PALGN: The Spiderwick Chronicles Review

PALGN writes: "The Spiderwick Chronicles game follows the events of the film, and even contains footage to help move the plot along. Three siblings named Jared, Mallory and Simon move into a house that was once owned by their grandfather, Arthur Spiderwick, and one day Jared discovers 'Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You', a book which reveals the house is surrounded by a hidden magical world full of wondrous and dangerous creatures. As Jared turned the first page, the book sent out a powerful energy wave that alerted the evil ogre Mulgarath, who sought the Field Guide's secrets to take over the world. Jared, Simon and Mallory must now discover the world around them, and put a stop to Mulgarath's plans.

The game can be broken down into three elements: exploration, combat and platforming. During the exploration parts of the game, you are usually tasked with finding certain items to build an object, such as a new weapon for one of the kids or a monocle so you can see the hidden world. In case you're having difficulty, you can even pull out the Field Guide for some advice on where the items are kept, although during the later levels it does become less useful."

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