Everything You Need To Know About MGS V Part 2: The Phantom Pain

TakuChat left off in part 1 with Big Boss, Kaz and a mysterious third person in hospital after a disastrous attack on Mother Base at the hands of a military unit called XOF being led by Skull Face and likely under the orders of Major Zero himself. We know that Big Boss then falls into a coma and does not wake up until 1984, nine years later. From this point on it becomes very difficult to say for sure what is going on, at least compared to the Ground Zeroes portion of the game. There are a range of theories floating around on the internet ranging from the ‘plausible’ to ‘that might be crazy enough to work’...

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CaptainYesterday1967d ago

I just want to know one thing...Will that Diamond Dogs leather jacket that Big Boss is wearing be a pre order bonus?? That thing look's slick!

truthteller1967d ago

I think it should be in the game. Diamond Dogs is, after all, Big Boss's elite army.

Lord_Sloth1967d ago

David Bowie helped Big Boss create his army. MIND=BLOWN!!!

Psn8001966d ago

The game does look amazing though .

seepamann1967d ago

I want to know everything about this game i love mgs series i already preorder for this jaw dropping game for PS4

angelsx1967d ago

I just wanna know release date or year.

FarCryLover1821967d ago

I think it will be 2014. Looks like they've done a lot of work so far, don't really see them having a "boatload" of work left.

Anthotis1967d ago

Are Quiet's mouth watering breasts real?

punisher991967d ago

Im guessing this game will also explain why Big Boss decided to become the leader of a terrorist organization in an attempt to become the world's largest super power.

Firan1967d ago

The only thing I need to know is the release date.

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