Xbox One and PS4 interest ‘balanced’ suggests retailer

Trusted Reviews: "With a back and forth of consumer interest flitting between the two consoles, Microsoft and Sony are reportedly neck-and-neck in a bid to tempt potential customers into plumping for their respective next-gen consoles ahead of that of their bitter rival."

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pedrof931965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I don't think so. PS4 pre-orders are way superior. Just take a look at Gamestop or amazon pre-order results.

Skips1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Anonymous retailer


GameStop and Amazon


NewMonday1965d ago

after 1 year in the market PS4 will likely sell over 12m consoles and the XBone less than 5m

dedicatedtogamers1965d ago

Yeah, the double-speak is funny.

It doesn't say "sales are balanced suggests retailer" which would indicate pre-orders from X1 are catching up.

It says non-words like "interest" instead of sales "balanced" instead of more specific words like "matched" or "exceed" or "nearly there".

And of course, the retailer is only "suggesting" it. They're not even coming out with hard data.

greenpowerz1965d ago

People are writing stories about the massive momentum shift. If momentum doesn't changed talking about how Sony had more sales due to DRM will be a moot point soon.

TheTwelve1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Greenpowerz, I googled "momentum shift" and "Xbox One" and I found no stories. Can you link me to one?

@Greepowerz --- N4G may be an pro-Sony haven where all negative stories are blocked, but they shouldn't be blocked from my view on Google. O.o

greenpowerz1965d ago Show
MysticStrummer1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@TheTwelve - If you keep track of green's comments, you won't expect much in the way of proof.

@green - You're actually claiming N4G's approval process has anything to do with a Google search?


Skips1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


What "massive momentum shift"??? LMFAO!

Xbox One has been at the same spot on Amazon pre orders for weeks, even AFTER the DRM change.

Amazon updates their "best selling" DAILY. So you would've expected Xbox One's position to change right??? Well they haven't. XD

As of now, PS4 is beating Xbox One pre orders in the US by quite a margin (PS4 is #3 while Xbox One is #6) and is CURB STOMPING it in the UK, (PS4 is #4 and Xbox One is #69).

Last time I checked, the US and UK were Xbox dominant territories, yet is getting destroyed on the largest online retailer in the business.

Just imagine how much PS4 trounces it in PS dominated territories, like pretty much the rest of the world.

Manic20141965d ago

You do realise that Hameley's is one of the biggest toy store's in the world its located in London and also operates a franchise called GAME which is UK's main Video Game Store same as gamestop.

Skips1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


Hmmm, true. I should've put "Anonymous person" considering all we know from the guys is "a lead buyer for the iconic toys and games retailer", according to the article.

Still all he said was "Interest", not actual pre orders numbers...

And I'd take Amazon's actual chart (which tracks everything, that also updates daily) over a quote from some anonymous dude saying "INTEREST is pretty balanced". lol

EVILDEAD3601965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@ Sonic 2000

There has definitely been a positive momentum change for Xbox ONE since the announcement of the DRM reversal.

Best sellers on Amazon change daily. Xbox ONE has been at number one quite a bit since in the last week+

Right this very moment as I post this:

Amazon US: Xbox One #4th & the PS4 8th

Amazon UK: Xbox ONE #7 & the PS4 5th

This doesn't suddenly mean the Xbox ONE suddenly overtook the PS4 but there is a shift.

Momentum proof is in Mover & Shakers section of US Amazon and the Xbox ONE is #3 and the PS4 is #4

Let's keep it real, no one knows the true numbers these are places on an Amazon chart. Even in your US links the only thing separating the two consoles are Xbox Live and PSN cards.

At the end of the day, even after the barrage of negative press the Xbox ONE which is 100 dollars more expensive than the PS4 is selling well at retail.

This is June and MS hasn't even start promoting the system yet.

Post BS policies, the Xbox ONE is going to sell out of it's preorders and inventory pre and post launch.

Both systems are going to enjoy a great holiday.

It's going to be fun times as we get closer and closer to launch.


Skips1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


"Amazon US: Xbox One #4th & the PS4 8th
Amazon UK: Xbox ONE #7 & the PS4 5th"

I'm talking about these... -_______-

You know... OVERALL??? -_- Xbox One is getting smashed...

US: PS4 = #3 OVERALL, Xbox One = #6 OVERALL
UK: PS4 = #4 OVERALL, Xbox One = #69 OVERALL

Even AFTER the DRM change, Xbox One hasn't even moved up ONE spot in the OVERALL pre orders. THAT's what I'm talking about and that's literally the only chart that matters. lol

If you didn't notice, there's a difference between the OVERALL pre order chart, and the CURRENT pre order chart.


