Who believes what?

EuroGamer: "What Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo think about games and why it matters."

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thomasmiller1990d ago

Yeah right, The wonderful 101, monolith's new RPG X, spin the bottle, Bayonetta 2, Which is a new franchise for nintendo, and look at past games, TRAUMA CENTER, PIKMIN, ANIMAL CROSSING, MAD WORLD,WII SPORTS... it's not just mario zelda and Donkey Kong, the new stuff comes from nintendo as well, the one sided video game media just doesn't want to mention it.

kingdip901990d ago

Anyone that created a system that will allow a skype call to show up on screen while I am playing a game doesn't care about game immersion. Microsoft believes in big immersive games my ass

spockontherock1990d ago

What i loved about Sony was how they brought a bunch of indie developers and their games on the stage. I think that was one of the best part of E3 for me. I have never been a big indie gamer but this year i would be opening myself to the genre and supporting them vigorously. I am not much of a person of faith, but morality and business ethics are pretty important to me. I do understand Sony has to make money and is a For profit business entity however they showed everybody how you can have ethics in such a cut throat industry.

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