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Submitted by Treezy504 883d ago | video

Toonami Gives The Last of Us a Perfect Score

Junkie Monkeys: I have been watching Toonami for a while now and their video game review segments are always interesting, however, I’ve never witnessed them give a game a perfect score... until now. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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Snookies12  +   883d ago
Yay Toonami... So nostalgic having it back. Great score, though as awesome as I found the Last of Us. I wouldn't quite give it a perfect score. Don't get me wrong, it IS a masterpiece, but there are quite a few small glitches that I've noticed while watching multiple friends play through the story. Regardless, the game deserves all the praise it's getting and then some...
ShugaCane  +   883d ago | Well said
I think TLOU should be remembered as one of the only rare games that deserve a perfect score, regardless of those small glitches. I know that no game is perfect, but I just can't think of one single part or element of the game that I didn't like. The graphics, the music, the gameplay, the story. It moved me far beyond my expectations. Don't get me wrong, I get that you loved it, I just wanted to share my point of view too. I would give the game 11 out of 10.
Snookies12  +   883d ago
I completely understand where you're coming from. Naughty Dog outdid themselves with TLOU no doubt. I just wish they'd had a little extra time to sort out those small issues. Either way though, they really gave us an incredible experience with this game, and no one with a PS3 should miss it. :]
Black-Helghast  +   883d ago
It's a pretty awesome game, still this feels so nostalgic. I remember seeing Toonami review Shadow of the Colossus when I was like 12. I love Toonami reviews cause they're actually entertaining.
Prime_28  +   883d ago
The glitches ruined the game for me. Muddy textures and the AI was some of the worst I have ever seen in a video game.
SolidStoner  +   883d ago
Last of us did this to other games -
ZodTheRipper  +   883d ago
The flaws are almost non existent, I'm playing through it for the third time now and didn't notice any big, game breaking issues. If you think about the fact that story, graphics, dialogues, sound, presentation, game length and most importantly gameplay ALL are top-notch you simply CANNOT deny this game a perfect score. Even the multiplayer is very well executed for a game where the single player already justifies it's price. This truly is a masterpiece and I honestly can't understand anyone giving it a lower score than 9.
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   883d ago
The cover system was the only thing about the game that I thought was a draw back.
snipes101  +   882d ago
People have to start realizing that 10/10 doesn't mean perfect, it just means that the game is a prime example of design, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics. There would be no point in having a 10 if no one could use it.

Also, for as many people on here that say they "don't care" about review scores and talk about how dumb they are, review scores sure do spend a lot of time on the front page when a game comes out. Can anyone explain this?
DoomeDx  +   883d ago
Great review. Until he sayed ''Best ZOMBIE game ever''

Zombies? Where?

And beware though. Lots of clips in the review contain major spoilers
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GameSpawn  +   883d ago
The enemies in the game are not zombies in the traditional definition, but in a more general way they are zombie-like.

OT: Keep in mind Steve Blum, The Voice of Tom, likes to play the games he reviews completely through, which is why it takes SO long before you see a review score from Toonami & Tom. Unlike some reviewers that quickly make a decision on either an unfinished review copy or only play small chunks of the game, Steve plays the whole finished product to make a more "informed" decision which is why I like his reviews and trust his scores.

I might be a little biased to backing up Steve, but you gotta give the guy props, just look at all the guy has done:
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mp1289  +   882d ago
Its either this or RE4, oh wait that didnt have zombies either
ZombieGamerMan  +   882d ago
@ GameSpawn while I too am biased to Steve you are still right especially with runners which are almost text book zombies if the text book is called 28 Days Later.

Also Steve might be a little biased himself since he did some minor voice work in it as well.
matrixman92  +   883d ago
I agree...10/10 should mean the game is flawless(which it is not)...the game is amazing, but it has some problems that add up
monkey602  +   883d ago
There is also the idea that there is no point in having a 10 point score on the board if you cant use it. No game is ever going to be perfect doesnt mean it doesnt deserve top praises
itBourne  +   883d ago
You can pick apart anything for minor flaws, Humans are less then perfect and everything we make will be less then perfect. You tell me a game that is a 10/10 then, and I will point out a flaw.
karl  +   883d ago
u know .. u should all start seeing the score rating a little bit differently

i always thought of it as

"how much should u play this game... from 1 to 10"

the last of us .... 10
ginsunuva  +   883d ago
There's no such thing as a perfect game because it's all opinion.