The only reason why Xbox One pre orders are showing higher, or almost the same CURRENTLY

is because the PS4 DAY ONE edition is ALREADY sold out and has been for weeks! lol

Not to mention the PS4 bundles that split ALL the pre orders into, like 5.

Xbox One DAY 1 edition hasn't even sold out, and it's practically the only one up for pre order.

So of course it would show higher, or almost the same as 5 SPLIT pre orders. And not to mention 1 THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLD OUT, just days after it went up. -_-

bviperz1965d ago

lol, nice try evil, trying to spin them numbers. You should work in the media!

JokesOnYou1965d ago

No spin Evil spelled it all out pretty well, sony's initial preorders were higher, yes the day edition is sold out, micro had a lot of bad press, plus higher price, no ads yet, its still a long way until Novemeber, and on the current best sellers list X1 is holding higher than ps4. Sure ps4 is split and leading overall but again who knows what the gap is now and more importantly what it will be come launch....that's not spin, that's facts.

EVILDEAD3601965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@ Sonic,

No one is claiming MS suddenly overtook Sony preorder sales overnight. That would be silly.

What Amazon does prove is Xbox One is currently gaining positive traction.

MS only changed their policies a week and a half ago, the console isn't going to miraculously jump the overall sales gained by the PS4 immediately, but the console has been at number one in the US throughout the week.

Not taking away anything from the great job Sony has done gaining the good pub through E3, but considering that Xbox ONE is the 100 dollar more expensive console that has had to overcome the negative press, it definitely could be 100 times worse.

The bottom line is Amazon charts don't show actual sales numbers. At the end, of the day the real rubber is going to meet the road when the ad campaigns kick in and the masses start flocking to these consoles in the Fall leading all the way into holidays.

I just honestly see a big holiday for both consoles and sellouts on Black Friday, with Sony doing better worldwide.


Diver1965d ago

I looked at the pre orders an the ps4 easily leads at gamestop an best buy with it just behind the x1 at amazon an both x1 and ps4 dropping at amazon.

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ftwrthtx1965d ago

People seem to forget that not all retailers clump their PS4 pre-orders into one number. Bundles can be counted separately and then not added to the overall PS4 pre-order total. Amazon does this as the SKU's are different from a launch ps4 and a Killzone Bundle.

adorie1965d ago

This might sound immature, but the way they tally consoles is a bit stupid. A console sold should be a console sold. End of. But, what-everrrr.

ftwrthtx1965d ago

Completely agree with you adorie.

Timesplitter141965d ago

"Gamestop or amazon pre-order results."

Is there a place where I can see those?

CoolBeansRus1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@ TheTwelve
How often does that update?
What is the total number of pre-orders on the site?

Those are things you cant answer therefore that site is irrelevant. It shift up and down, im sure the playstation is ahead but that site proves nothing. I've seen the xbox one on top on that same amazon link. You just dont know how often it updates.

TheTwelve1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

If you read the websites (top left), it says that it updates daily.

While we don't know exact numbers, you will note that the PS4 is sold out while the X1 is not, yet the PS4 is still ahead (and quite a bit ahead in UK). If something is sold out, it can't advance any longer on the ranking and yet the PS4 still hold very high rank.

Also, you can also get a relative view of how things are going by comparing it to items sold around it.

For example, you can see in the UK that so far the X1 is being outsold by the "Skylanders Giants Character Pack:...whatever the heck that is.


--- The "Launch edition" is indeed sold out.
--- We don't know how many PS4s are available, but point is that more PS4s are being sold. I suspect it will only look close(r) in US (as Amazon reflects)

CoolBeansRus1965d ago

Twelve, the ps4 is not sold out. It lets me pre-order right now. We also dont know how many PS4 are available compared to X1. Yet another reason why this site is unreliable.

jeffgoldwin1964d ago

Interesting how the sony chums come out to clammer a lead in pre-orders, but when a xbot does it, it goes like this: why do sales matter, do u own stock? Or maybe you work for ms so your opinion is irrelevant. Fans will be fans.

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CoolBeansRus1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Some of you need to grow up and stop with these silly comment. Just a bunch of trolls doing this:
BLAH VS BLA I dont think so MUAHAHA
AFTER bla blah 203 billion copies LMAO!!
Xbone muahhaha

The people who actually write something intelligent get thumbs down, but the trolls get thumbs up.

kickerz1965d ago

Totally agree wit u coolbeans.

brave27heart1965d ago

Ive made my decision. Regardless of what official sales figures are theres nothing that can devalue that decision.

