Ubisoft teases on next-gen GRAW

Videogaming247 reports:

"Visiting the official Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter site brings up a Flash teaser for what appears to be the next game in the GRAW series (thanks daniel-plainview). No real details, but at least we know it's on the way now, as if there was ever any doubt."

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Blademask3619d ago

anyone? Or will the real next generation of gaming be called "next next gen" This Game Gen sucks.

snoop_dizzle3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

i never got the title "next gen" either since its current gen....but its the title of the original story.

oh well.

This could be cool..i liked the previous GRAWS.

Breakfast3619d ago

lol @Blademask...were gonna need roman numerals pretty soon

next gen I
next gen II

Its like the Super Bowl

Bolts3619d ago

Nextgen start with GT5 and MGS4's release date.

Ju3619d ago

That article talks about next gen Graw, like in Graw3. So why is that not the next generation Graw ? I can't find any ref to Graw3 on the Ubi's site, though. But RB6V2 came quickly, too. Hope they'll bring that soon.

wageslave3618d ago

This is 7th Gen.

Get lost troll.

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ichimaru3619d ago

i loked the old tom clacy R6 games on the PSX. GRAW is awesome too

snoop_dizzle3619d ago

hmm thats seems to be working for me...i don't know...sorry man. Could it be your connection?

BilI Gates3619d ago

Works for me as well. Must be your connection.

Rob4Vendetta3619d ago

maybe its time to upgrade that 56K to something a little better

myothercar3619d ago

GRAW 3 can't be considered next-gen since they turned the next-gen page with GRAW 1. And it's kind of pathetic that they're already on their 3rd GRAW when the generation only started 2 years ago. Come on... for the sake of us gamers, take your TIME with games.

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