PlayStation 4 preview: inFamous: Second Son & Driveclub | Metro

Metro: "GameCentral report back on Sony’s other major PS4 games, including racer Driveclub, superhero sim Second Son, and The PlayRoom."

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NewMonday1991d ago

inFamous: Second Son was always going to be day1, but now also joined by KZ:SF and Knack, seeing more of these 2 games hyped me up..

..but out of the 1st party PS4 exclusive launch window games Driveclub looks like a waste of resources and also redundant will all the other racing games coming out, Sony should have just made GT6 a simultaneous launch on PS3/PS4 and included the DriveClub social features in the game.

DoesUs1991d ago

Sony would never of abandoned the 70m+ on such a title as GT6, given that GT5 is over 10m. Also, going forward we should see GT7 within 3 years given the easier architecture with which PD can work their unmatched prowess.

NewMonday1991d ago

just saying put GT6 on ps3 AND ps4

DC is free for PS+ so I can't complain much. and if they can hit 60FPS it could very well be a hit.

claterz1991d ago

I would have loved to see a new motorstorm game from Evolution but I guess theres still plenty of time in the PS4's cycle. DriveClub looks like a decent arcade game but IMO most racing fans will go for GT6, Forza, NFS, The Crew etc. There are so many driving games coming out! lol. So far nothing is making DriveClub stand out from the crowd.

Aceman181991d ago

i'm getting both GT6 and Drive Club. they're both totally different racers.

ded10201991d ago

With all the other racers coming out at the same time, it makes me wish these guys made another Motorstorm again. Remember how crazy that trailer was back in 05-06? Motorstorm would have separated from the pack.

Grimhammer001991d ago

GT6 is a sim

DriveClub is PGR.

PositiveEmotions1991d ago

Ps4 is the frst console that im pre ording for a launch day along with knack and im getting knack to keep me company until infamous ss comes out

Lannister1991d ago

How is Delsin a hipster ?

I love how everybody who knows how to throw some half decent clothes on is a hipster nowadays.

1990d ago
AusRogo1990d ago

Having a shirt buttoned up all the way with pink skinny jeans with a beard and glasses is hipster.. hate these clothing trends!