ME Gamers: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

ME Gamers writes: "The Gran Turismo franchise was always a shining beacon of hope in an infested sea of urban themed racers with complete disregard for real world physics and terrible taste in music. With every GT the series kept moving forward and kept the fans guessing with improved graphics, better physics, and an eclectic list of cars. And now, it's time for Polyphony Digital to bring the series into the next generation.

GT5P is a testament to what a racing game should look and feel like. Granted that the amount of cars in GT5P is a far cry from the whopping 700 cars in GT4, the amount of care put in each and every car is flabbergasting. Every nook and cranny is there, from perfectly modeled rear and headlights to the rear wings that automatically spring out in the Audi R8 and TT after you go beyond 120 Km/hr. The interior is equally detailed with leather stitching, clear speedometers, and dashboards that are perfectly modeled, and are not just an afterthought. However, it is disappointing to see that some cars are more detailed than others. For instance, the Skyline GT-R and the Ferrari F40 look stunning from the inside with real time turbo meters, while the Dodge Viper has some blurry texture work on the speedometers."

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Blademask3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )


I guess its time to accept that its impossible for a PS3 game to get above a 89%. Lets just let the sales do the talking from now on. Reviewers have some personal vendetta against all things Sony. Ratchet was robbed, Uncharted is BARELY 90%, MLBthe show08 would be AAA if it was a 360 exclusive. Meh.

First Photo Realistic game in the history of gaming, and everyone is too busy being mad over a killzone 2 trailer to notice.

PirateThom3763d ago

I wouldn't worry, the same happened to GT4.

The Prologue was rated lower than the full game.

If GT5P averages 82 now, the full game will be at least 90, but likely more.

After spending a bit of time with it, it definitely is untouched by any other racer out there. Genuinely fun, with a touch of classic "licence test-esque" frustration thrown in for good measure.

Genki3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

about what the so-called professionals think? If you love the game, why does it really matter?

Percents and scores aren't scientific Blademask, so there's no truth to this that should hurt your feelings.

Journalism for the most part sucks, sure, but don't let this trivial garbage get to you. Whether GT scored a 2 or a 9, it would still be the same GT that you supposedly love, right? WTF does 85 mean anyway? Does the simple number 85 tell you about the gameplay, graphics, features, extras, modes of pay, controls, or ANYTHING?

It's about time we stop letting arbitrary meaningless numbers control how we feel.

By the way, let's NOT let the sales do the talking. If you follow sales as a guideline to buy games, then that makes you just as big a zombie as the score whores are. If that's the case, stick to buying recycled games like Madden every year. However you cut it, you're letting OTHERS decide for you. There's entirely too many resources in today's information and technology age for us to bother listening to critics and blind, sheepish masses when it comes to making our purchases.

Videos, screenshots, DEMOS, in-store trials, open betas, previews, you name it.

gerrard3763d ago

I wouldn't worry about the scores, MS has a reputaion on telling these so called experts to paise their games or they lose on revenue which is why some of their so called AAA titles gets a 9+.

By the way whats the odds on 360s GTA4 getting a hihger score than the PS3 due to lack of DLC or something like that?

consolewar3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

indeed in your little dreamworld everyone's out to get you. lmao

in the real world you SHOULDNT GIVE A FVCK obviously not the case. LMAO

Genki3763d ago

and in fact it was directed towards everyone who takes this mentality that they need other people's approval, so to speak, to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Everyone, from xbox and ps3 fans alike, are perpetrators in this regard. I see people from all fanbases crying about others not enjoying things the same way they do, and they either dismiss those characters as payed off or ludicrous. If they do happen to agree, whether or not the reasons are CONTRIVED, then they're just fine, ok all along, never had a misstep. The double standard coupled with the insecurity is absolutely ridiculous.

Did we all forget that gaming was a hobby, and not a popularity contest?

Really, I think the media at large is as full of crap as anyoe else, but still, whether or not they're being genuine, which we CAN'T prove by the way, what's the sense in getting wound up over what they think, ESPECIALLY if you've ALREADY made up your own mind? I've been asking these questions for several months now, and I have yet to get a straight answer. I'm still waiting, people, why aren't you comfortable in your on skin?

TheMART3763d ago

Ofcourse Blademask...

So hundreds of seperate reviewers are all against the big bad Sony company with its PS3, isn't it?

The PS2 got games over 90% right?

The PS3 games just are not as good as they promissed to be untill now. Uncharted is the highest exclusive on 90% indeed.

GT5P is still the demo of GT5 the real game that got delayed for years. A demo that isn't getting a score over 90% is that bad? The complete GT5 might do that.

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yanikins1113763d ago

If it was released under a different title, say Grand Touring, and didnt have the prologue bit, and was no way related to GT5, would it get better scores? It seems to me that every reviewer is comparing it to the full game that is coming out next year. I mean as a stand alone game, I give it 9.5's, because its just too damn fun to get anything lower.

yanikins1113763d ago

Has anyone managed to do the ferrari F430 challenge? The best I can get is 3rd with driving aids on. If you manage to get first, record it and post on youtube or something. Crazy hard.

Blademask3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

- Its fun +2pts
- Its Photo Realistic and has better graphics than A N Y T I T L E O U T In the year 2008 +553pts
- It has hours of content +9pts
- The gamplay is great +10pts

- Its on the PS3 so subtract 10000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000000000000000000000000000 . 75 pts

consolewar3763d ago

Even with a perfect 10 you would still be b.tching. I know it sucks when they promised you the moon and deliver.....well we all know how that ended it.

PimpHandStrong3763d ago

this guys said

while the Dodge Viper has some blurry texture work on the speedometers."

thats not blur my son! Thats pure American horsepower shaking your skull!

now thats realism


yanikins1113763d ago

Love flogging that thing down the back straight of daytona just watching the bonnet bounce over every little bump in the track. Its sublime. And the way you cant just let off the throttle. No you have to inch it off ever so slowly, lest you lose traction and spin. The physics man, the physics.

gambare3763d ago

it's me or there is some kind of (excuse the word) console racism?

yanikins1113763d ago

PS3: "Its because im black isnt it?"

Bathyj3763d ago

They are afraid to let a PS3 game get a good Metacritic score. (As if I care about Metacritic) but the fact remains. 9.5 in Gameplay and 9 in Graphics, the two most important parts of a game and it get 8.6 overall?

Tell me higher forces aren't at work here. Oh well, normal I say sales are a guarantee of quality but this game is already guaranteed quality, just look at it. So we'll let the sales do the talking. Remember, any figures we get will probably be minus downloads for a while.

yanikins1113763d ago

Kinda looking forward to NPD numbers for this month. Not for the controversy, but to see if the rest of the world....ok the US... think this game is as good as I do. Wonder if it's moving as many consoles as I suspect.

The Lazy One3763d ago

I wouldn't expect this to have a huge selling effect. The actual game will probably move titles by the tons unless forza3 comes out and looks 3/4s as good with the added physics/damage.

Cyrus3653763d ago

NPD this month? GT 5 Prologue isn't released in US for march month, unless your talking about next month (april).

Chart track measures sales in europe, but they don't really put their numbers out to the public, like NPD does.

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