VGS- Xbox One Hands On Interview "Xbox One is for Gamers"

This week on VGS… we go hands on with Xbox One, hopefully answering all of your biggest fears and hopes. Xbox’s Canada’s Craig Flannagan joins the show to discuss why you need to pick up the Xbox One this Holiday season.

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Zichu1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

So this means it is now then

N4GCB1998d ago

The region locking was worse, it wasn't just the normal pal and ntsc, or region 1 / region 2 / etc stuff it was specific to every damn country.

Not released in your zone? too bad, how about importing a xbox one from the usa so you can play your usa import copy? to bad, both the game and console won't work.

It was so stupid and I'm surprised more people didn't complain about that.

bjmartynhak1997d ago

I complain about it too. For example, I just haven't bought a WiiU because I'm living abroad and coming back in a year, but I was able to buy my second PS3 (I left the first for my GF.

It is not only about importing, it is also about people that have crazy jobs!

Army_of_Darkness1997d ago

This was what the ps4 said in the very beginning.

Aceman181997d ago

big company tries to f**k with my consumer rights i don't easily forget, and i don't easily forgive.

i'll patiently wait a few years, and price drops down to around $200 before i think about purchasing the system.

also if they can easily reserve course, they just as easily reserve course back to what it was.

defyenz1997d ago

You have the rights not to consume the product as you have stated and with so much defiance, you still plan to purchase the product when the price drops to $200. you're not making any sense,sir.Either you want it or not.

Aceman181997d ago


Key part there is I said I'll think about it. Its not 100% that I'll buy it even when both of my conditions are met.

redwin1997d ago

Lol, you come to this site and go to an article for the system you say you hate and you waste your time writing a comment. That doesn't make cense. You know you have a better experience in the box you are just listening to other people talk sh##. Microsoft has done far more for games than Sony will ever do. And remembers, Sony also had that DRM on like the box, they just took it out at the last minute along with the camera. Lol. But I know you knew that already .

Aceman181997d ago


ok if you say so. i'll have you know i've owned both the xbox (which i loved), and a 360(which started gathering dust) because they stopped supporting it with new and varied exclusives for the last 3 years.

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dolkrak1997d ago

An underpowered machine is not for gamers. Multiplats will run better on PS4.

Manic20141997d ago

So you are basically saying that Console's Such as Wii, 360 was underpowered compared to the PS3 so all gamer's should just go to PS3?

Same with the wii u and Xbox one is underpowered compared to PS4 so gamer's should go to the PS4?

That's just being ignorant.

cpayne931997d ago

Games are not all about graphics though. The ps2 was less powerful than the cube and xbox, but it had so many good games. Are you saying the ps2 wasn't for gamers?

Foxgod1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

With an opinion like yours, you should get a pc, not a console.

Sitdown1997d ago

I don't even play pc games, but pretty sure this is where one of them comes in and says, well all consoles are under power in comparison to to pc gaming rigs, and quickly only gamers play on pc. Love how people are always trying to define a gamer based on what fits their illogical thinking.

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TheSaint1998d ago

Sure, if your gamers like watching TV through their console and paywalls for everything.

Oh right, that's nothing to do with gaming.

Blackdeath_6631998d ago

...and if they like having to put up with advertisements and enjoy dancing in front of a camera. in all fairness though there are some people who do enjoy that so to those people more power to you enjoy next gen gaming if that's how you envision it

CrossingEden1998d ago

yea but having a load of exclusives compared to the competition has more to do with gaming then Sony talking about tv and motion pictures at e3 for half an hour -_-

Shuyin1998d ago

You don't have more exclusives. You just think you do. Sony just hasn't revealed them all. In fact, what you saw was only a small fraction.
You'll see when Gamescom comes around.

BluEx6101997d ago

Past 3 years Xbox 360 only had Gears, Halo, Forza, and Kinect games. This year alone PS3 has/having God of War, Guacamelee, Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, Rain, and Beyond 2 Souls. MS abandoned their core fanbase 3 years ago on 360, with that they better have a lot of exclusives right off the bat for Xbox One.

Sony has way more studios and has indie support. If you really believe MS will have more exclusives in the long run, then you're blind. MS throws money into NFL/Activision/EA/TV Series ETC, but yet they don't support Bungie or Epic Games which are both now making multi plat games.

I bought a 360 right at launch. Had great line up of games/exclusives for the first couple of years. But the past 3 years have been sorry. Games like Alan Wake, Fable III and even State of Decay I can play on my PC. MS went on to support Kinect so much that they forgot about their core fan base. They loved Kinect so much that they're shoving it down consumers throat in the next Xbox One.

Hicken1997d ago

And Sony talking about their game console and what it can do with games at its reveal has more to do with gaming than Microsoft talking about TV and sports deals for an hour at their reveal.

Besides, everybody knows Sony's track record, as far as bringing a slew of exclusives is concerned. Remind me: what big exclusives are coming to the 360 this year? Which ones has it already had for the year?

