Pixels to paper - 10 videogame novels reviewed

Videogame novels are easy to scoff at. And not just because the average videogame plot is thinner than the paper the tie-in novel is printed on. They're unashamedly commercial, often branded with references to the 'award-winning' game that inspired the hacked-out work of fiction, and the writing quality is... Well. Adequate. But gamers love them.

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Bonsai12143711d ago

i actually really enjoyed the halo books and the starcraft books. i haven't read the newest halo book yet though. gotta find someone to leech it off of..

Breakfast3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Yea i heard the halo books are really good...they have alot of stuff thats not in the game.

To bad the last book i read was Charlie and the Choclate Reading books is not my thing.

Bonsai12143711d ago

yeah, it gives you a deeper level of immersion than the game does. makes you feel for the characters. also makes you wonder why they didn't implement more of the story into the game, especially since the author of the books is the writer for the series. anyways, go Linda and Kelly. my favorite characters. and the way that Kurt went out... legendary.

ichimaru3711d ago

if you like sci-fi, the Halo stories are great, they really are deep, and adventurous. great read

Hellgiver3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I've read all the Diablo books, Starcraft books, Halo books, and MOST of the warcraft books. I have to say the one piece of advice I have to give is DO NOT READ NOVA. I read it just because I like the Ghost in Starcraft. The author is Reeeeeaaaaally bad at dialogue, makes a number of glaring spelling errors (which normally I can deal with), and misses obvious solutions to conflicts in the book. I made it through using all my will.

Also, the Sin Was was okay. It had good story telling, but yes the sentences often were worded weirdly. However, because the first book was released at least a year or two before the 2nd one, it was hard to remember anything that happened in the previous one. Also, there wasn't very much sorcery or necromancers, which was something I really enjoyed in previous Diablo books. However, the main character has some powers, but not the kind I relate to Diablo universe.

Just a few thoughts :)

RecSpec3711d ago

The old bait and switch, get them hooked on Halo books then step up to stronger stuff like Tom Clancy, then all of a sudden BAM! D1ckens and Hemmingway.

Video game books are idiotic in my opinion, most aren't even canon, and they are pretty lousy compared to other books, but if they get more people reading books, more power to them.

N4G won't let me type D1ckens?! Ok there is a serious book conspiracy goin on here.

KyonoRocks3711d ago

Really enjoyed Mass Effect Revelation, was a very entertaining and not too long read (I'm more of a non-reader :P)