Nintendo’s game development to revive Wii U


Nintendo Co., the world’s biggest maker of video game machines, plans to revive demand for its Wii U through the release of its own new titles as sales of the console failed to meet forecasts amid a lack of software.

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dedicatedtogamers1992d ago

An influx of games plus a price cut is all it took to rejuvenate the 3DS, although overall software sales are down compared to the DS (baby steps, I'm not complaining).

Ironically, Nintendo revived the 3DS by ignoring the 3D. They stopped bragging about it and started focusing on the games that sell well (like Mario Kart, sidescrolling Mario, and the upcoming Zelda).

This would be a shock, but I honestly believe that Nintendo needs to basically ignore the Wii-U pad and simply give us the choice whether we want to use it. Maintain a Wii-U "Tablet Edition" for $300 and then give us a $200 console package that includes either a Wiimote+Nunchuck or the Pro controller. Win-win.

fattyuk1992d ago

With some games available a wii u with a normal controller would be tempting...... as long as it has some new interesting games,

Triforce0791992d ago

Ive spoke to people and their waiting for games.

BosSSyndrome1992d ago

I think the Gamepad's potential and allowance for new game mechanics is a tad more important than stereoscopic 3D. It makes everything so convenient that not having one feels like a step backwards to me.
Remember, Nintendo designs hardware with their software in mind. They can't make what they want to make without the controller they want to make it with.
I think what will save the Wii U is games. Nothing else. A price cut might have minimal effect but it won't be like the 3DS.
Buying a few more third party exclusives a la Bayonetta 2 wouldn't hurt either.

Baka-akaB1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

That's a shortcut i wouldnt make . For starters , plenty felt , rightfully or not , that the 3d element of the 3ds is not only poorly done , but impossible for many to handle for prolonged time .

Meanwhile no one has been claiming so far any particular issues with the tablet itself . the issues are games , and the console's price

snipes1011992d ago

You want to know why they started selling more after doing that? Because the 3D was really a gimmick, and not something that made the act of playing games significantly better.

As for the Wii U tablet, I can see where it can improve games, but I can also see where it can be gimmicky, right along with the nunchuck and wiimote.

Nintendo needs to stop looking at gameplay gimmicks and start focusing on games if they aren't going to hop on board the multimedia train that Sony and MS have been on for years at this point.

addictedtochaos1992d ago

Split the difference all Wii U games should have the option for Gamepad OR Pro controls.

Triforce0791992d ago

99% of wiiu games give you that option.

Concertoine1992d ago

the thing is, part of what makes the 3ds so great IS the second screen. 3D is a gimmick, but the second screen is becoming a huge bonus to console games today (see smartglass, the vita, and the ps4 controller screen). it allows quicker inventory management then pulling up monotonous menus, checking an optional view like a rear view window in a racing game. as of yet its only been relegated to stupid party games, but the new deus ex looks to use it nicely.

jeremyj29131992d ago

PS4 controller doesn't have a screen

dark-hollow1992d ago

Nothing will help Nintendo platforms other than their own games.

Ever asked why third party games sells like crap? Because their games on Nintendo platforms are far inferior to Nintendo own games. Look at the Wii for an example, third party exclusives like no more heroes (used to be at least) and madworld are neat games, but they are new IPs and have a niche crowd. Same like bayonetta, vanquish and rayman origins, they didn't even do well on the HD twins, so how do you want these kind of games to succeed in Nintendo platforms?

PopRocks3591992d ago


That is a damn good solution if ever I heard one. 'Nuff said.

1992d ago
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fattyuk1992d ago

Some new IPs and characters would be a start!

live2play1992d ago

Tell me, do you know what IP stands for, I doubt many of the people spewing that phrase even know what it means.

so I'm guessing dillons rolling western doesn't count? How about pushmo? Those two even had sequels now

what are you really asking for?

Reverent1992d ago

It doesn't matter if people don't literally know what "IP" stands for. Most people generally understand that a new IP is essentially a new game unrelated to anything else currently out there.

I know plenty of people who didn't know what "DRM" stood for, but they still knew what it meant for them and why it's bad.

Jumping on someone for something as insignificant as this makes you seem a bit like a dick.

fattyuk1992d ago


Do you not understand what any of my words mean?

I get the gist of what IP stands for - In the modern world we live in its quite easy to use the Internet too find out what something means!!

And the fact you've got Sony an Microsoft at e3 saying " We've got xx amount of new IPs coming to our console"

You got Nintendo - "Erm we got another re hashed sequel and our innovation is a tablet controller that runs out of battery after 3 hours"

MasterCornholio1992d ago

I love new IPs because for me at least:

New IPS = new experiences.

Which was completely true for a game like sound shapes on the Vita which was a fantastic new experience for me.

Nintendo games are great but once you played one side scrolling Mario game you've played them all.

Motorola RAZR i

HexxedAvenger1992d ago

A price drop would be nice. Make the game pad optional and use more of the pro controller.

_QQ_1992d ago

Make it Happen Nintendo, Wii Believe in U.

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