Xbox Evolved - Battlefield Bad Company Multiplayer Hands-On

Xbox Evolved takes a look through at the beta for Battlefield: Bad Company and sees if its worth paying attention to. Battlefield fans will be pleases, while other may not.

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ichimaru3616d ago

game is one pf the best looking titles this year graphically, IMO
not just the explosions either

Blaze9293616d ago

agree, i was expecting more

Mattey3616d ago

Did anyone else notice all the grammer and spelling mistakes, seriously it was getting out of hand.

ArmrdChaos3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Although it is probably too early to sounds like the only thing that might have someone pick this up over COD4 would be their desire to use vehicles or play on bigger maps.

The locked for purchase weapons is a load of crap. Maybe one compromise would be to allow weapons for purchase for those who wish to have them right away as opposed to gain the experience to unlock them. It might be rather annoying for those who choose to earn them but at least it might allow EA to make their money without locking them out entirely for purchase.

Martini3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Played the beta and besides the destruction everything else is average at best - not very impressed at all, lot's of issues they need to fix and not enough time IMO. If they decide to go ahead and charge for the weapons then they can go fucck themselfs I ain't buying it and advise you do the same.
This rewiev sucks he didn't even play the other map and says the jeeps have good acceleration ?? WTF ? the jeeps are so painfully slow you can barely keep up with a tank !

Spydiggity3615d ago

this review might be right on most accounts, but i'm watching the videos of people playing the beta and it looks fun as hell and the graphics are leaps and bounds beyond call of duty and everyone praised that last gen joke for having great graphics.

Martini3615d ago

I play both and they are not better then COD 4.