Star Wars game announcement next week

GameTrailers has posted some info about an upcoming Star Wars announcement next week,

Geoff Keighley posted: "STAR WARS! Last week I went up to LucasArts for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new game THE FORCE UNLEASHED. We'll be blowing it out on GTTV with a ton of exclusive footage and some very special announcements."

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Breakfast3708d ago

Light saber battles, with the wii-mote?? lol...Every nerds dream

The_Firestarter3708d ago

Next thing you know there'll be a stupidly, unnecessary light saber Wii accessory to clip on your Wiimote to "immerse" you. *rolls eyes*

JasonPC360PS3Wii3708d ago

Finaly the fat nerds will get skinny again.

If it's anything like the video below, should be a time for great laughs.

Genuine3708d ago

It's 8:30 in the morning and I still haven't wiped the sleep from my eyes or had a cup of joe, but you just made me laugh my f*ckin a** off with that video. Thanks for the good morning ; )

TheWickedOne3707d ago

Bubble for the vid. Jason.

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jedimindtricks3708d ago

who ever posted this stole that picture from here:

longduckdong3708d ago

360 fanboys on top of his game

jedimindtricks3708d ago

i didn't realize things being on the internet made them okay to take without giving credit where it's due. that mean i MUST be a fanboy right?

hey, better to be a fanboy than an asshole.

NWA TA3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

There was credit there... Maybe if you could read ?

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I Call 9MM3708d ago

What could it be. I'm hoping for a Darkforces/Jedi Knight sequel or a sequel to Republic Commando. That game was far too short but it did have some neat ideas. If they could improve on that then it could make a great game. Then again, KoTOR III wouldn't be so bad either.

Bubble Buddy3708d ago

If they release a new Battlefront, it better have great graphics and NEW maps. Battlefront 1 and 2 had mostly the same maps, only diff infantry and using the jedi and space fights. The space fights were pretty similar in almost all maps too. They have to add more characters in as heroes and change the "hero" meter. If they fix these, I will buy Battlefront 3.

Young Capwn3708d ago

KOTOR3 will be multi-plat, EA made sure of that.

calis3708d ago

It better be KOTORIII

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The story is too old to be commented.