I thought people on the internet were at least slightly intelligent.
cpayne93  +   883d ago
The biggest flaw for me was the friendly ai, while you were trying to stealth they would walk right in front of enemies, who wouldn't even notice them. Was really noticable just because of how immersive the game was in every other way. I wouldn't give it a 10, probably a 9.8 due to some minor flaws. Incredible experience though, a system seller in and of itself.
jimmywolf  +   883d ago
they said they did do a play test were enemy could see your ai partner, an players did not like it an made the game harder less fun.

so for game play sake they choose too make it were they only spotted you
cpayne93  +   883d ago
@jimmywolf don't get me wrong, I understand how frustrating that would be. It would just be better if the freindly ai did a better job of staying behind you when you were playing stealthily, watching friendly and enemy ai bump into each other with no effect broke the immersion.
itBourne  +   883d ago
Yah, I think I only had this problem once the entire game. I have watched others have the problem a lot more tho, in all cases they were playing on medium. Not really sure why this should make a difference, maybe just the pace you play at or something. Because medium almost ruins the game in my opinion, its no where near a survival game, thus playing at much faster pace. Not quite sure the logic behind it.
cpayne93  +   883d ago
Really? I had this happen quite a few times, and I played the game on hard. Maybe I just had bad luck.
Inception  +   883d ago
My little advice: try playing it on survivor cause the AI mostly stays behind you. But the risk they will death also higher if you got spotted by the enemies. I got a few game over when my ally got bitten by clickers.
cpayne93  +   883d ago
So if I play it on the very highest difficulty the problem goes away? That sort of seems wierd to me? Why would that matter? It still happened to me plenty of times on hard.
Temporary  +   883d ago
I noticed on my first playthrough on Hard that sometimes the friendly AI sneaks around and walks right in front of enemies, even bumping into them sometimes. It didnt break the game for me though, I liked the fact that my allies werent a factor when it came to getting caught by enemies, because I like to play mostly stealth. If allies got caught the game would be nearly impossible to complete with stealth.
Inception  +   883d ago
I said the AI 'mostly' stays behind you. I don't say the problem completely goes away. Maybe that will lessen your problem with the AI.
Do you think it's because Steven Blum (Tom's voice actor) was also in the last of us lol.

great review though surprised he didn't mention the mp though.
Rusty515  +   883d ago
A perfect score doesn't mean the game has no flaws. If that was the case, no game would have a 10/10.
matrixman92  +   883d ago
no game ever should get a perfect score in my mind...perfects have come to mean what they shouldnt mean
Reverent  +   883d ago
@matrix, by that logic, 10 should just not exist as a ratable number. Then we'd just have 9/9. Oh, but wait, then 9 would mean a perfect score... So we'd have to take out 9 and make it an 8/8... And so on. You see where I'm getting with this?

Thinking the way you do is just ignorant.
jimmywolf  +   883d ago
am curios Thu what game made deserve a perfect score too you then?

the more complex the game the more likely something will be bugged no mater how many tester you have

also could been for every one bug they fixed it made 2 more so they loop the processes in till they thought they got them all
THE-COMMANDER  +   883d ago
I didn't witness any glitches while playing, can you give me an example of those glitches?
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GraveLord  +   883d ago
A perfect score doesn't mean the game has no glitches. It just means the game accomplished what it set out to do and any glitches are minor and forgettable.
TrollExterminator   883d ago | Spam
Tapewurm  +   882d ago
Played this on Hard Mode from the beginning and finished it this morning....(took a week off for vacation shortly after I got it), but I truly didn't notice any issues in gameplay or AI...this game is pretty much as close to perfect as you can get. Been playing some of the multiplayer and restarted single player in Hard Mode Plus to pick up some things I missed...(trophies, items, etc...) If any game ever deserved a 10 it is this one.
FamilyGuy  +   882d ago
I haven't seen a Toonami review in a loooooong time, this was awesome.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   882d ago
That review video is FULL of spoilers!
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seepamann  +   883d ago
They give it because tlou deserve it
2pacalypsenow  +   883d ago
Man Toonami reminds me of the Ps2 days. I miss the old days
yewles1  +   883d ago
190 perfect scores now... beating Uncharted 2 by a now overwhelming 32 counts... *jaw drops*
Bathyj  +   883d ago
where'd you get that figure?

