgamer01  +   884d ago
I live in Saudi Arabia and I'm going with PS4.
Its cheap and more powerful than Xbox one and has better games.
toshan  +   884d ago
even in saudi auridia ps4 is winning (ps4-55% xbox one-45%)
Braid  +   884d ago
Regional launch was a bad idea to begin with.

You did the right thing with the DRM and region lock, but this issue is still waiting to be adressed. You know what needs to be done, Microsoft: a worldwide launch, just like Sony do.
Salooh  +   884d ago
From bahrain , Middle east is a huge market for playstation. It's sad that it's not recognised from sony or microsoft. We can't even write arabic messages. It's really disappointing from both sides.

We play video games since the 90's. We played sega and nintendo consoles. Trust mee guys , if we had the resources we would be making games. We just have other priorities not like the countries that make games , they seek for innovation stuff while we wish for simple life.

We are not dumb people nor violence so anyone who think otherwise should look for the truth..
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Septic  +   884d ago
I'm surprised that Arabic support hasn't been catered for yet. Hopefully that changes soon.

Off topic but I wanted to (and kind of still do) move to Saudi with a mate of mine. I love the culture and the serenity you get there.
fardan85  +   884d ago
Move to Saudi?
You better think twice before you go specially if you're not Arabian. Saudi is my neighbor country, still I can't bare to stay there for 24 hour.
CoLD FiRE  +   884d ago
You have to be completely insane to think about moving to Saudi Arabia. No one wants to live least not under the current system. Kuwait or UAE are much better choices.

Back on topic, this is actually not surprising! Saudi has always favorited the PS brand but with the X360 this has changed so it might be the reason the voting is almost 50/50 and people still want to go with the XB1.
Salooh  +   883d ago
Go for a visit and see how life is there , understand everything in there then decide. :)

But I'm afraid what these guys say is true ( At least for the real citizens ) . It's a great country because of it's people and all kind of fortunes they have like their religion , great places , history ..etc but as long there are rulers that call them selfs kings(Only GOD is king) that do what ever they want , people out side won't understand it's people and won't see their real culture .

For example , if you come to bahrain you will see some kind of modern city like yours. Big buildings and stuff like that , but when you look deep you will see chaos from rulers side not the people , the people that live in these good places are not real bahraini , the rest of the villages and places are ruiend , the beaches are all closed for the rulers , half the country land is closed , jobs are not for real bahraini and if someone have it he's humiliated even though he deserve it or even more. The potential and real power is being depressed for ruling family interests and with a mix of sectarian purposes too. You have to kiss their butt and still don't get what you deserve. They use the sina to justify their existing even though they are poor like us.
#10.1.3 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
Septic  +   883d ago
Oh......well in glad you told me that. I have heard about what you've mentioned but didn't think it was so prevalent.

Abu Dhabi and the like should be good though right?
fsfsxii  +   883d ago
NOTE: Middle easterns worship their kings. You can't talk about a king in a bad way.
from the beach  +   884d ago
Well oil be!

Good to see them showing some Xbox camel-raderie!

Geezus  +   884d ago
talk about small sample size
Salooh  +   884d ago
I for one believe that anyone in middle east who is planning on buying X1 with the knowledge of forced kinect are dumb people. They go against what they believe..

I don't hate the xbox , i hate kinect . It's just unethical and not secure for our womans which is against our thinking..
#13 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Septic  +   884d ago
Does the fact that members of the Israeli armed forces helped design the Kinect bother you? I know it bothers me but I just want your perspective. Also, that's an interesting point you made about women. Kinect in a conservative Muslim home can be overly intrusive.
dark-hollow  +   884d ago
"Does the fact that members of the Israeli armed forces helped design the Kinect bother you?"

