Pokémon creator app comes with risks, says Nintendo

In a statement released to “Pokémon” players, Nintendo warned against using an unofficial mobile app that alters a Pokémon’s stats on their handheld games.

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Kran1992d ago

Ok then truth. The app is absolutely fine and safe to use. Feel free to use it at your own will. There's no risks. It won't destroy your game.

Also, don't worry about knives, cars, bears, and water. None of those can possibly harm you.

lucidity1992d ago

Maybe they should discourage this practise by cutting out all the bullshit involved with breeding good critters instead of making empty noises like this.

Jirachi1992d ago

I agree 100% there's NO reason to force legit players to grind 100s of hours to have a perfect team. if you cut the grind i'll stop using the pokemon online battle sim.

Name Last Name1992d ago

What is the point of cheating? Where is the fun in that?

BlackWolf1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Well, some people enjoy games ONLY when they win, when they demonstrate they "rock" in the game. With that, they will do everything they can to win, even cheating.

If something like this app comes around for any game they wish to become the "OP Man", they'll just say "Hey, this will help me win!!" and use it right away.

Firan1992d ago

Cheats are fun initially. Then you realize you did nothing by yourself and get bored since there's nothing new in the game anymore.

Deku-Johnny1992d ago

Why would anyone want to use that app anyway? Doesn't that take out the fun of being a Pokemon TRAINER?

BlackWolf1992d ago

Yeah, I thought one of Pokemon's main factors was growing, watch the monsters become stronger, and the feeling of achievement when you see them win because of you efforts. Acquiring victories trough cheating takes away that self-obtained award.

Starbucks_Fan1992d ago

This is the dumbest app I've ever seen. Makes the game completely pointless.