Meanwhile, on PS3: Ni no Kuni, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and plenty more. If they're giving that type of support to their outgoing system the year its replacement hits the market, what kind of support do you think the incoming console will get?

Oh, wait, my bad. I mistook you for someone with common sense.

My mistake, won't happen again.

bviperz1997d ago

I think you just got the knowledge bomb dropped on you there Eden. It's funny how 360 fans with blinders on keep spouting this 'more exclusives' stuff because of what MS showed at E3, yet seem to forget what has been happening all this time. MS isn't going to suddenly change it's stripes, despite of what was shown at E3, they just want you to buy their product. They spend the most money in advertising and endorsements, and they're good at getting you to blindly buy their products.

Skips1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

"Sony talking about tv and motion pictures at e3 for half an hour"


Sony didn't even spend 10 min on TV unlike the ENTIRE HOUR Microsoft spent on all that garbage for their entire REVEAL in May. LOL!

Here, I'll even post it for you... XD
Starts @ 57min.. Sorry, but nice try kiddo...

"yea but having a load of exclusives compared to the competition"

Oh how misinformed you are. XD

Sony has 20 FIRST party titles coming in the first year compared to just 15 from MS's mediocre/no name first party developers. lol. And that isn't even including all the "PC/Console exclusives", and indie exclusives PS4 will get over Xbox One! XD

Jesus, it's like you people forgot how to do simple math. -___-

- 20 exclusives is GREATER than 15 exclusives...

- 1 hour spent on gimmicks and TV garbage is GREATER than 10 min...

^^^ Was that too hard for you to understand??? Would you like me to repeat it?


JokesOnYou1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Well saying you will have alot and what will actually hit store shelves are 2 different things. Sure micro had a lull in big time exclusives for me in the later part of 2010-2011 due to the kinect kiddie crap game focus but there was a few gems too and plenty of great multiplats on the flip side sonys record is not without its blemishes with the start of this gen marred by underwhelming but highly praised early games like Lair, Haze, etc I mean it was quite a while before ps3 hit its stride, then you had all the delays, then all those ps3 exclusive list containing The Agent and The Last Guardian, more games that are still vaporware, now these days although some swear ps3 has all these absolutely amazing games every other month until recently with TLOU there hasn't been anything amazing since Unchartered3, its subjective but I don't see all these amazing exclusives everybody cant wait to play.

So I'm not here to bash ps just adding balance on the situation. Both have had their faults and clearly both have made changes to remedy them sony has better PR and micro has shown new commitment to core games with billions invested in games, its was evident at E3. Hell if the past meant that nothing will change or that it always repeats then ps4 would be most expensive, wii u would be lighting up the sales charts and X1 would not have tried to introduce used game drm. Things change, you can't live in the past, what matters to me is whats available now and what works best for me.

DragonKnight1997d ago

@JokesOnYou: The difference between Sony and MS in your example is that Sony's troubles started at the beginning, which happens to all consoles, while MS CHOSE to ignore the core base towards the end of the 360's life. Microsoft actively chose to pursue the casual audience over and above the core audience, Sony didn't choose to have games like Lair or Haze flop.

I think that people need to manage your expectations. Both companies spewed out numbers of exclusives but no one knows what kind of games those exclusives are yet.

One thing is for sure though. inFamous: Second Son is AWESOME!

MikeMyers1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

"Meanwhile, on PS3: Ni no Kuni, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and plenty more. If they're giving that type of support to their outgoing system the year its replacement hits the market, what kind of support do you think the incoming console will get?
Oh, wait, my bad. I mistook you for someone with common sense."

Common sense would leave me to believe a topic about the Xbox One should not lead to Sony fans talking about the PS3 exclusives. Common sense would be to ask these individuals why do they persist to come into Xbox related topics to never talk about the Xbox and if they do it's in a negative way all the time? Common sense would be for moderators to get rid of this stealth trolling that seems to resonate far too much on this site. Common sense would also be that we are all gamers and this division in gamers shouldn't even exist in the first place. That is the job of the console makers, not gamers, to continually promote themselves.

"One thing is for sure though. inFamous: Second Son is AWESOME!"

Interesting. You came into a Xbox One topic to promote a PS4 exclusive and not talk about games like Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5 and Ryse. So who does that bedsides Sony fanboys?

I think it's time people on here stop with the hidden agendas and start focusing on the topics at hand.

So far what they have shown at E3 it looks as though they are committed to giving us games for gamers. What happens in 3 years or 5 years time we don't know but so far things are looking good.

DragonKnight1997d ago

@Mike: Again, you know the drill.

Hicken1997d ago

So who brought Sony up first? Don't think it was me. Somebody started talking about how Sony did something that was less about games.

Funny how I don't see you responding to them.

I wonder why it is that we NEVER see you responding to the ridiculous MS fans?

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BABY-JEDI1998d ago

Beware! This console is for gamers!

WeAreLegion1998d ago

Starts off with a Macklemore song.


WeAreLegion1997d ago

Haha. That's ok. I still gave the site excellent and yes. I just don't like the music. We all have different tastes. :) Bubbles.

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