And why would that be an issue?
Salooh  +   883d ago
I didn't know that but i'm not shocked at all. Just put the links together and you will acknowledge the way it works. I figured since the kinect collect data , MS will give america government data and the government work for israel

They can do many things with it. Threat people , collect data , Spy..etc , They can do whatever they want because they are not ashamed of anything. So i feel sorry for those that don't care about their privacy.
#13.1.2 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
CoLD FiRE  +   883d ago
I'm pretty sure you have a PC or at least have used one. So, does the fact that some Intel processors are designed in "Israel" bother you? If you're concerened about privacy issues I'd suggest you do what people often do with laptops, duct tape the damn thing or you could just turn it so that it faces a wall.

You also have the option of throwing away anything you have that has a camera and connects to the internet then find a nice warm cave to live in!

And BTW, MS no longer uses the "Israeli" PrimeSnese technology and the new Kinect uses a new in-house technology developed by Micrsoft.
ape007  +   884d ago
im ready to duct tape the hell out the kinect, lol
jmc8888  +   882d ago
Except it does more than that....AND it might give you an error.

So the question becomes...if you try that and it doesn't let you think you'll be allowed to take back your Xbox One?
sonic989  +   883d ago
btw being created by the israel armed forces makes it more haahaaaaaa not going inside my house at any cost
go sony go japan
Omran  +   884d ago
I am from United Arab Emirates and many
people here are very excited for PS4 more
than Xbox one . . but for me i will get
both but first i will buy PS4
Supermax  +   884d ago
This is a gameing site how bout we talk about games instead of spreading hate.
unprotected  +   883d ago
Love how you spelt gameing:)
elda  +   884d ago
Saudi Arabians are some of the most nicest & gorgeous people to know & look at.
CoLD FiRE  +   884d ago
Nice maybe. Gorgeous? that's quite a strech.
elda  +   883d ago
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,maybe you don't see it in some SA people but there are alot people that DO including I,it's all about preference along with respect.
#16.1.1 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
manageri   884d ago | Spam
Bathyj  +   884d ago
I'm confused, are they saying sudi Arabia want the Xbone more than they want the ps4, or are they saying no country in the world wants Xbone more than sudi Arabia wants it?

also are they even one of the countries that are even getting it at launch? I don't think they are. shame for them. someone actually wants it and can't get it
Unlimax  +   884d ago
Trust me , I'm Saudi Gamer and this poll for Xbone is full of spams and its probably not true AT ALL ,simply because some people want my country spot on the map to be green ..Add to that my Saudi fellows are always known for their loyalty on Sony and Nintendo and there's no way to believe that there's 45% of Saudi's are eagerly waiting for this console in specific i mean how could a poll like this jumps from 15% to 45% suddenly in one day !

I was watching this poll daily and This poll for my country is absolutely fake and i'll prove you that my country was one of the top country's who break the charts for the most gamers who vote for PlayStation .

In short .. Gamespot is faking it .
#18.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Omran  +   884d ago
Unlimax from NG4A . . how are you ?
Unlimax  +   884d ago

I'm totally fine and i'm happy to see my arabian fellows here , Thank you :)
#18.1.2 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
CoLD FiRE  +   884d ago
Talk is cheap. How about a freaking proof?
Unlimax  +   884d ago

I Wish i could take a screenshot or a video for what happen in the meantime .. guess its too late , that's fine but i'm telling you that what you hearing right now is absolutely the truth and Gamespot is totally behind this fake Console war in my country !
#18.1.4 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
fsfsxii  +   883d ago
How is GS faking it when people kept spamming the frikkin poll??
Unlimax  +   883d ago

Its a mixed situation as i said before .. Gamespot is responsible for all these fake votes Because they still didn't do anything about it and leave the way it is , They are faking it without skipping a beat , Spammers still spam and Gamespot is letting them do that with open hands .

They can easily allow one vote from each Twitter profile by detecting the same IP or from their Twitter profile , BUT NO .. They just allow it as if nothing happens .
#18.1.6 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
seepamann  +   884d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   884d ago
Gamestop are wrong!

The *Minority* want the XBONE there while the *Majority* want the PS4 ;)
pkb79  +   884d ago
To Saudi Arabians DRM means Digital Rights Maiming. They just cut of your hand for stealing games.

