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Submitted by nick90 952d ago | opinion piece

Will CoD Ghosts Even Bother With Nintendo?

It appears as though Mr. Rubin is indicating that the possible collaboration with Nintendo is completely up in the air, stating himself:

“…I don’t even know the answer to that. I swear to God, I don’t..” (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Wii, Wii U)

_QQ_  +   952d ago
Truth is most Games can't compete with Nintendos games, Even COD. plus Nintendo fans are smarter than buying literally the same game every year.Before you trolls start your"Mario milk" crap,Do some research,i'm not going to argue whats already been argued a million times with fanboys who simply aren't intelligent enough to understand.
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PirateThom  +   952d ago
"I'm not going to argue" in this case must mean "I realise what I've just said but I'm going to pretend Nintendo don't rehash the same game over and over".
_QQ_  +   952d ago
Like i said "fanboys who simply aren't intelligent enough to understand."
PirateThom  +   952d ago
Don't make it sound like Nintendo fanboys are any different than any other fanboys, especially when you're arguing rehashes in a negative light.

I understand exactly what you're saying and it doesn't wash. Nintendo are no better than Activision in that sense.
_QQ_  +   952d ago
Nintendo Fanboys are bad,All fanboys are bad.... Mario Games are almost never the same,thats not me being a fanboy thats me being a rational gamer...
SolidStoner  +   952d ago
I hate "fanboy" comments... Almost everywhere I go here I see some fanboy arguing....

not cool!!!

All fanboys are easy to spot without anyone telling!!! just dont point with fingers at each other, that just looks silly!!
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2pacalypsenow  +   952d ago
Mario games have different stories , So do every COD game that has come out only the MP has been the same .. Your point?
Prime_28  +   952d ago
They don't. You clearly haven't played a Mario or Zelda game in the last 10 years. You're just basing your comment off hearsay from haters and fanboys.
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LOL_WUT  +   952d ago
I guess Nintendo fans aren't too bright if they gladly accept all the Mario's and Zelda's when Nintendo could easily make a new IP. So, let's not pretend like only Activision does it. ;)

@PirateThom well said +1 ;)
Triforce079  +   951d ago
Well considering GHOSTS is confirmed via ONM i would thing TGS reveal is happening...
Shadonic  +   952d ago
your freaking nuts
leahcim  +   952d ago
I hate the COD franchise, but friend the "new Luigi Bross U" says hi! to your comment.
_QQ_  +   952d ago
That IS DLC... i guess DLC for games, needs to be an entirely Different game for it to not be considerd milk then?Is that the logic i am reading?
lucidity  +   952d ago
This decision was clearly made on the basis of poor sales numbers for Black Ops 2. This can be attributed in large part to the fact there's hardly any new players jumping into CoD; it's the same crowd it always has been. So people are sticking to their existing hardware and friend list instead of taking a chance on a new platform. It has nothing to do with the quality of Nintendo first party titles, which don't cater to CoD's audience, nor with the "intelligence" of the average Nintendo fan (though you can make an argument for the series not fitting their tastes).
Popoffboy187718  +   952d ago
I feel sorry 4 u lol !!! Get it ( u )
t3gamenews  +   952d ago
i agree with us nintendo fans being to smart to buy same game every year, especially if there giving us the messed up unsupported port.
but im a nintendo fan & i enjoy the cod games, just wish we would get dlc, we all feel that way there's actually a huge-er amount community that play games like cod on nintendo consoles. some just wait for devs to make those type games on there. instead of buying games they know devs wont support.
XboxDone  +   952d ago
Prime example of a wiitard
N4g_null  +   951d ago
Its not a matter of being smarter. It is about game play. The prefffered shooter of a Nintendo fan is quake or doom franchise. Golden eye on the 64 was a direct copy control wise minus the tank looking part.

It was hilarious how pro quake players screamed they where getting a Wii back in the day lol.if cod took the sight aiming off the game it would be much better.

The cover based game play gets stale. I understand the reason why it was created yet we have to input methods that could allow mouse simulation on a console. Then add that to fast frame rates and you have a truly skill based game.what is really fun is cod still uses the quake engine but many have not seen it unscooped at its best with rocket jumping and rails.

The ps4 has a touch pad and the wiiu has a touch pad. Then the wiiu has the wiimote plus a nun setup. Sony should copy that, so the fps can come back home to the frantic skill we are use to using.

The run system should be looked at, allow tripping as prestige is made.
Some thing that speeds the game up to allow motion or touch pad aiming.scoping and auto aim needs to go.

I'm noticing that the reason why players are playing because it let's you cheat with in the rules of the game. Its the type of cheating that created elitism also. It only separate the winners from the losers more.

I'm really thinking cod will become a pay to win game eventually. What is sad is it has a lot of maps in single player that could work in multiplayer.

