PS4 Pre-Orders Easy, But Predecessors Near Impossible on Launch Day

TheHDRoom: "E3 2013 is nearly three weeks old and now a memory. Not a distant one, yet, but fading with each passing minute. With the big Microsoft and Sony media briefings came the first PS4 pre-orders and Xbox One pre-orders, and both are still available to lock into today with just a few simple key strokes on a computer.

It wasn't always this easy."

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Gamesgbkiller1970d ago

Unless Sony showed more launch games at Gamescom & TGS.

Jaqen_Hghar1970d ago

a writer is not saying there's less demand just that online shopping has made it easier and guaranteed launch day delivery keeps people from having to stand in line.

yeahokchief1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

thank the lord baby jesus for granting us the almighty and its little baby $3 release day shipping and no sales tax. $407.97 This is one of the most inexpensive console launches ever. It's gonna be HOT.

I'm predicting they'll sellout and you can put it up onsale online for at least $600 for christmas. ima keep mine tho. screw it.

pretty sure this is going to be the biggest console launch in history and will trump the ps2.

irepbtown1969d ago

Demand is definitely there, the great thing is; now there's no need to wait in front of a store on a cold winters night. You could be making one click and have a PS4 guaranteed by Amazon for launch day delivery.

abzdine1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

did you even bother reading the article??

The writer compares old generations where it wasn't possible to pre-order a console online it was hard to be guaranteed to get a console day one and people were forced to camp for days in front the shops but now thanks to the internet things are much easier.

DeFFeR1969d ago

There will still be dorks camping... and at least one asshat who smashes them in the parking lot.

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Xof1970d ago

Definitely at TGS.

So far, we've -ONLY- seen Western launch games. It's silly to think Japanese developers will sit this one out.

For example: every single Sony console thus far has had a Gundam game at launch. The big Gundam development studio and Bandai (the fine folks who brought us Senki) haven't released a game in something like 3 years. So odds are they're working on a PS4 launch game.

nnodley1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Not trying to start anything, but I've read/heard from multiple sources that Sony still has 1 maybe 2 more launch games to announce and that will be at gamescom more than likely. And then TGS they will announce the Japan release date and some launch titles only for Japan since a lot of games made in Sony's first party japan studios release there first because they are focused for japan audience.

lilbrat231969d ago

Online might be the only way to preorder. My local Best Buy and gamestop no longer have preorders as of right now it might change later.

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Soldierone1970d ago

I still remember camping out for my PS3. Its the only reason I want one at GameStop instead of Amazon. I want to go stand in line and talk with people again.

We had to wait in line not only to buy it, but to pre-order it. GameStop said when pre-orders would start, and people were standing in line the day before to get one. Then on launch all those people were there a day or two ahead, and then 30+ more people even though GameStop said they only had 15 or 20. lol

pixelsword1970d ago

I had to camp out 3 or four times because they ran out. I was pissed because, if memory serves, I asked each one if they were going to have it and they each said yes.

Soldierone1970d ago

The funny thing is, I left GameStop then went to Bestbuy to get some sale thing (i think they had controllers on sale for launch) Walk in, and a shipment literally just came in. Walk down the PlayStation aisle and 3 PS3's were sitting there, the BestBuy guy goes "Do you want one since you were here first?" I go, "no already have one" while in my head going "why the eff do I not have an extra 600 dollars right now!!!!" lol

Within seconds a bum rush goes by me to get the last 3 and the employee goes "thats it, we wont have more till next week. Sorry"

It was like that for about a month. They said they had one, couldn't hold it for you for some reason, then you arrive and couldn't find it. I was trying to help my friend get one so we could play online.

madpuppy1970d ago

I remember standing in front of gamestop (it might have been EB at the time) on a cold november night around 11:00 hanging out talking and waiting till 12:00 to pick up my launch XB360.

Funny thing, not one person there was under 35, it was just a bunch of men and I think one guy was there with his wife.

that is why I laugh when people say games are corrupting kids, it looks more to me that adults are in the majority.

P.S. XB360 was the worst consumer experience I ever had with a piece of electronic hardware in my life. damn thing was like the Yugo of electronics.

Soldierone1970d ago

You are so lucky. The GameStop I went to was stupid and made us wait till the morning it opened to give it to us. I don't remember the excuse, but we couldn't get it until 6AM. I remember seeing the GameStop employees eating over at McDonalds, then taking their sweet time to open the store lol (I don't go to this GameStop anymore)

Then I go home and the news reports that it was one of the coldest nights the state had.

T21969d ago

Haha great stories , andthink this was to get the 649 (cdn) launch ps3 which supposedly sold poorly...
Imagine the rush to grab a 399 ps4 .... Sony will need millions for the first month alone

madpuppy1969d ago

It's funny, but, I live in central FL and that night back in November 2005 was freaking freezing out. I was thinking to myself I left New York so I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of weather.

Funny, now I appreciate the cooler weather here in FL.

Talamak1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I remember getting the PS3 bundle with Motorstorm about a year after the initial least I believe that's how it went if memory serves me correct, it was an 80gb phatty w/ backwards was cool because I was in high school and just started working at Wal-mart, so I knew when they'd come in

mydyingparadiselost1970d ago

I was working at Wal Mart too when it came out, I didn't pick one up but I still remember there being a collection of people waiting for it overnight. They were even able to get a TV from electronics hooked up to play Mortal Kombat until the wait was over. Good times.

Darth Gamer1970d ago

Too funny. Memories of the PS2 launch came flooding back after reading that article. I waited in a huge line in a mall in Rochester NY to get a chance at coming home with a brand new PS2 for hours. It was funny though because the mall security wouldn't let us wait in the parking lot before midnight. There were tons of us there. So, everyone had to get back in their cars and hundreds of us headed across the street to the local supermarket parking lot and filled that up quickly. We all waited there until about 30 min to midnight and as soon as one car made off to the mall, we all gunned it to try to get a front spot in the line. It was chaos but I was able to snag one in the end.

As it turned out though, I brought it home with a buddy of mine, hooked it up and played till 5 in the morning on SSX. went to work the next day 2 hours later and after a full day, I went home to play more, EXCEPT, MY PS2 WOULDN'T TURN ON AGAIN!!!! I went back to the mall two minutes later and by a stroke of luck, they purposefully didn't sell two units in case there was a broken one. I snagged a second and loved it for many years.

abzdine1970d ago

i got my in Paris Champs Elysées in Virgin Megastore shop, it was black of people and PS2s were stacked in height!! it was crazy people went berserk to get one

Sitdown1970d ago

Picked up my 360 on a snowy night, good thing it was at a Gamestop in a mall. Despite being #7 on the Gamestop ps3 preorder list, I did not receive it until a week later in the 2nd wave. This go round got both preordered at Amazon and both as backup at best buy....socially I will miss the lines, but physically I won't.

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