Hotline Miami is Impossible to Platinum

Junkie Monkeys: I know what you’re thinking, no game is impossible to platinum! Unfortunately at this very moment Hotline Miami is currently impossible to platinum!

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ONESHOTV21995d ago

lol sounds hard i didnt get it yet but i will soon

Xaphy1995d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Its not hard. Its impossible to platinum because the trophies are glitched not because they are hard to get. Its a good game get it.

Treezy5041994d ago

It's not hard dude, a lot of people are having issues with buggy trophies. Maybe the hardest trophy is getting A+ in all chapters but that just comes with patience.

GotEnder1994d ago

A+ wasnt too tough. the trick for me was using the frog mask and trying to combo the whole level. my main complaint is all the buggy trophies. i have 7 trophies left but i am pretty confident i have fulfilled the requirements for most if not all of them. i love the game though.