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Pach-Attack: How Can GameStop Survive

With digital sales growing, how will gaming's biggest retailer stay on top? (GameStop, Industry, Michael Pachter)

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PositiveEmotions  +   674d ago
Gamestop is the store i go to buy my gaming stuff
MartinB105  +   674d ago
Yeah, Gamestop is great for anyone who hasn't discovered Amazon yet. :p
vikingland1  +   674d ago
I use both GS & Amazon. But I use GS more because I like to browse the store and pick the games up and look at them. When the business goes all DD then the days of browsing a store will be gone. Kind of sad really.
kreate  +   674d ago
I've been going to best buy...
sdozzo  +   674d ago
Perhaps digital distribution... which they do. Tough in a dying market like used games. Give it another console cycle and we'll see.
Hicken  +   674d ago
sdozzo  +   674d ago
yeah. hardcopy is dying.
Hicken  +   674d ago
That's interesting, cuz it seems like hard copies of games are still setting records for sales. And, right alongside all these physical copies being sold, the used market is growing, too.
edonus  +   674d ago
If Gamestop would have benefited from X1 doing the DRM thing. The publishers still have the same power to block used games as they did before so that really hasnt changed.

The big thing was that MS said you could only trade and I would guess buy used games from a registered retailer. This would essentially cut out mom and pop stores and decrease the competition for Gamestop.

At this point I see them shrinking and continuing to shrink. More people will go digital once that hits a critical mass they will shrink to nothing. Unless by then they set up a digital network that trades buys and sells licenses (much like what MS was trying to do with the X1).
vikingland1  +   674d ago
I like the answer he gave for Xbone. It's probably true.
overlord23  +   674d ago
What I will say and allot of other people say is their price on second games that have only been out a couple of months are way over priced
I was in on Sat one game was 48 euro new with all DLC and second hand was 44 so what's the point.
Saying that they take in all your games and if you put the money down on a PS4 ,not sure about Xbox 1, but I suppose its the same you get 25% extra on your trade in.
I traded in all my old games and old console and some Blu rays and PS4 is paid for.
Its all good in the Hood.
Prcko  +   674d ago
Gamestop must survive

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