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

It doesn't matter which company sells the most the quickest, what matters is which company can ship the most. To put it another way: If Sony ship 1 million a month and sell those in 1 week and Microsoft ship 1 million and sell them within the month, the result will still be that both companies have sold 1 million units each in that month.

In the short term, when hardcore fans are buying, the difference won't be that noticeable. It will then be entirely down to who can ship the most and who can get the greatest mind share. Then it becomes a case of which company can actually shift what they ship because you can't sell more than you ship. With Sony announcing shipments to India and Mexico recently, and MS struggling to do the same, it looks like shipments for the PS4 will outpace those of the X1 quite significantly.

All Sony have to do is equal X1 in sales for America and the rest of the world will take care of itself. Success for the PS4 looks assured, whilst success for the X1 is not quite as clear.

adorie1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Well, if Sony sold 1 million in a week, imagine what the total sales would be VS the 1 million Xbones sold for that month?

*eyes crossed*

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

lol. That's not quite what I meant adorie.

It has recently been mentioned that a company has been commissioned to make cheaper GDDR5 RAM and I'm guessing that it's Sony that commissioned them. The company making that GDDR5 RAM is likely to start production next year, according to the rumour. IF this is true and IF indeed it is Sony, then this suggests Sony will start producing more than a million consoles a month.

1.5 million a month would put them within the rumoured 16 million target for the first year ... but we still don't know if that figure was legitimate or whether, just like the PS2, that figure includes PS3s too.

Here's the rumour. Take it with a pinch of salt at the moment:

"Had a conversation with a source in semi-conductors this morning, said that one of the major memory manufacturers is currently testing 8Gbit GDDR5 chips of identical specification that would be required for 8GB at 176GB/s. The source said that chips would be ready for commercial devices by the middle of 2014 and would lower the cost for Sony by around a third if they use these chips. They added that it seems like these chips are built to order for one major buyer (Sony I'm guessing)."

jeffgoldwin1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

"announcing shipments to India and Mexico recently"

Since when did Mexico ever become relevant? Kinda why immigrants are entering into the US by the thousands each day.

Come now, let's work on your troll here. India was an ok start (maybe). In the future, start out with Europe and next japan, then you will be well on your way to at least being a semi-logical fanboy muppet. I didn't want to step in, but it was sad to see a prospective muppet struggling to poorly.

GribbleGrunger1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

They announced shipments to India and Mexico ... What part of that don't you agree with? Let's ignore Mexico just for you. Read it again without Mexico, ok? Now carry on.

I'm not sure you understand the meaning of the word trolling. I've given MY opinion, that's all. Only a blithering idiot would not recognise that Sony are in the better position at the moment, and part of the reason is because of Microsoft's greed and incompetence.

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fermcr1965d ago

If Xbox One and PS4 interest are balanced (witch i don't believe), then that's pretty surprising. With all the crap the X1 has been taking, all the negative news and 100$ more expensive, i would of thought that the PS3 would be making a killing in preorders.

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Currently the PS4 is outpacing the X1 in pre-orders, but as I said above, that doesn't really make much of a difference in the short term. It does, however, make a difference in long term mind share.

At this point it appears that Sony will begin to pull away after three to four months (in WWS) and I'd say we could be looking at a 2.5 to 3 million lead after the first year of sales. Of course price will be a factor, as will exclusive games, but if the gap is bigger than that I'd have to say it will definitely be down to yield problems -- at least for the first year.

After that, like I said, it's ENTIRELY down to mind share and at this point Sony have a HUGE advantage in that respect, unless MS start a campaign of deceit and misinformation to 'slow' the sales of the PS4 (as opposed to boost the sales of their own console). I believe the road map has already begun in earnest ...

reaperofsouls1965d ago

PS4 is spanking XBOX in us/uk pre orders. These are M$ two biggest markets , so when you add on japan and the rest of europe it is a total victory for the Gamers console

DeadlyFire1965d ago

I think this retailer just sold out of both so they don't know how to measure it after they are out of units.

Gekko361965d ago

just checked the stats here is the UK and they seem to be pretty much the same in preorders and 12 months down the line it may still be the same.

I popped into GAME in Bangor Wales and they are saying the same that there are plenty of each knocking around and order are pretty much the same.

