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CVG: "In multplayer, hordes of players around the world kill one another with nary a concern for pacing or drama, and all in the name of XP and leaderboard prestige. Conversely, single-player FPSs are all about keeping the player on a tight leash: studios want to make the player feel something. There is meant to be purpose and context for every headshot you accrue.

As a raw multiplayer FPS, Titanfall looks promising. Respawn weren't ready to let us play it at E3, but we witnessed a closed 7v7 tournament that served to highlight both the large and subtle ways Titanfall tampers with the format."

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greenpowerz1966d ago

Thanks Respawn we will enjoy it. Can't wait to see the smaller mechs and different Titan types. Will they be wild variations of mechs like Lost Planet? They did say there would be different classes of pilots and titans.

bparks19871966d ago

I love how ps4 trolls put disagree on your post. Losers

Septic1966d ago

Don't worry....they'll be singing praises for it when it gets announced for the PS4. Then it will be the best thing since sliced brea .

deerain1966d ago

How do you know they are PS4 trolls.... This game looks awesome and I can only hope it comes to PS4 but this game alone wont convince me to buy a XBox

FlunkinMonkey1966d ago

Keep it.. Same s***, different toilet. First person shooters are over-saturated to a ridiculous degree.. Not surprising the Yanks are all over a first person, multiplayer only game.


DA_SHREDDER1965d ago

Im a sony fanboy, and there's been tons of mech games throughout gaming history. It's so funny how none of them have ever received the hype that an online only mech game after so many awesome mech games were made? I think its only the fanboys that will care about this game. Oh and quit acting like this game is only on xbox one. Its coming on the 360 and pc as well. I personally love mech games. Zone of the Enders comes to mind. Having mechs in an online only game doesn't even make sense?!

greenpowerz1965d ago

Some could be fascinated by a western armored suit FPS game with two types of gameplay with equal attention to quality.

Maybe it's the next gen action on screen that is more solid and faster on a large scale who knows. The game look very immersive with its crazy physics on foot and in the Mechs.

Wonder if there will be perks with things like the jetpacks etc.

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AlexanderNevermind1966d ago

I think the game looks crazy... I'm sure I won't wait for it to hit the PS4. I'm going to have to get it on PC. The one game for X1 that I covet. Great thing is I have a kick ass PC so I won't have to wait long. Hopefully its released the same time as X1

levian1966d ago

I've always been a Sony guy, although not to the point of fanboyism - I've just owned their consoles. This game looks great, and I'm also a guy who doesn't like FPS games!

It looks like it'll be a nice change from your standard team deathmatch, and with jetpacks and wallrunning (and of course mechs) it looks pretty innovative and fun.

People will downvote anything it seems.

WorldGamer1966d ago

Seems cool, tho I want to see more to make a call on the "innovation" factor. Almost like the new technology is going to drive FPS to new levels.

I'm still looking forward to BF4 the most. 64 players is finally possible, but can't wait to see what comes up next.

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BigShotSmoov0071966d ago

Definitely going to get a X1 for this game. Not sure yet if I'll get a X1 at launch cause i'm still to see launch titles for both system before both consoles come out, but i'll have on just in time for Titanfall.

SideShort1966d ago

With all the praise, guess its safe to say I'm the only one this game didn't impress. Looked like CoD with jet packs and a couple mechs, can't see what all the hype is about.

Wizziokid1966d ago

It didn't wow me either, I'll still probably buy it for PC though since I'm not getting an x1

elhebbo161966d ago

besides the jumping what other way is this game gonna innovate? I've already seen mech's in several other FPS game. Battlefield 2142, Halo 4, Killzone 3 to name a few.

Thomper1966d ago

I guess we will have to wait and see. How much more can you do with a FPS that makes it "innovative"??

Wizziokid1966d ago

well cod has dogs so maybe, Just maybe, Cats ;)

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