Kickstarter: Project Sweat could come to PS4, PS Vita, Wii U if stretch goal is reached

Humid Games has turned to Kickstarter to fund a new 2D action RPG known as Project Sweat. It features “an addictive, challenging & fast pace combat system in a seamless multi-layered environment”. This title could be on the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Wii U, assuming the stretch goal is reached.

Project Sweat needs to raise £25,000 in order to be successfully funded. At £80,000, the game will head to the systems mentioned above.

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Snookies121993d ago

This looks freaking awesome! I REALLY hope it reaches its final goal to get on Vita, PS4, and Wii U!

truthteller1993d ago

80 000 pounds is a little steep. I don't know much about how much money is needed for a game but 80 THOUSAND POUNDS FOR A 2D RPG ?? I wish them luck and will definitely buy this on Vita if it ever arrives. Sorry for being pessimistic

Snookies121993d ago

They only need 25 thousand to make the game. The other stuff is just extra. Yeah that is quite a bit of money for the top tier, but the game does look really promising.

Snookies121992d ago

Ah, also this was actually corrected! It's now 45 thousand for the console/vita versions. :]

johnnoarms1993d ago

£80000 needed for consoles support! We need to spread the word about this game.

majiebeast1993d ago

I wish em luck. Not gonna back it for the simple fact that the 80.000 stretch goal for the PS4,Vita and WiiU version is just too high it should be a max of 40-50K its certainly more important then mini games.

PopRocks3591993d ago

80,000 was the stretch goal for Soul Saga as well. How is that too much for this game?

majiebeast1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Soul Saga was 80.000$ this is 80.000 Pounds which is around 121.000$ thats a very significant difference.

Also big difference between the two Soul Saga had the ports stretchgoal as third here its number 9. They could easily cut out some of the useless stretchgoals like minigames and put ports at higher priority.

johnnoarms1993d ago

Soul Saga is being made with Unity engine, maybe that's why it is easier and cheaper to port to consoles.

Siniestrum1993d ago

Hello Majie,

I am the co-director and programmer for Project sweat, I just wanted to thank you for the observation on the price for the console port stretch goal
and to apologize for the huge oversight on my side when I forgot to convert my final estimate to pounds.

We have made the changes in the stretch goals accordingly and set the price for console port to 45k
in consideration for the support console backers have given us.

We also thought that the comment on the port being more important than the Console port was very valid,
as well as that feature being very broad and expandable. So we have moved it up a spot.

Also to address why the game port goal is so far down the list. It is our wish that the game has the most amount of features and quality of visuals To provide console gamers with a much fuller gaming experience.

We are always seeking information from those who talk about the game whether they back us or not. We make sure to take all information given into consideration.

Again, Thank you.

Sincerely, Mikael "Siniestrum" Hernandez.

majiebeast1993d ago

Thank you for responding. Yeah the rest of the stretch goals you guys have set are great, i will not deny that. It was about the mini games stretch goal in particular.

Now with the fix in pricing it also looks alot better and feasible for you to hit the porting goal.

I wish you guys best of luck and ill contribute when i get my paycheck. Keep up the good work.

richierich1993d ago

I think we should be thankful to they give indie developers the chance to make games they always wanted to make. And because of this site there are now more RPGs being developed.

lucidity1993d ago

It's a real long shot unless they can find a way to raise awareness of the thing. £806 for a Kickstarter that began 22/06/13 is *bad*.

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The story is too old to be commented.