I suppose it's due to the near neck and neck install base for both xbox 360 and ps3. Most people are upgrading and sticking to their own brands which makes perfect sense.

Some core gamers may bitch and moan but to be honest there isn't going to be much of a difference really in the long run.

Both systems are similar, both have 7000 series graphics cards both have bluray, same for 8gb ram (yes gddr5 vs ddr3 with esram and that cool bandwidth move gizmo), both online, both pay for play (it's only £32, fuck all really). So not realy that much to get your knickers in a twist over, Xbox owners will probably stay put, same of praystation owners.

All this stress over fuck all really.. bless

jeffgoldwin1964d ago

Im tempted to say eff the whole console thing (neither are BC anyways, charge for online, and cost $400 or 500). Might just stick with a gaming pc and Steam. Then go plug and play with a next gen controller since 90%+ of games multiplatform anyways.

Idk than I miss out on a some exclusives. My head hurts now....

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DxTrixterz1965d ago

I was at my local GAME shop two days ago and I've asked how are pre-orders going. They said that there is a very high demand for both PS4 and X1 and both are being pre-ordered in nearly same amounts although they did not say which was getting more pre-orders.

Lwhit61965d ago

I think thats how its going to go. PS4 will win sales wise by just a few thousand units. But the Xbone will be close. (This is my prediction at least.)

CoolBeansRus1965d ago

Yea, i dont think the beginning will matter either. I think both systems will sell out, the race starts when they're both on shelves for people to grab not at the beginning when they are both selling out.

devwan1965d ago

CoolBeansRus, actually it does if one company has many, many more units available for launch and the holiday period.

CoolBeansRus1965d ago

Good point, but what matters at the end when the hype is gone is the system experience itself. We'll see how it goes, i personally will wait till the smoke clears before making my leap of faith.

devwan1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@CoolBeansRus Yeah, a lot of people will be waiting to see what their friends bought as well for the multi-player.

Relientk771965d ago

From what I've been hearing there's more demand for the PS4

Automatic791965d ago

You have avenues like Amazon which actually have Xbox 1 currently at number 3 and PS4 at 8, Gamestop has been reportedly doing well with both systems and don't forget on Xbox Live they are taking Xbox One pre-orders. This race is not over and we still have till November to see who is actually going to be pre-order best sellers.

NewMonday1965d ago

XBone has 1 bundle, PS4 has multiple bundles, do think this fact will go away if you repeatedly ignore it?!

Automatic791965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

So why is it that those bundles are not on the top 3 or best sellers list?

CGI-Quality1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

They have to be in the top 3 to prove something? OK, news to me.

Look again at the best sellers list. The PS4 has multiple bundles in the Top 20.

Automatic791965d ago

Why is it that any of those bundles are not on top?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1965d ago amazon uk ps4 is beating the xb1, amazon us ps4 is beating xb1 aswell

HammadTheBeast1965d ago

Hey guess what. The Xbox One launch bundle hasn't sold out yet (number 3 still lol) while the launch PS4 has sold out, even after being restocked once.
Not to mention there have been tons of pre.orders for the other launch bundles, and those a dying down now as people wait for Gamescom and other launch bundles.

CGI-Quality1965d ago

Why can't you just answer the question. Why does the PS4 NEED all of its bundles at the top?

chrismichaels041965d ago

@MichaelLito - basic common sense. MS is only offering one option, the launch bundle. Sony already sold out their launch bundle weeks ago on Amazon. Demand for PS4 is so high, that Amazon had to open up 3 new bundles which offer different games. Some Sony gamers prefer the Killzone bundle. Others might prefer the Watchdogs bundle. So now what happens is the PS4 sales charts get spread out while Xbox gamers have no choice but to buy the same one available launch system with no other options.

The Xbox one launch console may have more sales than the PS4 bundles individually, but what happens when you add up all the PS4 bundle sales together? Now add to that the fact that Sony already sold out their launch system and that is how you get your answer. Still confused? Let me make it easy for you. The system that is in higher demand will have more options available to buy. I mean seriously, didn't they go over this in basic grade school math class?

jeffgoldwin1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

"I mean seriously, didn't they go over this in basic grade school math class?"

If your follow up your explanation with a childish insult, it makes more accurate. And plus you look a lot more classy and smart.

Gekko361964d ago

Sorry didn't do "Math" is primary school, I did "Maths".

However in response, in the UK it's pretty much an even playing field. People seem to be going for an upgrade to what they already have. PS3 to PS4 and XBOX 360 to XBOX One.

