Hil-IGN: Publishers Need to Start Doing Right by Gamers

After thinking for a while about all the work Rockstar North puts in that is financially not necessary to sell their game, Hilary reflects:

"And we know GTA IV will sell -- with or without all that content. Rockstar doesn't have to offer so much. But they do. And that raises the question: Why do so many other publishers think they can get away with giving us crap?"

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xhi43672d ago

GTA IV will be the first game this whole fu**in generation that will take me longer than 15 hours to complete..........its a disgrace really.

But some games have such amazing quality, but are just not worth it because its so SHORT! If they had made it like the made games like Kingdom Hearts, that's bang for your bucK!

I think a lot of people feel this way, and I really am fed up.

I only rent most games now, and am going to buy GTA IV.....why? Because its damn fuc*in worth it.

LastDance3672d ago

I would rather quality over quantity.

However this generation, the games have been lacking severly.

N4M3L3553672d ago

Hilary would join Team Playstation. He's highly critical and I appreciate his honestly and bluntness. I've read his articles, reviews, previews, and even listened to Three Red Lights occasionally and I love his passion for gaming. This blog just says everything a smart gamer thinks. Right on, Hil!

TheExecutive3672d ago

i agree, I think that people like R* are proud of their work and really put their name on the product they produce. Its too bad other people dont put the same kind of pride in their work *cough* Madden *cough*

wiizy3672d ago

now thats a good question to ask.

Citizen Cook3672d ago

COD4 is 5 hours. And its great for that! Games don't HAVE to be 60 hours long. Many don't suit that kind of length To tell a good story.

Take Bioshock for example. Its around 30hours. Why? When you kill Ryan, THAT should eb the end, not 15 hours later! Ken even admitted so at GCD. Its all about story and pacing. Films are different lenghts, so are books, why should games be any different? The game must serve the story and not the other way round.

I hate it when people complain about the length of a game. Thinking, if its not over 60 hours we're somehow getting ripped off.

No one forces us to pay for COD4 and its 5 hours of gameplay. We do so because of the quality, the cinematic adventure, which would be ruined if it were 60 hours. Some games suit 5 hours, some suit 60.
Don't like it,don't buy it. Just don't come online b!tching about it!

Would you want to watch a 60 hour movie? Fu(k no! So why would you want to play a 60 hour game? As we get more and more powerful consoles, story, plot, and character become more important. Extra levels not only water down the story and pacing, they also ruin formula. Too much of something can spoil a good game if it goes on and on and on...

I'd rather have 5 amazing hours on COD4, than 20 or 60 on some lame ass game with little plot and repetive gameplay and levels any day of the week.


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