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Submitted by Shopmaster 884d ago | opinion piece

Where We Stand Post E3: Xbox 360

This is a new series of posts to discuss what when down at E3 and how I feel about each system going forward. We will be visiting all the current systems but today we start with the Xbox 360. (E3, Xbox 360)

PigPen  +   884d ago
That is one ugly console and so was the other. The original didn't look bad to me. The PS4 is also a ugly console.
GodGinrai  +   884d ago
Personally I like the design. dunno If ill ever buy one with the new consoles around the corner. Maybe later on down the road Ill get one cheap if MS cant be bothered to bring the current XBLA library to X1.
SideShort  +   883d ago
I bet all the people that disagrees also "prefer" symmetrical analog sticks. Seriously guys, the PS4 is indeed awesome, and it does not hurt to admit a fault or two, jeez.
Jakens  +   884d ago
I want this

"what if they decided to implement some backwards compatibility that way? What if they deiced to let your Xbox 360 do some cloud computing of its own? What if you were able play any games stored on your Xbox 360′s hard drive over the network on your Xbox One? This would be a nice way to implement backwards compatibility down the line and help get some extra love from the fans."

And more.
vikingland1  +   884d ago
I think all those "what if's" would be nice but I don't think it'll happen.But I am glad they are backing the 360 for a while. And I do like the look of the 360 and X1.
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BABYLEG  +   884d ago
Buying this for my mother to replace her Comcast box.
MichaelLito79  +   883d ago
Xbox 360 has really shown that it can keep up with the test of time. Going forward the games mentioned in the article are some nice games. Games not mentioned were TitanFall, Plants vs Zombies Modern Warfare. There is still a lot of life left on Xbox 360. Kudos to MS for continuously supporting it.

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