Wii Wheel (aka: plastic shell) sold separately for $14.99

If you're just sure Nintendo's Wii Wheel peripheral is going to make your Mario Kart Wii game that much better, you may want to nab a second (remember, one comes in the box). Lucky for you, Gamestop is more than happy to take your money well before the game's April 27th release, with their latest circular promoting preorders for the game and – what's this? – a single Wii Wheel sold separately for $14.99.

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Fux4Bux3762d ago

Nintendo's greed strikes again!

ChickeyCantor3761d ago

how is it greed, you DONT have to buy it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3762d ago

You know what? Steering wheels are free at the junkyard.

Just tape your wiimote to a real steering wheel for ultimate comfort!!!

solidworm3762d ago

W.I.I a.k.a. wholly inadequate,idiotic. Nintendo are now officially the Stock, Aitken, Waterman of the games industry. No more romanticising of the brand people, theyre out for your money. No other compay as ever been as shameless in conning there dwindling hardcore supporters. While former loyalists leave to go next gen that guy next door who thinks a playstation is a vibrator buys one. Internet forums around the globe ignore the wii like it doesnt exist, why?
Because it modern gaming terms it doesnt.No one talks about it save to quote numbers. So what the wii sells by the million, so does toilet paper.

IntelligentAj3761d ago

And the sad part is most of the casual(read vulnerable) Wii owners are going to throw their money away on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.