We also have PC class consoles now so level editing should be supported and let up make our own service... mine craft allows this wtf!
RmanX1000  +   952d ago
fattyuk  +   952d ago
Fish AI in mario 64

and plenty of dog games on DS 3DS

Prime_28  +   952d ago
Mario 64 did it in 1996.
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Relientk77  +   952d ago

Black Ops II sold 23.91 million copies, and only 0.19 million were on Wii U

doing the math that's only 0.79% of the copies sold were for Wii U, not even a whole percent
Commandar_Shepard  +   952d ago
Well the game did come out around 5 days later on Wii U, with no graphical upgrades. Plus many people didn't even know that the Wii U was a next gen console or they just thought it was too "kiddy".
PopRocks359  +   952d ago
That and VGChartz are not exactly the most reliable source of numbers. I'd be more interested to see what the NPD would say about the numbers.
Triforce079  +   951d ago
BO2 is graphically quite alot better than the current gen ps3/360 ect here look.

Notice more detail in textures and colour in wiiu version,other version
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Prime_28  +   952d ago
You're comparing 2 systems that have already been on the market for 7 years with a large install base with another system that just launched. Off the sales of the system that just launched will be far lower in sales due to low install base.

@2pacalypsenow What does that have to do with this topic?
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2pacalypsenow  +   952d ago
The vita Outsold The wii U last week ......
2pacalypsenow  +   951d ago
That the wii U has no chance... and Ps4 and Xb1 are not even out.
TURKEYonWH3AT  +   952d ago
But it was a launch title and Nintendo enthusiasts all went for the first party titles on launch
N4g_null  +   951d ago
So its not possible for wiiu owners to own a ps3 or Xbox. I really think publishers believe that is not possible. Most Wii owners are also PC players.

The reason to get it on the wiiu was pointer controls. That is not a popular control method. It is more accurate and faster just ask the PS move gamers. Yet bops was gimped in the beginning for motion its all fixed. If they go back to a gamepad center game design the risk being forgotten when some one apes there formula.
Shnazzyone  +   951d ago
vgcharts only does the first 10 weeks of a game for numbers. People seem to still be playing it online. So long term people must still be buying it. It likely will come out for no other reason than it is the next gen console with the biggest install base when ghosts comes out. Just it likely wont get DLC since microsoft is playing paid exclusivity again. Note. Noone has said Ghosts is not coming to wii U. They always say they have nothing to say about it. Which with numerous leaks saying it is coming. Activision is almost assuredly going to do it.

But who cares anyway.

Who would want COD Ghosts when you got alternatives to a yearly generic military fps rehash such as, Wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, pikmen 3, A New donkey kong country from retro, Windwaker in HD, and of course the eventuality of Mario Kart 8, Smash brothers, and X on wiiU. All unique, exclusive titles you wont find anywhere else. It's the advantage wii U has going. It just has the most unique flavor of games out of the three.
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Khordchange  +   952d ago
they announced it already, got in trouble because they announced it too early, now they are saying they have no idea. its gonna be on wii u
Shnazzyone  +   951d ago
Remember how Nintendo said there were more titles to announce that they didn't get to at E3? Activision is likely keeping their mouths shut because nintendo plans to reveal it in a upcoming nintendo direct. Activision is likely agreeing because they know Wii U will have the biggest install base when they drop it and Nintendo direct is the perfect way to make Wii U owners aware of it coming.
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ShaunCameron  +   952d ago
COD? Nintendo don't need no stinking COD!
fattyuk  +   952d ago
The wii u sure as shit needs something!
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ShaunCameron  +   952d ago
But COD certainly isn't it!
fattyuk  +   952d ago
neither did I.

as even cod would fail on the wii u!
Lwhit6  +   952d ago
Hahahaha COD4 for the Wii was actually how i got into video games. (Embarrassingly enough.)
LOL_WUT  +   952d ago
The last game didn't sell so good (Blops2) so this is understandable even though it sold more than some Nintendo owned ip's. ;)
PopRocks359  +   951d ago
What are you talking about? The top two selling games on the Wii U right now are NSMBU and Nintendo Land respectively.

More lies and misinformation. Don't listen to this guy, people.
Prime_28  +   951d ago
He's a retard lol
No_Limit  +   952d ago
I think at this point it is clear what the Wii U demographic are. The core players that play COD and Battlefield are not going to bother with Nintendo when PC, Xbox, and PS offer much better online and community. At this point, like the Wii, only Nintendo games will sell on Wii U. I grew up with Nintendo and like Sega, which I will always love their consoles and games, will be a third party console publisher within 3-4 years. I don't see how the Wii U can compete in today's market.
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BosSSyndrome  +   952d ago
I think the real question here is whether or not Nintendo is bothering with COD Ghosts.
Concertoine  +   952d ago
good grief, the reason i'm buying a wii u is to get AWAY from games like this. and i suspect that's the reason most people are as well.
quenomamen  +   951d ago
Why even bother putting this glittered turd on any next gen system ? Since plenty of other games will look and play better. Keep crap like this locked on what will be last gen.
Realplaya  +   951d ago
In all honesty what made me not get the game is I took the wait and see approach. I rented it from blockbuster Video during the holiday took it to my sisters house and played it with my niece. She wouldn't give the game pad back so I'm like we have a winner I think i'll buy it. Then as I was on the verge rumours came out the game was not getting DLC and I did a 180. To me it's quality and choices I can't see spending 59.99 on a game and not getting the same experiences as others. I didn't buy New SMBU but for 19.99 you get a whole new game. This is the reason why Nintendo games sell you get a lot of value for your money.

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