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Nerds Without Pants Episode 25: One Box to Rule Them All

PixlBit | "Hi, we’re Nerds Without Pants, and we would like to bring you this podcast that you can never share with anyone you know, and for the low, low price of 499.99. If you don’t like that, you can listen to the radio. Actually, never mind. Feel free to share this with anyone and everyone. We’re sorry. (In case you didn’t figure it out, this week is all about the Xbox One.)" (Culture, Microsoft, PS4, Xbox One)

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edonus  +   487d ago
The podcast goes in talking about MS pr and its all unoriginal thoughts. Their graphic in the corner says it best. Truth is MS never really had an open MIC to discuss their policies and this is why the industry has broke the internet. The whole DRM things was a leaked issue long ago even before the Ps4 was revealed.

Sony didnt directly address it and at this time MS is not even announced. The entire internet asking what is MS doing are they DRM is it this is it that spreading rumors like facts like the always online. MS was not even revealed yet.

They finally got to their reveal and said they were saving he game focus for E3 about a few weeks away. Then you had sources pressuring and miss quoting and miss representing half statements like the used game fee thing (which never existed). Mean while sony coasted while MS received the 3rd degree.

In order to clear up somethings and stop the blatant lies they made a set of policies and clearly said these could change.... deosnt matter the internet went mega nuts again. MS never really took the stage or time to fully disclose or explain their policies.

Truth is they could have still been working them out and setting up partners for their policies. Sony came out and took a pot shot at them too pander and smooth over their own policy changes. They go late night TV and people are being given the idea to be concerned about used games and policies more than the system itself.

This was all with in a 2 month period so people acting like MS was oppressing their rights are full of it. MS got no backing from any of the parties they were working with it just made it easier to remove the DRM.

So through all that time with all the information running around MS never had a clear time with no scrutiny to present its case. Keep in mind launch is still 5 months away. HW specs and abilities arent even finalized yet.

Fact is the internet is broken. Even now you have people trying rally against MS like just having the idea of DRM half a year before launch and changing it with in 2 months is an unforgivable slight to gamers and others claiming everything is MS fault because their PR didnt get out in front of the lies and misinformation they were making up.
And my favorite is they can change it back..... no $h!t every system and console is software based they could do the same thing with the 360 tomorrow sony could do the same thing with Ps3 and Ps4. The fact is the market played a part in getting the DRM changed, in order for it to change back the market will have to use equal force... so unless you think we are going to see youtube flooded with angry rants and the websites filled with contempt to turn DRM back on their is no reason for MS or anyone to do it.

Like I said the internet is broken.
MysticStrummer  +   487d ago
"Truth is MS never really had an open MIC to discuss their policies"
"MS never had a clear time with no scrutiny to present its case"

Total and complete bullshit. They had plenty of time to issue a statement that cleared up any misconceptions about policy, and could have easily done it before their reveal without mentioning the One at all.

"they made a set of policies"
"MS got no backing from any of the parties they were working with"

They announced a set of policies that even their potential partners didn't jump to defend. How exactly is this a valid defense of MS? They wanted to do something that wasn't as popular as they anticipated. End of story.

"Fact is the internet is broken."

Fact is MS's marketing and PR machine handled the whole thing about as badly as it could have been handled. Saying the internet is broken and against them is really paranoid exaggeration.

"The fact is the market played a part in getting the DRM changed"

A glimmer of reason. Huzzah!
iceman06  +   487d ago
Do you really believe that the policies were going to be different without leaks? They had been developing the Xbox One for 4 years. That's plenty of time to get your policies straight. That's also plenty of time to get publishers on board with the message. The only fact is that the policy was not going to work for the majority of consumers (read gamers). Which is why they spoke up, by pre-ordering the other system. Once this happened, the publishers that thought that this was once a good idea have remained silent. Even when they announced their policy via the website, it was still a mess. The job of PR is to frame the product in as good of light as possible and they couldn't even do that.
DRM wasn't necessarily the issue. Most intelligent people see that DRM is on the rise. The issue is that MS wasn't able to articulate the benefits that gamers would have as they were implementing the DRM.
The internet is FINE...Microsoft's PR team, on the other hand, not so much!
TronEOL  +   487d ago
Oh, so it's fair to bash Sony ridiculously this generation when they fuck up, but when MS messes up HARD, we all should cut them a break and ignore the issue?

If it wasn't for the internet being "broken", as you say, X1 would still be DRM'd to hell and back. So you're welcome, future X1 buyer.

But the reason people SHOULD still hate on them is because of the way they handled the entire announcement and launch of X1, a supposed GAMES CONSOLE.

I don't take that bullshit "E3 for games" excuse for one second. Everyone got pissy with Sony for not showing the box, even though they showed everyone what that box would be capable of playing, and doing. Including future plans and hardware specs.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's first ever X1, successor to the very successful X360 GAMES CONSOLE, showing and impression is that it does a damn good job at playing movies, TV shows, Sports, being a watercooler and going home. And you think that's okay?

People love to say N4G is full of Sony fanboys, but I think it's full of gamers. Some shitty fanboys of all sides here and there, but gamers WILL get vocal if you announce a PVR and call it an Xbox.

I fully believe gamers should STILL avoid buying an X1, at least for a few years, to tell Microsoft that you don't want a PVR and instead want the first showing to be about games. All Microsoft is gonna do now if everyone buys into it, is be more sneaky/careful when implementing right-restricting DRM, and pushing casual entertainment.

Also, if Sony did this, I'd be saying the same thing about them too.
Sideras  +   487d ago
Hah fixing customer complaints, if you really believe that you are beyond stupid.
kingdip90  +   487d ago
There is one red ring that won't rule them all

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