just asking cos I'd wondered how many perfect scores it got but I know meta and game rankings don't count everyone.
CaEsAr-  +   883d ago
Select score sorting
Bathyj  +   883d ago
wow, impressive.
Ha, what were those 30 or so clowns that have this game under 9 thinking. one have it a 4. could they be more off the mark?
macusa22  +   883d ago
Best game I played this year
seanpitt23  +   883d ago
Not surprising.. its the best game I have ever played.
r21  +   883d ago
Hehehe, even TOM likes it :D For me, its my GOTY and second place going to Metro: Last Light and Bioshock Infinite, they're both tied IMO.

Also, folks, if you still wanna play TLOU with a fresh experience, dont watch this video. Its got tons of spoiling scenes and moments.
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quaneylfc  +   883d ago
isn't toonami a kids channel?
MonChiChi  +   883d ago
quaneylfc  +   883d ago
it fookin' is, i used to watch cartoons on toonami every day when i was little, not anymore im past 12 years old... it was a rhetorical question.
#8.1.1 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(13) | Report
akiraburn  +   883d ago
Actually, Toonami was just the name given to a block of time that Cartoon Network played anime, action cartoons, and similar content. It was first run a while ago with Moltar from Space Ghost as the narrator, but within a relatively short timeframe that concept was completely scrapped and revamped with a different setting and host. It was narrated by a robot named T.O.M. who has been voiced by Steven J Blum for the majority of the character's life (he's most recognized for his work as Spike from Cowboy Bebop).

The Toonami block that you are probably familiar with or remember was cancelled in 2008. However due to a lot of fan requests to bring it back, just last year Toonami was reintroduced in a different format. It now occupies the time slot for the set of late-night Saturday anime series that are aired on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" program block. Their programs are now a bit more graphic due to them having that capability with late-night time block. Hope that helps to clarify things.
quaneylfc  +   882d ago
haha ok, shit one then :P wondered why they showed the gory bits on it
MonChiChi  +   883d ago
Toonami is on ADULTSWIM at 12 A.M., It is not your old Toonami.
BlaqMagiq24  +   883d ago
Should've watched it when they had Deadman Wonderland on there. That would've changed your opinion real quick.
DarkHeroZX  +   882d ago
Toonami is the adult swim for anime. If you let your little kids watch toonami then you may be seen as irresponsible.
Ser  +   882d ago
Only if you consider stuff like Cowboy Bebop to be kids' material.
kenshiro100  +   882d ago
They do more than show cartoons dear.
kenshiro100  +   882d ago
Double post. ._.
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MonChiChi  +   883d ago
Well deserving. Was hoping TOM would review it soon. Great game and well deserved.
goldwyncq  +   883d ago
Some spoilers in the vid. Be careful.
mixelon  +   883d ago
Yeah i noticed that. It was dripping with spoilers.

Luckily we've all finished it already.. But I'd be annoyed if TV spoilered games. Jeez.
Enemy  +   883d ago
The Last of Us is the kind of game I've been waiting to play since this generation started. There's been nothing else like it in terms of immersion and quality. It still surprises me, I never would have thought, that the first real survival horror game of this generation was to be developed by Naughty Dog. No matter what genre these guys tackle, they always come out victorious. ND are not from this planet.
DigitalRaptor  +   883d ago
I'm looking back to that specific part of Drake's Fortune, then playing The Last of Us. They've grown so much since they formed, but it really shows how far Naughty Dog have come, this generation alone.
MonChiChi  +   883d ago
The ability of Naughty Dog to take such a serious spin on a game, is amazing and shows just how good they are at their work.