This joke is about the stereotype that the Saudi cut of hands as punishment rather then trying to perpetuate that stereotype. They do not cut of hands anymore.
Ragnaarock  +   884d ago
The Xbox One isn't even launching in Saudi Arabia so they will have to import one from another country if they want one. MS website also says "Xbox One-Supported Xbox Live Countries" so no XBL in Saudi Arabia for Xbox One?
Bathyj  +   884d ago
can you even import one?. I thought games needed to be activated so even if you did you couldn't play it
GentlemenRUs  +   884d ago
XBONE does need a "First-time" activation which needs an Internet connection!

So you are correct.
hasj1990  +   884d ago
Not a surprise.

Microsoft like to dictate to gamers what they can and cant do.

Just like Saudi Arabia dictate to to their people what they can and cant do.
Septic  +   884d ago
Congratulations. You win the award for the most retarded/ignorant comment of the year.
DxTrixterz  +   884d ago
That is North Korea not Saudi Arabia.
Oh_Yeah  +   884d ago
Right and why do yall cover your women head to toe and in black of all colors, it's hot as shit out there!, that's borderline torture. We came here naked, nothing wrong with publicly showing a little skin.
Salooh  +   883d ago | Well said
We always explain it :) , it's just that people confused between the stupid rules that come from the rulers without explanation and the islam rules.

For example :

¬ Woman's wear the black cloth with their own will , it's for protection so no one even have a bad thought toward her because they see nothing from her only her personality. She have her own respect and dignity, we treat our woman's better then anything. They are smart , educated , independent , she can do anything unless it's against islam. Islam= the perfect way to live . GOD don't need us , we need him , that's why we have islam to teach us the right way to live without regret or anything.

¬ Woman's are not allowed to drive is from rulers. They make indians drive while she's in the back , which have more negatives then positives. There is nothing in islam that order us to not let our woman's drive cars . My own mother have a license :P ..
iceman06  +   883d ago
@14Feb-R...very well written!!! Bubs up!
CaptainFaisal  +   884d ago
Yes we do want the X1 ! but i will most likely take both, PS4 has better hardware/power, Xbox have better games and the "CLOUD".
Belking  +   884d ago
They want the best console experience which is xb1.
majedx9  +   884d ago
No he's wrong saudi arabya want xbone 180 becus thay do not know it will use blue ray for games thay think it will be just like the 360 with cheep DVD copy ,ps3 and pa4 use oragnal blue ray
Copy DVD= $3
Oragnal BD= $60
That way.
CaptainFaisal  +   883d ago
Thats not the reason we want it lol its because of the games the Xbox one has to offer and the exclusives are amazing like RISE, SPARK, TITAN FALL, HALO, FORA, DEAD RISING , THE CONTROLLER, etc... And CALL OF DUTY!
S2Killinit  +   883d ago
you realize that PS4 will always have the better (and more) exclusives right?
by the way, spark is not a game, thats like saying the "dark Sorcerer" was a game for Sony.
The controller? its pretty much the same controller as 360.
Call of Duty- coming to PS4.
Tatan Fall- also coming to PS4
Halo- was just a video. probably wont be out for sometime, and honestly, I'm tired of Halo now, Destiny though, that, should be a good game.
ryse was pretty cool if it doesn't get repetitive.
#26.1.1 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
kingmushroom  +   884d ago
Whenever i hear of Saudi Arabia i think of a prince with fast cars and a golden iPhone.
( its al those Hollywood movies in my head)

any way we are all free to choose whats best for us.
Jamaicangmr  +   884d ago
Interesting to say the least.
Sideras  +   883d ago
Well Saudis have been know to spend money on all sorts of useless crap in the past.
PFFT  +   883d ago
Yeah like most are planning on getting a PS4.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   883d ago
Saudi's voted the most for x1 @45%,. while it gets annihilated in every other country,. _-Title fixed.
#30 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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