With both current consoles on an even playing field install-wise, it's not a stretch to see a similar outcome next gen. in order for PS4 to be a run away winning it would mean XBOX losing significant market share, and to do that would mean a huge gap in not so much specs but in features.

To be honest they both have their own strengths, ps4 slight edge on specs and xbox on motion, voice, etc.

However I remember the PS3 fan fair where the CELL processor was to become the de-facto processor of the world, since it was so powerful. But in the end you couldn't really tell the difference between ps3 and XBOX 360 and the cell died a death of deaths in the server market place.

Th fan fair here is similar so I'm not expecting a huge shift this time round despite Microsoft's negative press of late. You forget that Sony is just as much a twat in the business as Microsoft. Tit for tat as they say.

Automatic791964d ago


I didn't know preorders let's us know who will sell the most consoles. I thought when the mass go out and actually buy the systems would let us know. Idk, maybe I'm wrong about what sells mean.

Currently at the PS4 and Xbox1 are 1 and 2 respectively in the pre order chart.

At, both the individual Sku are sold out on both consoles

At, the Xbox 1 is #3 and the PS4 is #8. and for most wish for, the PS4 is #1 and the Xbox1 is #2.

So yea, both are going to sell out at the end of the year and both will be best sellers; claiming it otherwise will just make you guys look like fools

Stop following me around like a mindless troll. LOL

chrismichaels041964d ago

@michaelLito - so by your logic...pre-order sales have nothing to do with a products overall sales performance? Your excuses continue to amaze me. continue to show how clueless you are that you can't understand how Amazons simple sales charts work. Xbox One may be #3 this week, but overall for the entire year, PS4 is still the Amazons 2nd highest sellling videogame product of 2013, while Xbox One is all the way down at #8. Also, "wish lists" dont count for anything. Funny how you say pre-order charts dont prove anything, but "wish lists" do. LOL Once again, you continue to spread lies and misinformation on these forums. As long as you continue to make ignorant comments, the N4G community will continue to call you out on it and flood your comments with disagrees and as a result, you will continue to lose your bubbles.

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chrismichaels041965d ago

@CGI-Quality - don't even bother asking MichaelLito a question. He makes ridiculous and biased comments all the time and if you call him out on it, much like many N4G gamers are doing right here, he'll just ignore you and move on to make more biased comments in other articles. Most of his comments are filled with disagrees, yet he continues spreading misinformation and trying to pass off his opinions as facts.

Hicken1965d ago

Blatant ignorance should count as trolling.

You can't possibly be so dense as to not grasp this. I seriously don't think it's possible for this concept to be so difficult for you, and yet for you to be able to string together coherent sentences.

You, JokesOnYou, EVILDEAD... you guys have GOT to be trolling, because there's NO WAY you look at the overall trends, see how the launch bundle for the PS4 has sold out while the launch bundle for the XB1 has not, and yet STILL believe that the XB1 is ahead.

If you guys genuinely believe the things you say around here, then you're perfect examples of the type of stupidity that drives people to kill. Bubble me down for a personal attack or whatever, but at some point, this ridiculousness has got to stop.

All this misleading BS and straight up lies from these guys need to end. It's not funny, and it's worse than your average fanboy. For all the other crap that gets moderated around here, this stuff needs to be marked as spam or something.

I'm tired of seeing it, and I highly doubt I'm the only one.

MikeMyers1965d ago

Get your emotions in check buddy. This is videogames. If you feel they are spamming or trolling them mark it and move on. You are actually making things worse by acting in such a emotionally unstable manner where you need to get all excited and personally attack others because they don't share your passion for Sony.

Whether it's 10-1 in favor of the PS4 or 10-1 in favor of the Xbox One for sales at the end of the year should not give reason to have a breakdown. Enjoy your system, what they say should not have any impact whatsoever on your own enjoyment. Both systems look very good. Both systems will be fun to have. Both systems will bring joy to consumers, but for some odd reason we have individuals who have isolated themselves from being open-minded to other gamers and other platforms. They have grown up to become loyalists instead of gamers which to me is just a form of ignorance and immaturity. When you can only think of a company like Microsoft when talking about games like Forza 5 something is wrong with these people. I couldn't fathom ignoring Gran Turismo because it's on a Sony platform, same with Forza. I will never understand this mentality of it's either you're with us or against us attitude.

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DEEBO1965d ago

the ps4 is doing better but it also has more consoles to preorder.if you really want the x1 and you're waiting to reserve it.don't wait too long or you're going to be Sh.. out of luck.there is going to be a shortage.