I mean Uncharted series was serious in it's own way but nothing like this, that touched home.
Bathyj  +   883d ago
I'm loving my second play through on survivor difficulty.

just got past the bit with the first bloater. managed to pass it in my first try, though I have died plenty. it's definitely a stiff challenge and playing without the "hearing" mode is definitely the way to go.

I worry though, ammo and supplies are so scarce I wonder if I'll be able to get through but I suspect the game gives you more when you need more and not so much when you don't.
wenaldy  +   883d ago
Ahhhh.. Im surprised that Toonami emerged after a long deep slumber.. :)
Prcko  +   883d ago
what is this?
revolution in gaming industry?
last of us is really masterpiece,this is unbelievable
badboy776  +   883d ago
Toonami still comes on????
Evildoomnerd  +   883d ago
They brought it back due to positive reception after Adult Swim pulled a switcheroo on their usual April Fools programming, which was showing Tommy Wisseau's "The Room", replacing it with Toonami last year.
BlaqMagiq24  +   883d ago
Even Toonami gives it a perfect score. This is truly the GOTY people.

BTW always loved Toonami doing reviews back in the day.
girevik  +   883d ago
I love this game! I'm only a hour in and I'm blown away. Being a dad with a daughter, the first part broke my heart. If a game can elicit that type of emotion from me than its a fantastic game.

I always chuckle when people are mad at a game receiving a 10/10. To me a 10/10 means the game is the pinnacle of its genre and craft. It doesn't mean it's literally "perfect" but it is the best of the best.
Bathyj  +   882d ago
I've played that prolouge 3 times and I had the same furrowed brow, open mouth look everytime I played it, even though I knew what was coming.


Playing as the Daughter gave you a sense of her vulnerability and reliance on her Dad. Then switching to the father gave you a feeling of longing to protect. Then having her ripped away gave loss and despair like no other game, or maybe even movie has ever done before.

Brilliant stuff Naughty Dog. You truly deserve all these accolades.

I cant believe that there were/are haters that labeled this game as simply Uncharted with Zombies. The games may be similar in mechanics but they are poles apart in tone.
#17.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
girevik  +   882d ago
Well spoken! I've always appreciated your comments.

So, I couldn't stop playing. My wife actually was watching during a section that had clickers. She said that was the creepiest and scariest thing she has ever seen.
RedSoakedSponge  +   883d ago
i wish people could stop calling them zombies. they arent reanimated corpses. they are still alive, just gonna bat shit crazy. they are "infected".

rant over. good review lol.
Bathyj  +   882d ago
Yeah, do people not realise Zombies are dead people who walk around. These guys arent dead, they are just sick. Would you call someone with rabies a zombie?

The whole idea is that its not some fantastical virus or hell opening its gates, its a real thing that is in the world today, it just infects other species, not humans.

In the planet earth doco it explains that if a species becomes too dominant, nature has a way of cutting its numbers back and that each species that is targeted has its own specific fungus that attacks it. The thought of a fungus mutating to humans is totally plausible, and thats what makes it scary.
noctis_lumia  +   883d ago

best game of the year e.n.o.u.g.h s.a.i.d
danthebios  +   883d ago
I knew i made the right choice for not owning a xbox 360 and have been proud to own a ps3,now looking forward for the ps4:).
plaZeHD  +   882d ago
You should have owned both. Some of the arcade games on Xbox Live shouldn't be missed.
DasTier  +   882d ago
You feel proud?

Yeaaah, maybe you should get out more.
Jury  +   882d ago
I'm buying this in a few hours! Very excite!
TheHardware  +   882d ago
the last of us is a terrible game....It doesn't allow me to sleep

PFFT  +   882d ago
This game is actually a 100/10!
Yes its that amazing!
level 360  +   882d ago
Should be 110% plus an Oscar citation/win.
nzeroj  +   882d ago
You guys do know that Steve did some of the voices for "The Last of Us". If you have played multiplayer you have probably heard him or if you played close attention to some of the bad guys in the single player you hear his voice. So this review even though I agree with it might not be so impartial lol.
GentlemenRUs  +   882d ago
Toonami still around O_O?

But yep, This game is GOTG!
DasTier  +   882d ago
Toonami as in the old anime part of cartoon network? Remind me to get their opinion on other things they know nothing about!

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